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  1. Rassilon

    D! zone

    If anyoen knows where i could find the frontend for D!Zone I'd appreciate knowing (via ftp or whatnot). Used to have it but can't seem to find my cd anymore .. who knows where it might have got to.
  2. Rassilon

    item randomizer

    I know there used to be one (D!) or something like that, but anyone know where i could find a randomizer to place in random objects and such into existing wads.
  3. Rassilon

    Shameless self promotion

    Played through to level map7, but had a problem in on map5 where we had to stop where it was going out of sync (when all the revs and the cacos start comin at ya). Also had a problem in map7 i think (lost track of where i was hehe).. no alternate spawn points, so when we both died (and died we did) and respawned at the same time we'd crash the game. Otherwise a great wad set.