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  1. viocar

    Most inspirational pwads?

    I just had a mystical experience.
  2. viocar

    GMP 2:

    In ten years, you'll think back to your behaviour on Doomworld and make a really fucked up face. When you do, please take a picture and share it with all of us. And you know what, Gustavo? Don't stop making maps. Don't stop making music. Keep making them until they don't suck. It takes time, effort, and thought to make good stuff, but failing a couple thousand times is how you get good. But... ya don't need to share every single thing with everyone, you know?
  3. viocar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

  4. viocar

    I'll ask all my problems Here

    That's a HOM. You're missing a texture on that wall.
  5. viocar

    I have to confess something about BTSX

    What did you guys expect? They advertised high quality vanilla compatible maps and that's what you got.
  6. viocar

    WOOO 2, How 2 wooo (Now on /idgames!)

    beat it in 9 seconds bad map 7.76/10
  7. viocar

    Doom 4 should have...

    Why are you so mad about someone being able to make their Doomguy black?