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  1. The best maps have both.
  2. A few months ago I saw a rudimentary Doom modding tool that was used to create simple mods that were capable to adding more enemies and tweaking the weapons. This tool is what inspired this post. These are the tools I am talking about: https://www.nexusmods.com/doom/mods/1 Some of you might share my sentiment that Doom 2016 is a very good Doom game that is marred by a multitude of small problems that prevent it from being truly great. Many of the game's mechanics are really cool but perhaps overtuned for example. Glory Kills and the Chainsaw mechanic are a prime example of this. While very cool mechanics, they could use a bit of a nerf to encourage the player to get resources from the map itself. They are not broken or anything and in fact I think could be fixed with just a few tweaks. Chainsaw, BFG and the Glory Kills: There is far less Chainsaw fuel in the maps. Each canister only gives 1 Fuel. Killing a small enemy refills 5% of ammo, while larger enemies give 10-15%. This way, the player always has a fighting chance but is never overflowed with ammo and has to be more careful. The BFG no longer gives ammo and has less ammo overall. The Glory Kills are another really cool but sadly flawed mechanic that if tweaked could be perfect. I like the fact that you can get more health in emergency situations but I think it is a bit too much. You should get no more than 25 health and it should have a cooldown, possibly even have a suit upgrade that lowers it. The chance of special ammo such as Rockets and Cells should also be much lower. On the other hand, the player should always have a healthy supply of Shells and Bullets. Weapon Tweaks: The Pistol should either be completely redone or replaced with the Repeater from MP. Seriously, just because it is a starter weapon does not mean it should suck. The repeater could work like the Pistol in RAGE. It has a default fire option, a burst fire mode and a magnum upgrade that uses more ammo for more firepower. The Charged Burst upgrade for the Shotgun sounds like a neat idea but it actually kind of sucks. An alternative would be to replace it with a passive upgrade that significantly increases the range of the weapon, making it behave more like the old Shotgun. This way, the player would actually have a reason to use different upgrades and each upgrade would have a pro and con. The HAR is perfect as it is. I actually think that from a gameplay perspective it is the "real" Chaingun: a long range needler. The Plasma Gun is a tough one. It sucks and if it weren't for the Stun Bomb upgrade, I would not use it at all. The main fire should do more damage and the Vent upgrade should be made more useful or be replaced with a charged shotgun blast like in Brutal Doom. The Chaingun is another tricky one. I am actually not sure how to fix it. The winding takes a bit too long and the gatling gun upgrade slows you down too much. Maybe an upgrade could be to place it as an individual turret. Would welcome any ideas. Rocket Launcher is fine as it is. Gauss Cannon is a bit too powerful but could be fixed by making it use more ammo. Multiplayer Weapons: Perhaps the Multiplayer Weapons could be introduced in the Single Player campaign to spice up the game even more. Some would require some tweaks to work though. Maybe they could also only be introduced in the new Nightmare difficulty I am about to discuss. That would give players an extra reason to play it. Runes: Blood Fueled should be on by default and not take a Rune slot. I really like this mechanic. It makes you fast in fights but the effect wears off when exploring, letting you soak in the atmosphere. The Air mobility rune should also be on by default. Makes the movement much better. The rest of them are OK I think. Demons: Imp: Best enemy in the game. Perhaps a bit TOO strong. Possessed Scientist/Engineer. Lower the sound volume, make them run at the player. Possessed Soldier. Another great enemy. Possessed Shield Soldier: Give it more range, lower shield health. Hellrazer: Useless, but could be fixed by increasing accuracy. Revenant: Oddly useless. Not sure how to fix. Hell Knight: Really good enemy, no tweaks required. Baron of Hell: Another great enemy. Lost Soul: Best incarnation so far. Summoner. It has too little health. Mancubus: Good as it is. Cacodemon: Also good as it is. Pinky: I think it is OK. Rebalanced Nightmare Difficulty: One of my favorite things about Classic Doom is how as you increase the difficulty, tougher monsters start appearing in earlier maps and the density of weaker monsters is increased. So this gave me an idea. What if we altered the monster composition of arenas and encounters outside arenas? What would it be like to fight a couple of Hell Knights at the end of the first level, BEFORE you get any heavy duty weaponry. What would it be like to fight Cacodemons and Lost Souls in the Foundry? We could also tweak the arenas to have more interesting monster compositions too. Since the player has already beaten the game, they should be up for the challenge. Another idea I had would be to include the MP weapons only in this difficulty. They would be a reward for the extra challenge. What do you guys think? Do you like my ideas? Are they doable?
  3. DOOM Game Engine from scratch

