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  1. Doom 3 without PDAs? That's quite the shocker really! Yes, they are really quite boring. It's very strange really, I can spend hours reading the wiki about any given section but when I'm playing it's almost always a chore reading them but I feel guilty for not reading them. Also, everything you said represents the spirit of Doom quite nicely. Doom 2016 did what you said very well I think. For me at least, Doom is a game about quiet exploration, with a few monsters here and there, punctuated by big, surprise fights.
  2. Doom 3: Phobos is a mod for Doom 3 that has been in development for almost 8 years. Ever since I first saw their ModDB page, everything they have shown has been nothing short of excellent. At the moment, the mod is in the last stages of Phase 1, with 7 out of 8 maps being ready for Phase 2 (you can read more about the development phases here which means that a very large part of the mod is done. Basically all there is left after this is to implement story elements and finally some extra polish. Regarding the release date, the developers are basically maintaining a "When it's done" policy but since the hardest part of their work is basically almost finished, there is a chance it might come out this year. However, this is of course my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. So why should you be excited of this, especially since most of you are not that fond of Doom 3? The devs promised to deliver more varied and therefore a much improved Doom 3 experience. No longer will the entirety of the game consist only of the same gray metal halls, monster closets, dark rooms, uninspired monster placement and spawning. Instead, some areas will be well lit, while others not so much. The mod will have custom AI to enhance the gameplay, more colors (which are not just variations of gray) refreshing maps with different themes: For instance the first map is the residential and recreational area of mars city, while the second is more like the original Doom 3 to maintain consistency and the third will have yet another theme.It will have a level of detail that would not have been possible on 2004 hardware, it pushes the engine to its limits. And finally (and probably most importantly), the levels will be non-linear. Did I also mention the new shotgun? This however will NOT be a glorified vanilla Doom which means that it will likely combine traits from the original Doom which we are well accustomed to with the qualities of Doom 3. Holy shit, Doom 3 has qualities?!one!! The answer is a defiant YES! While its worst flaws were centered around bland gameplay, semi-linear level design and general repetitiveness, it was one of the most atmospheric games of its time (and even ours), had outstanding graphics, amazing art direction (although not varied enough) and a shadow system that is great even today. If Doom 3 had been a downright terrible game, I highly doubt the devs would ever have bothered to improve it. I have started this thread for two reasons. First, to have a place where to discuss this mod and ask the devs questions (if they want to) and secondly to raise awareness, because although the mod is likely to be one of the best user-created content of the Doom community, like all Doom 3 mods, it is sadly rather obscure, so if you like what they are doing for the Doom community, please help them by spreading the word! And finally, if Id Software finds out about this mod, maybe the Phobos team can indirectly pressure them to deliver not just a good game, but a truly worthy successor to Doom. Finally, here is a teaser trailer. (hint hint, there is a surprise at the end!)
  3. Oh I didn't mean anything drastic. Just a few PDA e-mails or voice recordings and maybe even find the mutilated body of a priest somewhere. Basically a minor character that adds a bit more flavor and speculation to the universe. The reason I suggested this was because it seems you want to go a bit beyond the usual sci-fi tropes. It would be interesting to hear in a PDA his final confrontation with a demon, begging God for help, only to hear his agonized screams. Did God not help because he abandoned humanity? Did the priest not have enough faith? Or maybe God doesn't exist at all. It sounds very bleak but then again, the game is called Doom after all.
  4. It's right up there with The Dark Mod.
  5. If you guys have been wondering what's going on with my map, I've been out of town for 5 days and couldn't work on it. I also got stuck on it, lacking inspiration but it seems I am back on track. Here is a screenshot. Wish I could get a better angle.
  6. @Shaviro I'm an atheist too (although not always sure about it) but it's fun asking "what if" questions and seeing those questions answered in interesting ways in a video game universe. I mean, how would an atheist who was suddenly in a world full of entities that look like demons that draw pentagrams and put inverted crosses on walls react to all this? I mean if they are aliens from another dimension why do they use all those pentagrams and inverted crosses? Why are there souls screaming in a level called Hell? If there is Hell in the Doom universe then wouldn't it be logical that there would be a God too? Why is He strangely absent from all of this? It would be cool if you offered some kind of explanation to this. You keep mentioning that the game might not be "Doomish" enough for some people but what does Doom mean for you, especially after having spent so many years on the franchise? I am actually glad that you are expanding the Doom 3 universe. It has grown on me quite a lot over the last years and I love the fact that you guys are expanding it. You guys are actually doing something original and not just Megawad #3252. Kristus linked to his personal site a while back where I saw a few WIP (and probably very old) hellish environments. I really liked them and it would be a shame to let all that work go to waste. Do you think you could at least include the unused textures in the editor? Phobos might spark a Doom 3 renaissance and people might start making stuff for it again and those extra textures could come in really handy. There is also an awesome Doom 3 textures for Doom WAD that includes both hi-res and the versions in Doom format. I am making a map for it right now and will probably make more in the future using the 256 color version. Would you let us do something similar to the Phobos textures when it comes out? I'd love to sink my teeth in them!
