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  1. Seeing as doomworld is one of the few places that can still find a use for midi files, it seemed appropriate to round up some of my better compositions and post them here. Many of them are written as 'foreground' music, with overly active melodies and frequent shifts in mood/tonality, so they're not exactly well suited as bgm for pwads, but you're more than welcome to try!

    Below are links to a .zip of a bunch original midi compositions, as well as the individual tracks:

    .zip of all midi [updated 07/21/2013]

    01. Wake of a Dream
    02. Chiggity
    03. Markov
    04. Run
    05. Fight
    06. Anathema, I
    07. Beehive
    08. Bounding
    09. Entropic
    10. Phatal
    11. Rawr
    12. Underground
    13. Nightmarescape
    14. Canyon
    15. Toybox
    16. Attack! Rush
    17. Dark Expanse
    18. Music Box
    19. Skycave
    20. Semicolon
    21. Ork
    22. Night
    23. Magma
    24. Cloudscapes
    25. Demetria
    26. Satan
    27. Tron
    28. Chapel in Sevens
    29. Shrine
    30. AnotherMidiThing
    31. Infimum
    32. Kek
    33. Wishlist
    34. Sepia
    35. Epitaph7
    36. TDF
    37. Triage
    38. Crystal Planet

    ChipLoop1. Skygazer
    ChipLoop2. Game Over
    ChipLoop3. INBTAHH
    ChipLoop4. NES in A

    e1. Sathanas
    e2. Djeth
    wip1. Psychosis
    wip2. Another Piano

    fileden might be down, so a bunch of the links to individual tracks might be dead. the zip is alive and well though.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Soundblock


      I tried downloading the zip, but my windows tells me its empty...

    3. Ribbiks


      Hi, I reuploaded the zip to here: rbkz.net/doom/ribkmidi4_reup.zip

      does that one work?

    4. Soundblock


      Ribbiks said:

      Hi, I reuploaded the zip to here: rbkz.net/doom/ribkmidi4_reup.zip

      does that one work?