  4. Flaws in Doom 16'

    I remember a combat trial where you jumped from platform to platform, dodging Imp projectiles. I wish there were more encounters like that, where the level design may or may not make some monsters more dangerous. The area was really cool-looking too. How about a long and narrow hallway with a Pinky in it? Cacodemons would also be a lot more dangerous in a level with lots of verticality like Foundry. Also, it would have been great if difficulty settings had actually changed monster compositions, at least for Nightmare difficulty. For example, what would it be like to fight a couple of Hell Knights in the first level? Or Cacodemons and Lost Souls in Foundry? Or a Baron of Hell BEFORE you get any hard-hitting weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Gauss Cannon? People often think that Doom 2016 is just about arena fights but that is not quite true. For example, after you complete important objectives in Foundry, a couple of Hell Knights can spawn at specific locations and can hunt you down across the map. I thought that was really really cool and Doomy and the first time I died to one of them was on one of my Ultra-Nightmare runs. I had just entered one of the doors leading to the final arena (the one where you find a dead elite soldier). The door closed behind me but moments later it opened. I looked back confused, only to see a pissed off Hell Knight jumping right at me. I was scared shitless. I instinctively pulled out my chainsaw, only to see that I had no fuel left. Moments later, my limbs were strewn across the room. Other times you can just see them across the map, bolting toward you. I really wish there were more moments like that. Yes, Doom is a game where you fight a multitude of monsters at the same time, but one of my favorite things about the franchise is how a well-placed imp or sergeant can just rip you a new one. This definitely reminded me of that. Sometimes, just a couple of cleverly placed monsters, attacking you at the right time, when all is quiet, is enough to make the game a lot more interesting. Oh, and also in the Foundry, there was an imp that spawned near the Yellow Key area. I had little health and was scared of it so I fought it cautiously. I didn't manage to kill it so it ran away, going to the lower platforms of the level. It remained there and constantly threw fireballs at me and I was unable to see it. This actually kind of reminded me of the Alien from Isolation. Maybe the next game could have something similar to that. A powerful monster that stalks you throughout the level(s), learning your attack patterns and weaknesses, that may or may not attack at any time, that taunts you by banging on the walls of nearby rooms and then runs away. Sometimes it teleports near you and attacks briefly while at other times it just fully assaults you. I'm thinking of something like a Teleporting Arch-Vile variant that besides a powerful attack and lots of health can spawn up to 6 extra enemies in a level that already know where you are.
  5. DOOM II teased for E3

    Nothing short of an SDK would be adequate.
  6. DOOM II teased for E3

  7. Flaws in Doom 16'

    I really liked the game, especially for the Hell art style, which closely mimics the original. I generally think that the first half of the game (meaning up until Lazarus) was significantly better, especially the first levels. It does have quite a few problems that have been mentioned here. Some small, some bigger, which is why I am terribly disappointed we didn't get proper modding tools. I would have made my own rebalancing of the game for example. Almost all of the problems mentioned could have been fixed with better balancing. For example, I think the chainsaw mechanic is really cool but it also kind of invalidates looking for ammo throughout the map. If only canisters only gave 1 instead of 3 fuel it would have made the game a lot more interesting. That, or simply put less canisters overall. The harder enemies would have been harder too. Some of the arenas could have been more interesting if there had been more varied combinations of monsters. How about one where you fight 6 barons at the same time? Or 20 imps. I think the combat encounters outside arenas were cool too. They are pretty tough on higher difficulties and died more than once on Ultra-Nightmare. As far as AAA classic shooters go, this is the best we'll probably ever get. Could have been even better with modding tools. Speaking of modding tools, would it be possible to hack modding tools for this game? I mean the game already has a resource extractor that is capable of creating rudimentary mods.
  8. Doom Slayer Chronicles

