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  1. yes, the motherland of Joseph Vissarionovich and:

    - paid elevators (0.03 - 0.05 usd)
    - stomach purging food (although delicious)
    - awesome scenery (pics below)
    - somewhat kind people

    Pics (warning: shitty camera)

    Local botanical garden. Amazing stuff.

    On top of one of the lower mountains. Wish I could get on the higher ones.

    As seen from the balcony.

    Bonus: how you should mount your sink in the kitchen (me standing nearby for comparison). Smash your face every time you try to wash dishes.

    Also, the sea was surprisingly clear and warm.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Wow, nice photos. Especially the 3rd-to-last one, looks like that Doom 2 sky texture. (lol)

    2. Li'l devil

      Li'l devil

      Oh, i've been to Georgia myself, in particular, region called Abkhasia, which is kind of it's own country. It's really beautiful there, the sea is crystal clear. There, i've visited Novoafon cave, which is one of the largest in the world, beautiful Novoafon monastery and many other tourist attractions. It was a really memorable trip.
      The only bad thing about Georgia is getting there. My bus had to wait hours at customs, because there was a huge queue. Combine several hours of waiting in the bus with scorching summer heat and it results in pure torture.

    3. ClumsyDoomer


      Heh, I can travel by plane for free so I'm far off such problems.