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  1. Jimmy can we palette swap the Cacos to green it would be amazing and thematically on point for my map. lol
  2. Name: Covid Distribution Center Author: Kudo Build Time: 12ish hours Music: (Not yet determined) Description: The Demons are at it again, but this time their strategy to turn the living is biological warfare. It seems like the Cacos are pretty virulent and now they seem to be barreling the stuff. We need to shut this machine down. Notes: Ammo is fairly scarce as is health. Just like in the real crisis. Also note it is quite hard to find toilet paper. Play this with your gloves and mask on. Hopefully I didn't upload an older version of this so if its all broken kindly let me know, its been awhile since I've mapped so hopefully its at least a bit fun. Hope you all enjoy! Edit: Be sure to play with Jimmy's 2 wads as well because it will have missing textures otherwise. Edit2: Found a missing texture. Edit3: Took some hints from everyone else's fantastic posting structure to restructure this post. Edit4: Lots of bugfixes, improved lighting as my renderer for some reason was fullbright and I couldn't see how dark areas were (there are supposed to be a lot of dark areas, but even things that weren't supposed to be dark were), a lot more than the intended ammo packs were accidentally tagged to not spawn in hard mode. Shotgun at spawn. Chaingunners removed in hard mode and replaced with zombiemen as they fit the theme better. Notes: * The doors near the computer room were giving me real problems for no reason I could discern, hence why lights open with them, sorry =( * Monster closets open too slowly, but using lifts caused issues with ceilings. * Yes, one of the encounters is meant to be a pushover. CovidDistributionCenter_01.zip CovidDistributionCenter_v2.zip
  3. kudo

    Tour of Id video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-SwU2iJ_1k This was awesome. I have wanted to see the inside of the id building forever it seems. Also did Willits make a mistake with the Archvile that he has there (at 1:09)? I mean he called it a Revenant. Or was that the original Archvile model and did they only later switch the names?
  4. I managed to get the first map down The Earth Base to :37 seconds (though my computer was lagging like all when I recorded it for youtube). I was playing in Prboom+ but I was not, (at least to my own knowledge) using always strafe 50 or any other major modifications to the game play. Attached below! nrftl map01 kudo.zip
  5. kudo

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    Alright guys, here it is. I am new to the forums, but I have been a Doomer since I was 3 (yes as in years old). That aside I wanted to share with you some TAS' that I ran a few months ago and one that I ran earlier today. They are attached and here is a link to some youtube videos of them (not all are perfect, some were ran in Skulltag, before I switched back to running in Prboom Plus.) http://www.youtube.com/user/sdskudo#p/u/0/IyHdxwd7n8A Any feedback would be much appreciated, Hope you guys enjoy! -Kudo P.S. If anyone runs No Rest For The Living Map 05 or 07 tell me how it goes. Those have been giving me trouble. speedrun demos.zip