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  1. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Epic 2

    This is first time I play this WAD. I have to admit that I simply love action-adventure movies and games (even that cheesy Relic Hunter TV show was awesome: hopefully Epic2 will provide me with some kind of mini crossbow?!)... but only those that don't take place in a desert. Yes, there were exceptions (Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones) but I simply dislike desert envoirements as general. Hopefully Epic 2 will chnge my mind! Since I'm not looking into challenge, I'll be playing it on a pretty low difficulty setting. MAP01 Entrance to the secret The sarting area is simply beautiul. Those custom textures, bright sky and a small stream really create a sense of atmoshphere that every introduction map should have. Amazing. What's more, "introduction levels" tend to be simple in design, while this one feels like a small Indiana Jones adventure itself - it has some puzzles to solve, rooms to explore, bridges to raise. Blue skull key throne room was especially cool. MAP02 Voodo Very, very impressive level. The architecture, choice of textures and enemy placement are simply top-notch. Music fits _perfectly_ and new SFX become very atmospheric as well - grunts of zombies makes you think of mind-controlled minions of some ancient pharaoh's curse, lost soul screams are straightforward eerie. After beating this level, I decided to load a weapon graphic patch for shotgun and chaingun so they turn into WW2-era weapons - just for some additional atmosphere. Get ready pharaoh, I'm coming!!! MAP03 Black Magic I can't think of any other review than straightforward copy of everythng I wrote about MAP02. Music is awesome, monster traps kept me on my toes for the entire level. While it wasn't too long, it really packed a lot of action. MAP04 Sarcophagus Sarcophahgus, sarcophagus, what kind of mystery you're holding? Let's open it and welcome them with a shotgun, yar yar! Level is really fun to play and keeps up the atmosphere. Watch out for revenant though, since they seem to be everywehere! MAP05 Abu Gurab A.k.a. "enemy behind your back". Seriously, is there at least one corridor in this level that doesn't have a jump-scaring chaingunner/revenant when you just want to marvel at those magnificent architecture? Not a bad thing though, level keeps up both a gameplay and theme! Better watch your steps though. There are two highlight location in Abu Gurab: a beautiful, sunny courtyard with ancient ruins and a treasure room. Both are simply eye-candy: while they don't feature as much detail in mapping, the choce fo textures are making up for them very efficiently. MAP06 Revived bones This level scientifically explains few basic facts about ancient Egyptians. First o all, they favored heat seekers over everything. Every pharaon had to be buried with a rocket launcher and a pack of rockets, so they can start shooting at trespasser few thousends years later upon revival in a form of Revenant. Second, they tended to like deathmatchs - ancients were most probably aware that somebody may eventually come across pharaoh tombs and therefore revive them, so to keep up the fun, they scattered some .12 guage and 9 mm ammo for intruders to win some frags. Third, they architecture and choice of textures was absolutely beautiful.
  2. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP27 Terror Finally, a break from those red rock walls! But hey, map design looks sort of familiar... a spiritual continuation to MAP17? Looks like it is! I enojyed this level much more than MAP17 though. Those tall bookshelves are really making for a great atmosphere and whenever I see those, I can literally sense archviles running around the place. I didn't expect those cyberdemons though, who let those guys in? Either way, map provides some good corridor clearing fun. And archviles. Good stuff. MAP28 Run from it Two maps to go and a map author (or was it our friggin' thief?) placed a tip on the floor: "RUN". And of course I didn't obey, just for kicks. Soon I started to loose health like crazy, making me believe that there was a voodoo doll and a crusher in a remote sector somewhere. Oh well. Then I ran and noticed that map lets you pick a way on a crossroads and lets you make your way through a collapsing bridge. Basically, a trial and error map - a filler one guess? Dragon Lair's gameplay type doesn't do the trick for me. Let's move on. MAP29 Hell on Earth That's a map title I like! "It's gonna takbe a city map, it's gonna be a city ma... YEAH!" And it's a pretty big city. Pretty frozen as well (insert random climate warming jokee here). It lets you explore a lot of buldings (they're not shaped after real-life counterparts but rather pay homeage to DOom 2 city maps) and manages to keep you on your toes. I especially like the placement of mancubi - Scythe uses those bastards in a really dangerous well. Once again some wild cyberdemons appear and can catch you off guard - watch out for their rockets coming through the windows! MAP30 Fire and Ice Alright, a final map. It's name isn't exactly threatning but let's give it a shot. And it turned out to be a big shot. It's an another slaughter map (with 700+ monster count ) and I'm not going to lie, I had to watch a yuotube playthrough to see what was going on there. Since I don't enjoy slaughter maps at all, I wanted to end this as quick as possible so I just did an archvile jump in the end to punch that Icon of Sin into its explosive death. So here I had it, Scythe. It had some awesome maps (Power shortage, Burial grounds, Terrir) and moe bland ones (most of first episode maps). Hell levels were fun too. Overall, it was a thriling ride - a one that any doomer shouldn't miss.
