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  1. Ugh, my old Pentium 4 is like a blond girl - it does everything slowly, and when you try to "accelerate" it, it goes insane and just explodes your brain. You want to throw it out of the window (lol, looks like I went too rough)...
    But I got a new one. This is what it has inside:
    Intel Core i5 3450 CPU. Freq is 3.1 ghz. Awesome cpu.
    HIS Radeon 7750 with one gig of GDDR5 memory. Not the best card, but I'm not gonna play BF3 on ultra settings...
    4 GB of noname RAM (I bought a complete PC, not all the parts seperately). Freq is 1333 (probably).
    450W power supply. It sounds very scary when turning on, but I think it's normal. I wasn't going for very silent PC.
    Some Biostar motherboard. I dunno the model, lol.
    1TB HDD. Dunno the model, probably Hitachi.
    and... LICENSED WINDOWS 7! :D
    I doubt the PSU, but it didn't cost much as the motherboard. And hey, I've got a 2-year warranty! :)
    I was going for long-life PC (my old PC is still alive, except HDD, but it was bought 7 years ago!), not very powerful and silent... I'm just addicted to my P4, which overheats day after day... 45c is the coolest ever. EVER! My new i5 didn't heat much, hottest is 38c :)
    My old videocard overheated, too - coolest is 47c. Hottest is 64c (idle - I can't check the temperatute in 100% loaded state because of the lag!!!). On the new one, max was 43c. I was playing Precursors on max settings, and I couldn't even think of lag, when my old PC couldn't run it well on minimal settings ^^
    Happy new year! Be happy as me! :))