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  1. DooM_RO

    Good to be back after 23 years

    Don't forget to make some maps!
  2. DooM_RO

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | Dev Blog | p8

    Amazing stuff! Are you going to use stuff from The Old Blood and even New Order/Colossus at one point?
  3. DooM_RO

    Doom with PBR materials

    I really wish there was a way to make POM work. I really like it. I don't see what the flaws are.
  4. That's not what I mean. Even with all its flaws you can tell a lot of care went into it. You can say that the art style is not exactly Diablo but it is still finely crafted. I would also say Blizzard did a fine job redeeming the game with the expansion. Oh, and by the way, there was supposed to be a second expansion to make the game truly great but Activision had to put their grubby mitts on it!!! You can say goodbye to that kind of quality. Activision are all about minimising costs and maximizing profit. Low effort for high profit. I mean Activision put a FRIGGIN RED DOT on the store for a quick and cynical buck. Of course Blizzard cared about money but they always took their time to bring games to their standards.
  5. Of course not, but Blizzard as we know it is gone. You can say whatever you want about Diablo 3 but they sure took their time with it. They at least tried. That's gone. All the people are leaving. The era of high-quality in-house Blizzard games is over. After Warcraft 3 Reforged (which is not even made 100% inhouse) I will not longer have a reason to care about them and that makes me really sad. Diablo Immortal is the first game that has another company besides Blizzard working on it and ActiBlizz has more projects like that in development. It sure won't stop there.
  6. Yeah, it's a bit weird. On one hand they usually never rush games, spend all the time and money they need on their products, produce excellent DLC that is more akin to old school expansions but on the other hand you get fantastic fuckups like Fallout 76 which, without exaggerating, was just outrage after outrage. Even with all their mistakes, Bethesda is still a LOT better than EA and Activision.
  7. Diablo Immortal, the restructuring of Blizzard. It's all their doing.
  8. I truly hope they go bankrupt for fucking up Blizzard. They, along with EA can go eat shit and die.
  9. DooM_RO

    Through this world,there no mercy.

    @Doomkid My eyes...the horror...
  10. DooM_RO

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    And to be honest, the only reason I am using these apps is because I am hoping to find people who share my interests. In my town, everyone is pretty much a bland normie. Tinder especially doesn't even take into consideration what interests you have. I mean I found a couple of people but it all fizzled out.
  11. DooM_RO

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    @Jimmy What I hate about these the most is that they are basically encouraging you to advertise yourself as a product. It's kind of dehumanizing to be honest.
  12. I'm not even going to try. Too many good games.
  13. DooM_RO

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    Yeah, there's some pretty weird people there. Plus, I'm not sure I like what it's doing to our society. It seems to be normalizing behaviours we ought to avoid.
  14. Good question. The only WAD I still play BD with is the Starter Pack. It was made for it, after all. Playing anything else with BD is anathema to me.
  15. DooM_RO

    DOOM Eternal's Earth

    @igg I get that argument but that doesn't mean there couldn't be a few landmarks. I do agree that most of it should be a generic metropolis but there is a lot of potential for interesting architecture. An Aztec temple, a map based on Strasbourg (Olivia studied there), Tokyo, somehere in Texas. Despite that, I totally get it why they are doing this. They want gameplay first and realistic places often get in the way of that. Hell, that's what Doom 2 did and this is a remake of that. It doesn't have to be totally realistic, just a few landmarks here and there and unique buildings between the levels. I mean, this is Grapevine, Texas and it looks a lot like Doom 2 to me, especially because of the brick building, which are the staple of Doom 2's Earth. I'm sure that with a bit of work you could get some interesting gameplay scenarios.
  16. DooM_RO

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    I tried it but I'm not sure it's for long-haired guys like myself.
  17. DooM_RO