  3. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP25 Envy Do you like spiders? Hopefully so, because you'll face plenty of them here. Map architecture isn't exactly eye-catchy - rather dull, one would say - but arachnotrons are fun enough to shoot. First, they're really annoyng with those stomping sounds. Second, they're pretty short yet wide, so they are simply made for Doom's shotgun attack pattern. Third, they're destruction sound is so rewarding that you simply can't get eough of it. Those three reasons should warm you up before the MAP26 which you're going to experience next. MAP26 Fear The not-so-small playfield is literally filled with high-tiered hellspawns and lots of cyberdemons patrolling it just for some extra kicks. Yeah, sure, we've all seen bigger onslaughts, but as for Scythe, you don't really expect that kind of a battle! While the concept of a map is relatvely easy and there's both plenty of invulnerability spheres and BFG ammo, I still managed to die few times. With neraly 700 monsters to start from, this map is what Doom is about.
  4. worrior

    Lets make a... Collection of random wads?

    Hopefully it's shovelwarish enough! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jebzz600urjy0zt/hnforest.zip I tried to mimic those early "realistic" maps for Doom 2 and top it with some cheap readme.txt magic. Thing was tested on GZDoom and PrBoom+ but it should run on any limit-removing source port. I left most of mapping mistakes on purpose (I wanted players to feel like they were playing a 1997 WAD) but please let me know about every other bug that should be fixed. Also, PrBoom+ rendered this map a bit too dark, while GZDoom (on default redner settings) worked just fine. I don't know if it's a case of my setup or I did something wrong...
  5. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP21 Solitude Okay, looks like we're in hell, gentlemen, hopefully that stuipd thief will be around here somewhere. Few demons and imps spot you as soon as the level starts, so better scout those chambers on the left and right to get some firepower (shotgun, of course, and a chaingun, of course as well, and a - you guessed it - a berserk pack). A kinda-secret soulsphere was really easy to grab but of coursie I had to lose a fair bit of superhealth on the most stupid occasion (this time in a form of a super-easy hellnight's plasma ball). You'll get a rocket launcher and a super shotgun so keep arming up! MAP22 Despair A journey through red rock tunnels continues! Hellish atmosphere vibrates very strong here. As usual, this level is quite short but I like how it makes use out of every room available. A hell nobles cave caught my attention and you can just go wrong with a cybderdemon in the end. I didn't get rid of him - even though I found a BFG - and made a run for the exit. MAP23 Anger It's red, infested with monsters... and really nothing more is left to say. It keeps up the pace, packs some challenge and makes you want more of the same. The starting area can get crowdy, so watch out. MAp24 Hatred Once again, lot's for red in here but this level nailed hellish atmosphere even better! Rocking soundtrack makes a great background for a slaughter you're about to begin. Yes, slaughter - even if we're still playing Scythe, this map packs some serious monster count. I was actually pretty short on ammo at times and had to provoke infights, but hell, it was totally worth it! Last minutes of the map kept me on my toes, making me pray to see the exit soon. I really appreciate the main arena layout: it does support you with clever hideouts and makes you feel like you have nowhere to run at the same time.