  7. Awesome! I do have to ask how you plan to expand the gameplay. Believe it or not, I think the term "Classic Doom" is a bit vague. I mean, levels like E1M5, E1M7 and E2M7 are vastly different from more action-packed levels like Mt. Erebus or any of the Doom 2 levels. Is it going to be more like Metroid, System Shock? I read that SOMA was one of your main inspirations but one thing that put me off in that game was that it had pretty poor gameplay. Since this is a lot more story oriented, I want to ask if you guys are going to explore the nature of Hell/Demons or even the devil (if there is one), especially since it seems you want to make the universe a bit more sophisticated. It would be cool if there was Christian priest who offered his take on the whole matter, since the universe was obviously influenced by Christianity. What about atheists? Would their views be changed by the events or would they still try to rationalize it? Since you are splitting the mod into episodes, I want to ask how the overall structure of the mod has changed, since it was originally supposed to be three, and then just one. Is the content going to be just the finished E1 stuff after all or will you guys also inject stuff from E2 and E3? I would really like to see more of Doom 3's Hell. It was a killer concept that was sadly underdeveloped.
  8. Why did you choose Unity and not something else, like Unreal?
  9. Yeah, that's what I did only just vertical.
  10. WOW. If that was possible just imagine what could be done. I would really like to see a Doom version of Arcane Dimensions.
  11. Full 3D? Does this mean we will be able to make rooms over rooms and 3D architecture like in Quake?
  12. In the meantime you can just use round, vertical sectors that use the pipe textures. It works for me.
  13. I said that because you said all textures were in the file. Those are not tall enough either. Should be 128 pixels tall. They are either 16 or 32.
  14. One more thing. I have searched for those billboard everywhere but can't find them. Are you sure they are in there? I mean those "One step closer to Heaven" textures and their variations.
  15. I also meant WIRFCE2A. This is its default state. It is also completely gray for some reason. This is how it looks when scaled up to 6.
  16. If I scale it it will be too short.
  17. Source Developed by Voidpoint, a studio comprised of EDuke32 vets and Duke Nukem 3D mappers, Ion Maiden was formally announced on a recent Duke4 livestream. It will be published by 3D Realms and is releasing in 2018. First, a bit of background. The Build Engine powered Ion Maiden is a FPS prequel to the poorly received Bombshell, an isometric shooter from Interceptor Entertainment, a studio which declared bankruptcy last year. A new team called Slipgate Studios was founded earlier this year with many of the same team members. The game’s developer, Voidpoint, is an independent venture founded by TerminX and Hendricks266 when creating the Hail to the King Collection ports for iOS and Android. Work began on Ion Maiden (working titles "The Washington Project" or "Project Washington", and later "The Washington Incident") in early 2015 as a stand-alone project, with the team working on both projects in overlapping fashion until HTTKC was shelved. The game was quietly announced on a poster back in July 2015 as an extra for the digital deluxe version for Bombshell. Since then, however, the scope has expanded considerably and the game is a full commercial product. The developers’ chose the name Ion Maiden to distance themselves from the negativity associated with Bombshell (2016). The game is running on EDuke32, built in 2004 by Richard Gobeille and continuously developed over the following decade with a view to preserving the original developers' intent of Duke Nukem 3D and to make it playable and enhanced on modern hardware. This is a shooter that's coupling truly retro gameplay with truly retro tech, using the original engine and its ideas, with 20 extra years of development--replacing code, but rarely throwing out ideas. The team has created a brand new 8-bit palette, which all assets will use, essentially turning the era's original aesthetic and creative techniques up to 11 (think Mega Man 9 and 10). The score's being made by someone from the European C64/Amiga demo scene who has been making mod tracker music for about 20 years. Voidpoint’s 256 color pallet (Cage is easily one of the most talented pixel artists around): There’s some seriously talented mappers involved (including DavoX of DNF 2013 DLC fame), with the levels being made with the hallmarks of classic shooters in mind, including interconnecting areas, interactivity, and secrets. All of the weapons have either an alt fire or an alternate ammo type which you switch by pressing alt fire. The team’s currently working on a demo (which won't feature the alt fire stuff) much like the FEAR demo, the maps in the demo are redressed samples of portions of the registered version. The team recently showed a video behind closed doors at E3 so I hope we’ll see more soon, but in the meantime here's some more screens! Note: the face in the HUD is temp art just cut from a random promo image for Interceptor's Bombshell game. The final game will have a face in the HUD, in much the same way as Doom.
  18. Did you post this on the Zdoom forums too? Might get even more attention if you do.
  19. WIRES textures has annoying yellow pixels. RCGRDR still has a few white pixels. WIRFCE2A is completely gray and way too large. RLGATE is too large.
  20. Here's an interesting fact about me. I've had long hair for almost 10 years but I've never tied it.
  21. Not many but there are a few. There is a door texture for instance. Might be more.
  22. What about Resurrection of Evil textures?
  23. One more thing. Do you think you could make more color variations that are possible in the Doom engine? It would compensate for the lack of blue. The new red textures work really well. Maybe make light orange versions of others too.
  24. I like the colors on the ones I linked.