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  1. ClumsyDoomer

    Do you see the Moon at Daytime?

    Sure. Better yet, at night my left eye can see the unilluminated part of the moon. It sees the whole circle regardless of phase, just barely. Somehow it's more photosensitive than the right.
  2. ClumsyDoomer

    What's your favorite animals?

    Favorite mammal: cat Favorite insect: butterfly Favorite bird: not sure, most of them are pretty cool Favorite fish: salmon. The only thing i got to do with fish is eating it, so it might be a biased pick
  3. Igne natura renovatur integra
  4. ClumsyDoomer

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Tackling trance for the first time. Had some fun in the ending.
  5. ClumsyDoomer

    What track from Doom annoys you the most?

    d_rocketin.zip Here's D_RUNNIN sped up ~20x for your listening pleasure. Feel free to use in your maps
  6. ClumsyDoomer

    What is the weather like where you live ?

    30-35C while sun is up, 20C at night. Absolute delight, enjoying while it lasts. The annual average temp here is ~3C.
  7. ClumsyDoomer

    What is the internet to you nowadays?

    It's like a deranged horse. Will get you very far if you harness it properly, or stomp you into dirt if you mess up and lose control. Agree with the op. The social media didn't reveal how bad we are, but how dispersed we are. It brings close together everyone including those who must never cross paths, sort of. Every end of the spectrum, every craziest mindset, every freak in exile from reality, is right on the palm of your hand. Sometimes driven by fair personal interest, sometimes by unhealth, sometimes by a financial or political plan. It's just harder to get away from the constant psychological pressure, and harder to resist it. And the pressure, the resulting information environment and the imposed interactions are what's making everyone worse. The good stuff is still out there, although most of my favorite old youtube content has been mass deleted.
  8. ClumsyDoomer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    It's got some of the best and most memorable sound design. Lots of little sounds, and each is easily recognizable, e.g. when it gets taken apart for other games' mods. Each got a little bit of soul invested into it, despite the unripe sounding cliche like bowed metal SFX. And it gets better towards the end with the more industrial and sci-fi elements, still tethered to the overall horror tone.
  9. ClumsyDoomer


    In regards to House of Leaves - not much into books, but damn, the album that is pretty much is the immediate cross-reference is a masterpiece. Actually i haven't even played the wad itself, as well as Doom at all for months now - just looking ended up being pretty entertaining. Kudos. The book looks like it could potentially be my cup of tea, but not now.
  10. ClumsyDoomer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Haven't played a computer game for 2 months because of massive brain overheat. Maybe even for longer, i don't even have recollection of any events from last winter. Started up modded Fallout 4 in an another attempt to find enjoyment in it, this time all in on survival mode. And damn, i sort of like it, almost feeling ashamed. It can be as weird as Oblivion, and there's absolutely no limit to how you can enjoy yourself. And that settlement mechanic - i don't dare to neglect it, as long as Preston keeps his distance. Last evening i started it up. First, it crashed while i was taking a smoke break, in pause menu. Then i had a random supermutant encounter in the open, and hit the Greygarden robots by accident when they came to me to help: they aggroed irreversibly. Next time i got to that place again, those supermutants spawned on the roof of a greenhouse, literally a few meters above where i was standing. Then, after a pretty sweaty gunfight, i died to a tripwire-rigged rocket launcher 5 meters away from a bed, having not had used it (sleeping is the only way to save the game). The final nail was a momentary power outage that killed quite a bit of my progress once again. And sure as hell, i will return. The cat rescue quest is what made my heart melt tbh - it's not a serious game by any means, but a good one without pretention.
  11. ClumsyDoomer

    What are you listening to?

    This music empties my mind. Better off with nothing in there
  12. ClumsyDoomer

    Post a picture of yourself!

    And no, there was no easier way up
  13. ClumsyDoomer

    So, how old are you ?

    If i guessed right, this equals 15 and kind of justifies the overcomplicated nerd joke, heh
  14. ClumsyDoomer

    So, how old are you ?

    J0 has to be the 0th Bessel function (the limit is equal to 0 i guess), delta has to be the Dirac delta impulse (the integral is equal to 1), psi not sure but it's probably just another dummy expression that gives 0 or 1. I hate maths though.
  15. ClumsyDoomer

    I play guitar

    Atomic Heart is a great game and this remix has some good riffs. I tried to have fun on this one - hard. Also used my first guitar here and apparently it sucks ass, especially in drop A tuning. Not giving it anymore chances.