  6. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP17 Book Lords Tihs map feels like a continuation of Burial Grounds. It's a typical green-bricked palace with a lot of bookshelves. However, this palace seem to be infested with archviles, revenants and imps, so be careful with that rocket launcher! Green architecture blends pretty well with that red skybox. A good level, but not as memorable as Burial grounds (MAP16) or Power shortage (MAP14) IMO. MAP18 Ms Futura Looks like a good ol' Doom 2 city map (how was that titled, a factory?) which is always a pleasure to play. It has a warehouse, a cool crane, maaaany (and I mean "maaaaaaaaany") storage crates and a giant teleport gate guarded by an equally giant Spider Mastermind. That's another level that looks extremely cool with that red sky. It also provided a nice break from fighting revenants and archviles. MAP19 3000 AD A.k.a. your standard space port map. This one provided some rocket launcher fun, especially during the imp onslaught. I also just couldn't get past that spidermastermind without blowing it up into small pieces. Again. MAP20 The Starport A.k.a. yet another standard space port with a pretty surprising ending. I didn't expect that kind of battle in the last area so I decided to breeze through it and don't interrupt a happy monster infight I had caused in the first place. This level utilizes the forced death exit and I just keep pressing "USE" instead of "FIRE" so GZdoom loads the last savepoint instead of continuing. Oh well.
  7. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP13 Subverted Base Interesting thing - while I don't remember that level at all and got surprised by the inital shotgunners trap, I've actually known _exactly_ where the secret passage to plasma rifle is. Things are getting even tougher here since you'll be battling even larger monster groups and they will come at you at even more unexpected moments. I was pretty short on bullets but still consider this level a good one. MAP14 Power Shortage Praise the Scythe.wad, prasie the Scythe.wad! A great level concept with an equally good execution. The base you're starting in has - as the title imples - a power shortage and most of the switch or doors aren't going to cooperate if you don't trun the power back on. Once you do it, all lights and electric locks comes to life and you can clear the undead from rest of the rooms. A very good map which benefits from even one more thing - an addition of the HELIPAD. And I consider helipads in Doom as equivalents of blocky toilet bowls you find in every myhouse.wad. We need more helipads, moar! MAP15 Bloodbath We're half-way through and there's no trace of our thief (maybe he flew away from that helipad on MAP14?). This map is shaped after some kind of bricked fortress/courtyard flooded by lava. It's not really mazy but has a limited playfield which forces you to approach battles in a more defensive manner. There are quite a few of revenants here but architecture gives you some cover. Oh, and one more: I thought I taw a tuper totgun! MAP31 I Dunno Torn It's pretty unusual for me to find a secret level but yet I did it! The dungeon-style level is full-filled with monsters - few archviles has been spoted as well. The bodycount gets pretty high here (over 100 mnsters to slaughter) but authors provided us with both plenty of ammo and health. At first, level may look large but soon it becomes pretty clear and easy to follow. Also, I knew that last archvile was going to hide behind that door, I knew it! MAP16 Burial Grounds A really, really atmospheric lovecraftian-like level. It starts in a canyon which hides a secret temple, it has some very imaginative cementary with strange pillars and stuff... it even has a small catacomb area. If you're familiar with Cthulhy mitology, you're going to love it. And if yu're not, then finish Scythe quickly and get yourself some HPLs novels. Either way, pure awesomemnes: 6/6 and a quality mark.
  8. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP09 Computer Storage I don't really get that "Start to crate" thing since I can't think of a better map start that this map has - two open crates with weapons inside. Awesome! And guess what - level gets even better from that point. Most of all, it's remarkably bigger. It feels like a continuation of a previous map and has even more distinctive Evilution feel to it since it consits of a realistic hangar/star base (don't mind missalinged textures), a fenced storage area and a pool of toxins in the middle of the yard. Gameplay-wise it's well-thought as well and introduces everybody's one of the least favourite monsters, a revenant. Where's my super shotgun to deal with those guys efficiently? Hopefully in a next map. MAP10 The Lords Do my eyes play tricks on me? Minimap shows 4 monsters in total? Hopefully it's not 4 cyberdemons then! Few seconds later I found myself standing in a lava-filled pit shooting at mancubi. Dozen seconds and dozen shotgun shots later two barons of hell appear, letting me achieve 100% kill score. What could possibly go wrong now? Wait, there's a drop down spot, let's check it out. BOOOOOOM! I'm dead. Thankfully it turned out to be an death-exit, so farewell, my dear shotgun! I'll be missing you in MAP11 but hoefully not for long. MAP11 Sneak Peak In a previous level I was falling down like crazy and guess what - I'm at the Earth's surface again. Let's pretened that somebody carried over my uncoscionous body from that trapped pit but took all of my weapons in an exchange. Don't worry gentlemen, we're going to find that filthy, life-saving thief and get our stuff back. Silliness aside, that's another pretty good-looking lev-WHAT? I have to fight revenants with bersek pack?! And there's an archvile while I've barely laid my hands on shotgun and rocket launcher? And a massive teleport trap? That motherf***g thief must have raised the difficulty level as well! There's no excuse now, WE'LL HAVE TO FIND THAT GUY NOW!!! (bottom line: you can get a shotgun pretty soon if you choose to tackle the map by another way) MAP12 Walk in a park It's amazing how that prev-gen MIDI soundtrack can give you some serious chills when combined with such visuals as this map has. It's simple yet nightmarish enough to kickstart your imagination. Starting area lets you clear most part of main battlefield but things can get really rough if you won't pay enough attention to enemies' projectiles flying around. Besides that, there are no traces of our thief either.
