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  1. ClumsyDoomer

    RAVEN MIDI Pack II - Breathing Life Into "Deathkings"

    I thought this was dead too. Actually i just now got some free time without impending trouble and everything else it takes to put together something. No excuses right now, but if i don't provide anything within a month, check me out.
  2. Most of the things I was anticipating when i was younger turned out rather disappointing. The tech was weaker but still got things done, since the "things" themselves were weaker, and it's a task in itself to come up with an idea how to make good use of it all. All i could ever ask for and make good use of was always out there. There's a lot of tech stuff I would love to have not existed today, though. Some of the possibilites are disorienting rather than inspiring.
  3. ClumsyDoomer

    what is wrong with people who like snow

    Snow is fine unless it's freezing 8 months a year, and the snow just accumulates. Mountains of it. You grow tired of the cold, you forget what sun and grass look like, and it's only getting harder to walk and drive over time. If snow doesn't stay for longer than week in a row, you've got the good type of winter. Funny, would really collect snow for your water supply? And not ice blocks from rivers and lakes, like the actual people of the desolate north are doing?
  4. ClumsyDoomer

    Any sort of mp3 -> midi converter that actually sounds good?

    A person with a respective skill set is your best bet. This kind of task is usually referred as music arrangement. Someone here is definitely able to do a good job at this. Apart from the midi keyboard itself, this requires both good ears and good hands. Sounds like a ridiculous effort, lol. I did covers, but first i laid out the notes in the midi editor by ear, then figured out and memorized how to play them, and finally recorded the instrument.
  5. ClumsyDoomer

    Talking to people you don't like

    Perfect example of "communication breakdown". Is the problem in the room with you? Or it's just a bunch of letters and pictures on the screen?
  6. ClumsyDoomer

    Talking to people you don't like

    No one wants you literally dead, very unlikely you're that special. Immediate attack without prior conflict is what i certainly don't expect from a human. Stand up for yourself when needed, that's what i do and what i'd expect from a respectable opponent of any sort. Perhaps i live in a better country, lol. I'm very straightforward and hostile with my wording irl. You could say my temper is flawed, but it never got to an actual fight. There were several cases when a dude seemed to desire one, but when i made a step forward, he suddenly changed his attitude. Sad, i'm always up for one but have both respect and self-respect. Most people don't live up to their "values", often to their own said words too. Btw, talking and communicating is an investment. Takes time and emotional resource, which isn't infinite. You can't talk with everyone.
  7. ClumsyDoomer

    Talking to people you don't like

    For just the tattoo? A frail skew eyed junkie, potentially disabled? He's basically a living joke. And how many of them have you punched already? Yeah, it's more harsh than should've been, sorry. True about assuming the worst, but that's killing me no less than it's killing others Here wearing any sort of sociopolitical insignia isn't considered cool by anyone and swastika specifically can get you into jail. So it's just stupid in the first place - i won't talk nor listen not because of "hate" but because of the recklessness. Good that everyone here is less prone to immediate collision of views/interests like this, though. But yeah, such people, like the one you described, they're way more... complicated than you may be thinking, and apart from that 5 minute talk, it will take him years of rehab and therapy to get a chance in the actual society. The swastika is not his biggest problem.
  8. ClumsyDoomer

    Talking to people you don't like

    Pretty sure you took that conversation more seriously than he did. It's very ironic anyway. Not only you started teaching a random dude and trying some sort of "seed" on him, but did that by pretending to casually reminisce about your personal life without context (?). Boasting a manipulation game... with a passerby junkie... from 2 years ago. From the thread title I was gonna say "I'm good at talking to people i don't like, 5 seconds and they never come close to me again", but siege, extortion, what the hell is it all about? Collision avoidance solves problems without communication, just as much as communication itself.
  9. ClumsyDoomer

    Favorite album covers?

    I was thinking i love that album way more than it deserves and will be the last to forget it. Never understood Joe Tiberi's taste in visual artwork though. Actually i found most of their album fronts rather cheap and offputting, except Progenitor solely. On this one, the color palette, the "natural minimalism" style, the metaphor of a nosediving bird - everything just clicks with me. Loving katatonia artwork in general Scratches my childish itch
  10. ClumsyDoomer

    Who likes a good snooze?

    It always takes me more than an hour to fall asleep. Usually 1-3 hours depending on how nervous i am. Drunk, tired, doesn't matter. Napping is impossible for me. I've been trying sedative pills for the last month - no change except I started seeing dreams every day, which is kinda cool, at least it gives something to just lay and waste hours waiting for. The worst dream is, if not worse than reality, at least less boring. Alarm clocks - either zero or one, no need for more. Sometimes i can hit the snooze button by accident if motor functions show up before the consciousness, but by the time it retriggers (5min?), I'm usually intact, and the retriggered alarm catches me by surprise.
  11. ClumsyDoomer

    Weirdest Ads You've Ever Seen?

    For the last few years there's been a ridiculous amount of ads that ask to engage in unlawful social activities, donate money to terrorist organisations and sabotage my country. I wonder what kind of product they're trying to sell me, those guys from the opposite end of the globe.
  12. ClumsyDoomer

    I play guitar

    Schecter C8 deluxe, lefty variant. Have had it for 3 years (2 at the time of the video), still looks stunning after a good clean. Solid overall, has little annoying issues in every aspect but nothing in the way of playability. I never took it out of home though, never even played live.
  13. ClumsyDoomer


  14. ClumsyDoomer

    djpretzel stepping down as admin of OCReMix

    I got banned immediately after registering on ocremix, without even making a post. Either country filter or a dynamic IP coincidence, chances are it's the former. I liked some of the projects there but that "incident" left me upset with the site and I lost interest to it.
  15. ClumsyDoomer

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    New little track with Lippeth. Another magnificent performance from him, nothing surprising. @Lippeth I sent you a message in discord before finally losing it and publishing the track (had a sudden urge in the recent days), but seems like you're not much active there anymore. Apparently it's been half a year since we last talked, damn, felt like a few blinks. The gig is still alive though, and despite my lack of productivity, it's a lot of fun doing it with you.