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Doom 3: Phobos is a mod for Doom 3 that has been in development for almost 8 years. Ever since I first saw their ModDB page, everything they have shown has been nothing short of excellent. At the moment, the mod is in the last stages of Phase 1, with 7 out of 8 maps being ready for Phase 2 (you can read more about the development phases here http://www.moddb.com/mods/phobos/news/devblog-12-the-greater-good) which means that a very large part of the mod is done. Basically all there is left after this is to implement story elements and finally some extra polish. Regarding the release date, the developers are basically maintaining a "When it's done" policy but since the hardest part of their work is basically almost finished, there is a chance it might come out this year. However, this is of course my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. So why should you be excited of this, especially since most of you are not that fond of Doom 3? The devs promised to deliver more varied and therefore a much improved Doom 3 experience. No longer will the entirety of the game consist only of the same gray metal halls, monster closets, dark rooms, uninspired monster placement and spawning. Instead, some areas will be well lit, while others not so much. The mod will have custom AI to enhance the gameplay, more colors (which are not just variations of gray) refreshing maps with different themes: For instance the first map is the residential and recreational area of mars city, while the second is more like the original Doom 3 to maintain consistency and the third will have yet another theme.It will have a level of detail that would not have been possible on 2004 hardware, it pushes the engine to its limits. And finally (and probably most importantly), the levels will be non-linear. Did I also mention the new shotgun? This however will NOT be a glorified vanilla Doom which means that it will likely combine traits from the original Doom which we are well accustomed to with the qualities of Doom 3. Holy shit, Doom 3 has qualities?!one!! The answer is a defiant YES! While its worst flaws were centered around bland gameplay, semi-linear level design and general repetitiveness, it was one of the most atmospheric games of its time (and even ours), had outstanding graphics, amazing art direction (although not varied enough) and a shadow system that is great even today. If Doom 3 had been a downright terrible game, I highly doubt the devs would ever have bothered to improve it. I have started this thread for two reasons. First, to have a place where to discuss this mod and ask the devs questions (if they want to) and secondly to raise awareness, because although the mod is likely to be one of the best user-created content of the Doom community, like all Doom 3 mods, it is sadly rather obscure, so if you like what they are doing for the Doom community, please help them by spreading the word! And finally, if Id Software finds out about this mod, maybe the Phobos team can indirectly pressure them to deliver not just a good game, but a truly worthy successor to Doom. Finally, here is a teaser trailer. (hint hint, there is a surprise at the end!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUIbbVeLl2g
  18. DooM_RO

    My ideas guest characters for MK11

    I didn't even need to read this. Doomguy is the only one they need.
  19. I wish there was more variety in the music. There is already plenty of metal and ambiental stuff in Doom 2016 but some Black Metal or even Power Metal would be welcome.
  20. Has a screamer choir really never been done before? Even by an obscure band?
  21. I thought it sounded a Doom 2-ish ambiental track for quiet moments.
  22. Oh man, this is going to be SO EPIC!!!
  23. E3 and 4 needs more streaming. So far only E1 and 2 got most of the love.
  24. Ițve finished the game about three times on Nightmare but it became stale so I was looking for new challenges. Ultra-Nightmare is brutally difficult. You need to know where each pickup is, memorize enemy attack patterns, choose the right upgrades. It feels very rewarding and it really gets the blood pumping but sometimes too punishing. One wrong move and you are dead meat. I got as far as Argent Facility (Destroyed) TWICE when I got killed by Cacodemons on each turn. I came to the conclusion that I am seeking new challenges and experiences but because I lack the equivalents of high quality player mods such as Sunlust, Scythe 2 or Valiant so I have to play the original campaign on the hardest difficulty because I want more excitement. If only they at least they added continues or saved the game when you completed a quarter of the game. I am getting really sick of the early levels of the game and that is a big shame because I consider those to be the best ones. What I would do? At the very least I would add continues or saves after each quarter of UN in a patch BUT ideally there would be a 7 map DLC in Hell that is made for players who know the game inside-out...like Thy Flesh Consumed.