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  1. ClumsyDoomer

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    Icon of ∫arcsin(x)/e^x dx
  2. ClumsyDoomer

    How do i get into music composing as a hobbist?

    Since only one specific resource has been mentioned here so far - Rick Beato is a very knowledgeable and charming "music nerd" on youtube. He does all sorts of music-related lectures, breakdowns and rants. His explanations and applications of music theory are easily the best out there. And yeah, the ultimate goal is to squeeze music theory into a lower level of consciousness, i.e. learn to operate it without being aware, like with language. Ignoring and avoiding it will make your life harder - the reason it exists is because people have done the basic stuff millions of times over the centuries, condensed the "axioms" and results of experimentation to save newcomers' time. No need to invent a bicycle.
  3. ClumsyDoomer

    Thoughts of Energy Drinks?

    I did drink them and still do occassionally, but the effects are mostly negative. - increased heart rate and nervousness. That doesn't make you think any clearer or help you focus, sometimes only the opposite, and some physical exercising on top of that can just kill you. - possible nausea from a sudden massive sugar intake - viscous saliva However, my regular sugar consuption is very low, sometimes dangerously low, and a bottle can help fix that in a rough and quick way. The taste and smell is also pretty nice.
  4. I eat a lot of cheap fast food, sometimes exclusively. 6'/130lbs, not dead. Moving / stressing out / smoking quite a lot, though. Most of the relevant factors are individual and organism-bound. Pretty sure my other health issues will kill me sooner anyway
  5. ClumsyDoomer

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Stay tuned for the "main dish", an avantgarde metal album... i guess
  6. I blinked and missed 10 years on doomworld

  7. Whoops, i missed out on a lot of the midi projects. Would love to see an eternal doom tribute or more fantasy styled beasts on the table someday. Can i have the last slot?
  8. ClumsyDoomer

    Acronym Game! This Threads Acronym....H E B

    You're doing it wrong, those are acronyms, not anagrams I'll give it a go: BHE
  9. ClumsyDoomer

    I hate people who expect you to be online 24/7

    "Not having the heart" is never a good reason to be an avoidant rat and pretend you don't exist. Better be honest to yourself and others, at this point the truth doesn't exist until you voice it There are only two reasons one might resort to ghosting: fear or disdain. When it comes to important matters, better not to make anyone guess which one of these two you got
  10. ClumsyDoomer

    Get It Off Your Chest

    - My close friend died from cancer last July. 100k messages in the history, the absolute record so far - My beloved cat is aiming for the bucket with her cancer, too - Been living alone in a desolate countryside with more stray dogs than people. To hell with dogs, btw - Been trying to form a band and seeking sound production jobs for last 2-3 years, failed in both - Failing at the uni because of laughable accidents, lack of attention, panicking, etc - Health issues, some of them irreversible - Whenever tried making friends, made enemies instead The most likely scenario of the near future is me being kicked out of the uni, maybe finding a cheap lowlife job i'd be able to sustain and slowly descending into shit. Got a massive "heritage" to dispose, but it's not infinite and just makes the shame overwhelming so far. The compromise between dealing with mistakes of the past vs ditching an unsuccessful attempt is puzzling like never before. Thanks
  11. Thanks. That's the paradigm i chose, since it's very easy to check using -trace_givendamage 0. It takes self damage into account. so i made that a rule for myself. Should be the standard for TAS, imo: there are no "unintended telefrags" unless they were made unavoidable by the mapper. It's just slightly stricter and simpler, doesn't transgress the actual definition. The official rules are on DSDA of course I might be missing something here, but that's exactly what i did, it still takes more than 32 frames without the demon (35-36?) With the demon wallrun i end up 0.11 units inside the switch sector at the damaging frame, so there's still zero room for error
  12. As of recently, coming up with weird near-impossible challenges in Doom and talking about them in popular science styled videos has become a trend. I succumbed to the lockdown ferocity and decided to try and make a similar video from a slightly different perspective. Commenting on my Ultimate Doom TAS that finishes each episode without taking/giving damage. Tried to spice up the thing with memes (sorry), personal thoughts and the context to make it more accessible. So far this is a freshly started experiment, all feedback will be appreciated and noted. Version without accent is not available yet, alas https://youtu.be/dyAdSJsy6_8
  13. ClumsyDoomer

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    A bit outdated but displays it well
  14. ClumsyDoomer

    How old are you ?

    19 This is supposed to be the most vibrant and exciting age, and i'm genuinely scared of the future now