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  1. tp? *woooosh* /me disapears in the shadows
  2. err.... : South America [**] Brazil [***] Pernambuco [****] Gilgamesh ...wooooshhh.... back to the shadowsssss..... [edit: added "south america"]
  3. Usually i just browse this forum to look for interesting stuff, but maybe i can help a little here. Instead of uploading the wads to people, you only need to post their "seed" number. When you create a level with slige, it tells you the seed number:SLIGE (build 485) -- by Dave Chess, Seed: 1506090782 Loading SLIGE.CFG... Loaded. ... To recreate a copy of the entire wad, you just need to tell it the seed again, like:slige -seed 1506090782 But now it's too late :D
  4. Time to another bi-montlhy (yeah, it's mispelled) post: Happy Birthday, Doomworld!
  5. tnx, Linguica /me plays atirei_o_pau_no_gato.ogg
  6. I like the Chaingunner ^.^' And the archvile too.
  7. I'm with you, DooMer 4ever. I even play any game without using custom stuff. I don't know why... :D
  8. I discovered it when playing the psx version with a friend (DM), using the link. He called me cheater! LOL
  9. i still remember the day i discovered that the berserk effect don't run off when the screen isn't red anymore... *blush*
  10. if he was in rainbow colors, it would
  11. here it's looking a light brown. It's very cool this way. Even remember Doomnation ;-)
  12. I listen to some Doom and SOR remixes got at Overclocked Remix Also some drum'n bass and instrumental heavy metal.
  13. This stuff is still unplayable. It's just something like a pre-alpha project :( ... I hope somebody keep it going.
  14. Looks like people hasn't checked the project homepage. That image IS REAL. It's these guys project, and it's open source! w00t! Now we just sit and wait for some playable stuff ;)
  15. Check this out: one picture to ilustrate: Very interesting this project MAXIMUM image dimensions are 640x480. This means that image can be no more than 640 pixels wide AND the image can be no more than 480 pixels high