    This stuff is out of this world!!!
  9. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @HAK3180 Thank you for your playthrough! I have no idea what happened at that first secret door. You were supposed to be able to open it. No one else had the problem. If you want, leave a review on the Downloads section :).
  10. Doom with PBR materials

    I don't think it's bad. Maybe I just got used to it.
  11. Doom with PBR materials

    Blender is awesome. You can do anything you want with it. It is the ideal indie dev modeling tool. Here is are my models on Sketchfab (I am still learning). As for textures, Substance Painter and Designer are amazing and not too expensive. They come with a 30 day trial too. https://sketchfab.com/Fenes.Octavian/models
  12. PBR for Original Doom Textures

    You might want to tone down the roughness in some of the metal textures. Depending on the context the textures are used the player might interpret them differently due to the low res nature of the original. Here is a post I made in a different thread you might find useful.
  13. DOOM II teased for E3

    @Touchdown It had new content in it?
  14. DOOM II teased for E3

    Actually, I kinda hoped there would be 2 or three Single Player DLCs released between each new game that would build upon and perfect that respective game. So if Doom 4 came out in 2016 and Doom 5 comes out in 2018-19, there should have been a couple SP DLCs the size of Old Blood.
  15. Doom with PBR materials

    That's kind of a problem with these kinds of texture recreations. The original textures are low-res enough that the brain has to fill in the missing information. This actually constitutes an advantage because the texture can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context. So if the player is a in a room with lots of concrete, he will fill in the missing information of the texture as "brown concrete" but if he is in a room full of brown metal then he will fill in the information as "brown metal" However, this interpretative aspect is lost the higher-res the remade textures are. So, if the player sees this texture in a room with lots of metal, it might look strange if the texture is concrete. That is why I think it would be a good idea to supply the texture .WAD with multiple versions of the same texture.
  16. I remember John Suitepee's stream of my JOM3 map. I still watch it from time to time.
  17. I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Why not try my map that uses the awesome Doom 3 Textures for Doom 2?
  18. Massive Quake 1 map pack; where is it?

    Arcane Dimensions?
  19. I like SkullHacker. That VEGA elevator lift is also pretty cool, because of how unexpected it was. It goes perfectly with those giant doors opening. VEGA should have been a boss too. The main room seems to suggest that he was originally supposed to be the Spider Mastermind. Snapmap also has some interesting ones. One of them sounds like it is from...Dune 2?
  20. More Early Doom 4 Stuff

    Some of that stuff is pretty good!
  21. This may be the best modern retro FPS out there. The graphics are absolutely superb. Goes to show that a retro FPS doesn't need PBR, normal maps and other modern features. A simple but consistent art style is more than enough. This is one of those games that will be forever young and timeless. I'm really surprised you didn't decide to sell this. I would have paid good money for this. I only wish that one day I will be as good at mapping as you guys are. You truly are the best.
  22. I never ever get pissed in single player games or PVE games like WoW, even if I wipe every time on a boss encounter. Competitive games on the other hand...boy do they bring out the worst in me, which is why I don't really play them.
  23. WELL FUCKING FINALLY! I was just going to ask when it's coming.
  24. So we all know that Earth is one of the more lazy location choices for a futuristic sci-fi shooter so how should Id handle it if if their next game takes place on Earth? Should it be only a few levels and should it even take place on Earth? Just because it could take place on Earth doesn't mean it has to be boring. Earth worked in Doom 2 because it was so abstract but in a game with realistic graphics like the new Doom games you simply can't get away with that. So I was browsing Twitter and I saw this picture. Now I am not really into Japan or its culture but I was immediately reminded of the lighting of Doom 64. Tokyo could be the place where the headquarters of the UAC is located. Snow hasn't really been explored in the Doom universe and I was pretty disappointed when the penultimate level's outdoor area was pretty short. My vote is that it should only partly take place on Earth. The variety of locations is one of Doom's strongest points and Earth could get boring really quickly. Despite this, Earth is still part of the DNA of Doom. What other ideas do you guys have?
  25. I thought this was going to be a commercial release, like Ion Maiden.