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  1. ClumsyDoomer

    Last Concert You Were At??

    Never attended an actual show, oops. I highly prefer meditating to music at home without any unwanted noise or presence, and the energy of well-produced live recordings just does it. The videos of Architects at Abbey Road are very solid
  2. ClumsyDoomer

    Feeling Old?

    Old - no Obsolete - yes
  3. ClumsyDoomer

    "It's Just a Myth!" - Common Misbeliefs

    Doom engine == GZDoom "Hey, look at these 3d models, slopes and dynamic lights, this is all made with DoOm EnGinE, amazing"
  4. ClumsyDoomer

    What are you listening to?

    Used to listen to this around 10 years ago during my early days of exploring Doom resources, and the nostalgia is killing me now. What is this even, Enigma + Kelly Bailey or something? Amazing stuff, all of the remixes, maybe except the tracks inherited from Doom 2. Everything is simple, yet very well done - all those subtleties like controlled dynamics, constant modulation/automation of things and very well-built beautiful reverb space. Where is the author? How did he manage to vanish without a trace from the internet, leaving behind just a couple of jank low quality reuploads? I googled "Laurent Lorcan Horsch" - there's only the reuploads of TNT remixes and another soundtrack from around the same time. Honestly, this deserves all the praise that Hulshult is receiving and more. Also check out those flute phrases in the map02 remix, damn.
  5. ClumsyDoomer

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Not sure if appropriate: looking for Lorcan's TNT soundtrack remixes in decent quality (definitely not vorbis -q0, which I found). And if someone did proper ID-tagging of the tracks, please share.
  6. ClumsyDoomer

    Whats The Worst Thing Your Pet Has Done?

    Died. Not her fault though. Otherwise that would be the constant vomiting from liver cancer, but not her fault either
  7. ClumsyDoomer

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    Doom 95 at first, then zdoom 2.4.1 and prboom-plus And there was skulltag too. Good times
  8. ClumsyDoomer

    What did I do this time?

    Technically titlepic and interpic are just GUI elements, rather than textures. They're not supposed to be in the texture/pnames lumps. The gimp edit probably doesn't have anything to do with this
  9. ClumsyDoomer

    looking for gzdoom console command

    For ending the current level: "special 243" Had to look this up one time when the map was broken by mods, and the exit line was inside a 0 height sector, i.e. completely inaccessible with cheats as well
  10. ClumsyDoomer

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    Just laying the hand flat, covering almost the entire area of the mouse. Preferring low sensitivity (20 to 30 cm/360) and doing most of the movement off my elbow and shoulder. Almost zero strain on the hands and fingers - keeping carpal tunnel away. If needed, it's possible to also engage the fingers at any moment.
  11. mouse: Razer deathadder essential. Very weak switches, but the best shape I've ever tried mouse pad: Something cheap, the logo is long gone keyboard: Tesoro durandal, cherry MX red. It's almost 10 years old and still working like a charm monitor: Benq 21.5", 1080p headphones/speakers: JBL LSR305 speakers, plugged into a behringer UMC202HD. No headphones, and I'd totally agree that one can only be a dedicated fan of headphones until they try a decent set of speakers. Plans: just hope it all lasts longer
  12. ClumsyDoomer

    War in Ukraine

    From the way some of you are sticking your nose into this, it seems like you're merely abusing your spare braincells. Better save them for another day, for better circumstances
  13. ClumsyDoomer

    Post a picture...that you took

    The dark side of Moscow
  14. ClumsyDoomer

    MMOs that you played?

    Eve, warframe, gw2, runescape, etc. Tried lots of them but couldn't stay for more than 50 hours.