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Status Updates posted by NiTROACTiVE

  1. Hey man, remember that 2013 shitty map contest you had back in the day? Do you have a copy of that megawad somewhere around? Both links seen on this page are broken.

    1. Gardevoir


      I should have them on my old pc but I currently don't have the access to it due to not having a working monitor. Once I get that figured out I'll get a working link.

    2. Gardevoir


      I believe this might be the one. There was another shitty map contest compilation that I may upload as well.


    3. NiTROACTiVE


      @Gardevoir I'm sure that's the one too, as I believe I remember seeing my map in the compilation WAD. Thanks.

  2. When it comes to the file Skulltag_Data.pk3, what texture packs did it take textures from? And which ones are original textures not from any texture packs?

  3. I noticed all of the mirrors for Stronghold: On The Edge Of Chaos no longer work. So here's a new one I decided to provide:



  4. It would be nice if there was a YouTube video tutorial for the editor for Doom 2D Forever, which is a Russian spinoff of Doom: http://doom2d.org/download/df/index.html

  5. When it comes to this joke WAD, am I supposed to teleport to the next map by shooting myself in this WAD, or am I supposed to use the IDCLEV## code? I can't seem to get to the next map without cheating, and I did use the command line mentioned in the thread with Chocolate Doom:


  6. Can someone teach me how to replicate this glitch in the classic Doom?:


    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Oh wow that's neat

      If I still made maps, I'd make one now about this

    2. Dark Pulse

      Dark Pulse

      Pretty much exactly as it says - make a floor with a height of -32768. Due to how Doom's math works, when you reach the bottom, your position then wraps around to +32767, which to Doom is the ceiling, and so you "fall" endlessly.

  7. I've been looking for the name of a wilderness Animal Planet/Discovery Channel show. It features a silent white-haired character that would do some crazy things with dangerous animals as a narrator would tell us what he's doing. Does anyone know what the name of that show is?

  8. So I've been looking for a movie for some time that I remember seeing on TV years ago, and here are some details of it  that I remember, which are also NSFW just to warn you.


    -The opening has some boy without a shirt and an afro wig dancing to some funk song, where he does a split on the floor and says "I hurt myself!".

    -We then see the main character in high school (I'm sure it was high school) after the scene.

    -Apparently, he had a wardrobe malfunction, where maybe his junk was hanging out of his pants (yes, I saw this movie on TV). Or maybe his underwear was hanging out of his pants.

    -Then, a teacher proceeds to grab his junk, and she rips something.

    -The main character than screams in agony as lots of students around him laugh at him, where he then faints.

    -He then goes to the the nurses office with bagged ice on his junk.


    And that's all I remember of this movie. Does anyone know what that was from?

  9. So my megawad Illuminatus was rejected from /idgames due to the use of an unmodified resource named PS20A0. I'll have to get this fixed somehow.

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    2. Voros


      Remove it from your WAD for replace it with Freedoom's.

    3. Armaetus


      Or just use the patch referenced from DOOM/DOOM2.WAD in the texture?

    4. riderr3


      May be it is related to this... I noticed, sometimes SLADE3 insensibly creates stock textures in pwads. It can be happened after textures editing.

  10. I'd like to thank @MysteriousHaruko and @CzechMate29200 for beta testing my Doom WAD Illuminatus. I'm currently in the process of tuning the things of the remaining maps I haven't tuned yet.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Ahh. Illuminatus. I remember playing the first 10-11 maps about a year ago. I gave up at MAP11 because I died and had literally no weapons frickin' anywhere in the entire map.

      I hope you've improved since then. :]


      Other than that, the mapset was quite enjoyable.

    2. Misty


      It was fun to test it. If you need more help, send message ;)

    3. CzechMate29200


      sorry, was on a little hiatus :/


      id like to thank you for letting me test it! It was quite fun. And same here, if ya need more help, just pm me. :)

  11. I'm currently looking for pistol start testers as well as other positions for my megawad Illuminatus. I also might find some demo recorders if I can't figure out how to make my own demo files.



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    2. Misty


      Sure, I can test some maps and provide you some demos. Which engine do you prefer?

    3. CzechMate29200


      I can test it and provide demos also!

    4. Slimz


      Hmmm... Demos? Well yes...

  12. Hey guys, as the title suggests, I have some bad news. Last night, my grandpa (also my mom's father) passed away as he died in his sleep around 3:00 AM. My mom broke the news to me around 8:03 PM on the phone while I was at my college's recreational center. I also had a bad feeling something bad happened as I was told I was going to stay the night back at my house away from the campus as my family came over there. I also asked one of my cousins who was coming over on what was going on and he said it was an occasion. I was concerned about what was going on and I asked my mom is something happened, and then she called me and she told me what happened as I said here before. Another thing was grandpa could have died before this, but he made it out OK.

    Another thing was that on December 29, 2004, my grandma (born June 2, 1926) passed away and she was my mom's mother and my grandpas wife. My grandpa loved his wife as they were together for over 50 years. They also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the same year she died. My grandpa was very sad along with other family members. I was also shocked to hear about her death back then when my dad told me and my sisters in the kitchen of an old house we used to live in.