  9. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP06 Pressure point Firstly I have to admit that I was utterly disappointed that none of the doors behind the starting point didn't open and greet me with a secret chamber filled with goodies. Nonetheless, level packed quite an action, both at short (thanks to yet another Berserk pack) and long ranges. Your arsenal expands even further, this time in a form of rocket launcher. But screw that, it has hellknights in! And we all know what happens when you have a hellknight and a berserk pack: a game of punching those stupid monsters in the guts and running away from their high-fives as fast as it gets! It never gets old. For me. MAP07 Deadly When the Doom map clock strikes 7, you know what it's time for: it's spider-time, it's fatso time.... however, this time it's not really all that fancy. Texturing is just... umh... let's say, it's very dull... hell, actualy whole level has been textured with one patch. Besides that, kill some mancubi, then some spiders and reach the exit switch. Yaaawh. MAP08 Garden base Now, that's what I'm talking about! There's more action, more monsters and texture variety actually exists. Level looks and plays pretty well. It reminds of some Final Doom map with those mancubi shooting at you from ramps running along the open area in the middle. Bestiary consits of aforementioned mancubi, lots of hitscanners and imps which makes for a great shotgun-totting gameplay. I have to admit that the chaingunners trap was pretty tough though.
  10. worrior

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    I remember playing Scythe a year or two ago. Good times. Levels were short but always sweet and well-thought. I guess I'm ready to relive the experience - on HMP difficulty - and share my feelings with rest of you. I just want to warn that I consider myself a pretty lame Doomer so please forgive me all mistakes I'm surely about to make. MAP01 Get going Very easy chainsaw level with my favourite Doom tune playing along (intermission). It consists of two small buildings with an equally small outdoor area between them. Architecture is simplistic yet "doomy" enough so it sets the tone for rest of levels. When it comes to gameplay, it's basically few zombiemen and imps pretending to break your chainsaw dance. MAP02 Punchline It's half-green, it's half-gray and has lots of toxin pools (well, those are green as well). Feels a bit like a E1M1 to me. It has a Berserk pack though and pinkies that are kind enough to show up just when you pick the thing up. Collect a yellow keycard, find a free secret and extra chainsaw (which I guess it's for coop and those of you who didn't want to grab it in MAP01) and move along. MAP03 Up and around This one's visuals made me feel like playing Evilution. It's more action-packed than it looks as it relies quite heavily on teleport/closet traps. You're facing shotgunners now and their drop-off weapons become very precious: architecture and monster attacks are making for some good pump-action fun! Also don't miss the free, final shotgun in the end. Overall, a really great level - the one that sums up Scythe perfectly IMO. MAP04 Lost Warehouse Title says it's "lost" so that's why none of technical team bothered to fix that broken, flickering light in the room you're facing on start (kudos for a mapper on that one - an easy trick that sets you in a right mood). Level features lots of grey textures, some shotgunguys and stupid lost souls that couldn't reach me from the other side of window as I was chainsawing them to their fire'y death, yaryaryar! As usual, map is short, fun but didn't provide me with shooting pleasure I found in the previous level. Plus it didn't featured as many crates as I would like to :'-( MAP05 Slimy tunnels Those tunnels are not only slimy and pinky-infested, but they are also dividing playing field into two halves. Moreso, it has two cacodemons AND a berserk pack which means you can play a caco-tennis if you have jumping enabled - with a tunnel being a "net" - as those stupid monsters fly-back when punched. Size of the level - as usually for Scythe - doesn't make for the best tennis court out there but can provide you with some unusual, retarded fun for about 5 seconds. On a more serious note, you're getting a chaingun here and an even one more extra chainsaw.