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  1. Medical university or a flight school?


    - HUGE salary. One is literally able to buy a car every month
    - Perfect job for a loner who doesn't have a family.
    - My father is a pilot as well, so (hopefully) it's not going to be a problem to study / to find a place for me.

    - High health requirements. This one makes me worry the most. I'll have to change my lifestyle and get a surgery or two in order to stand a (still relatively small) chance
    - The home will stay empty for most of the time. Not good if you have a family
    - One can lose that job once and for all in a matter of seconds (accident, random injury, etc)


    - Chemistry and biology are my favorite subjects
    - You should only be mentally healthy in order to get a job of a medic here
    - Medical education is somewhat useful in real life

    - Ridiculously low salary in the state hospitals (250$ - 600$)
    - YES problems with studying
    - Very time-consuming if you want to survive

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    2. ClumsyDoomer


      ChekaAgent said:

      You said that you're only 15. That means you've probably finished only 9 grades in school. Why didn't you finish the remaining 2 grades? That would gave you more time to decide where you want to go. To me it seems a bit too early for a 15 year old to make such a decision. When i was 15 i barely had an idea who i wanted to become, just like many of my classmates.

      I will finish them, I didn't leave the school. Right now I have to decide whether I should get the surgeries (which are expensive) and fix my legs or not. I also like to think before making important decisions.

      My father is a pilot and that's a rare opportunity. He's a very experienced one and has a lot of сontacts in aviation. I only have to pass the medical commitee and everything will be fine, but that's the most dangerous part for me.

      j4rio said:

      Come join with me the life of drugs and money, the so called pharmacy. Medicine isn't the only option.


      bzzrak said:

      No other options? A pilot, despite being an insanely cool job (seeing things from above and stuff), seems very risky.

      I'm not very interested in other jobs. It isn't very risky actually. I'm surprised that people know so little about the niceties of that job.

    3. Technician


      Aren't pilots notoriously paid shitty wages for their hours worked?

    4. Cupboard


      Being a pilot could make roadhead obsolete. Airhead has to be superior. I would never go back, personally