    But now, my grandpa and grandma are finally together again after nearly 10 years of separation. He's also with one of his children again who was my aunt Debbie, who passed away on February 15,2012 which was not too long ago.

    My grandpa was a great guy, and I had a bad feeling he didn't have much longer to live seeing how his condition got worse over the years. But now, he's free from his conditions. Despite that, I will miss him along with the other members of my family.

    June 26, 1924 - September 12, 2014

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    2. Ralphis


      My condolences and best wishes for you and your family buddy

    3. Blastfrog


      My condolences as well. I suspect my 93 year old grandfather is also going to die soon just given his frailty and age, I should see him more often.

    4. Canofbacon


      May he rest in peace and best wishes to your family.

  13. Hey guys, as of 8/21/2014, I have moved into a college dorm, and I will live there until probably somewhere in 2016. I'll visit my house on some days, but I'm going to live at my dorm for probably two years.

    I also brought my computer with me so I can do my homework and such on it. This means I can also make my Doom videos on campus. If you're a YouTube fan of mine, then I'm sorry for the lack of videos. I was busy with other stuff and was waiting for the date to move in to my dorm in my new college campus. This is also my third college campus I've ever attended, and this time I'm living in a single room alone, but I can always talk to other students. I can also keep in touch with my family, but I also have to work harder now.

    So yeah, I was pretty busy on this day.

    1. RUSH


      "Hey, this room looks pretty nice! Let me try this door an-"

      "OMG WTF?? This WAD sucks so bad! I hate Terry WADS yet I continue to to make videos of them constantly!"

  14. Update: As of 7/1/2014 I am back from South Carolina again, and you can read about it in this journal I made.

    This thread was originally called Leaving For South Carolina Again, and here is the original post:

    Hey guys, as some of you know I went to South Carolina last year, and I went there because he went to Kuwait in the army. Now I'm going there again because he's back and is going to marry his fiance. I'm going there tomorrow on the 26th of June this year and won't return until the 1st of July. So I'm going to have fun with my cousin once again. Until then, I'll talk to all of you later.

    1. Cupboard


      Observe how different the soil is down there. It is a gradual change, but the ground definitely gets redder down there. :)

    2. NiTROACTiVE


      Well I'm back again from South Carolina, but I see I didn't get much replies for this thread as I did for the thread for last year's vacation to South Carolina for some reason.

    3. Cupboard


      I'm happy to hear your brother returned safely back home with honor.

  15. To all the Doomworld Forum users who know about my Doom WAD playthrough series, I have some bad news. My video "Creepy Doom WADs - 7869.wad" was removed because it had graphic images in the WAD. This happened as someone flagged it, and I got a community guidelines strike that will last until 12/12/2014. I tried to appeal, but the appeal was rejected, and I won't be able to appeal any future community guidelines strikes for the next 60 days. So let's hope I can survive without getting my account terminated.

    Here's a YouTube video I made on this bad news:

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    2. Maes


      Nothing beats a direct download link to a video file. It may not be very "Web 2.0", but try and flag that!

    3. Armaetus


      Shit like this is why I'm extremely stingy about what kind of music to use or the content in my videos. I know I could use PSX Doom music (Aubrey personally said so in an email) but I'll be immediately be hit with third party claims from his publisher, so I just don't use it.

    4. printz


      Maes said:

      Nothing beats a direct download link to a video file. It may not be very "Web 2.0", but try and flag that!

      Try and post that on a free cloud storage. Videos are larger files than what we're used to.

  16. Hey guys, I have some unfortunate news. Back in May 2012, I lost Chloe the Cat, and it was sad to lose her. As of today, my dog Bailey was put to sleep due to issues with not being able to get up. He was a cute little miniature pinscher that we loved. He would bark a lot and it would be hard to get him to pee outside sometimes, but I still loved him. He was also sensitive to touch as well. A few days before his death, he started to lose the ability to walk. Then as of today, he was put out of his misery, and this made my mom very sad. When Chloe died, Bailey looked for her for a week, and then gave up after looking for her. And now, after nearly two years, he's with Chloe again.

    We still have a Pomeranian named Muffin, and she's healthy right now. I also wonder when she'll notice that Bailey is gone, and I bet she will be sad that he isn't around anymore.

    Here's a picture of Bailey:

    He will be missed.

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    2. joe-ilya


      Eris Falling said:

      My cat was born in 1998.
      Shit :s

      Cool 90's cat, Eris. I just realized, your cat was born before me, 0_O. Isn't it 16? Smells like teen spirit. Heh.

    3. FireFish


      I know how this feels, today one pet dog over here was put down after a long lasting infection... I almost want to kill that vet now...

    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      joe-ilya said:

      Cool 90's cat, Eris. I just realized, your cat was born before me, 0_O. Isn't it 16? Smells like teen spirit. Heh.

      Yeah, born in January, so just over 6 months younger than me

  17. Hey guys, I just want to say that I moved to a new house again as of April 12, 2014, and the house is also in a different town that's near our old town. We also moved in with mom's boyfriend, and some of you might wonder why.

    You see, we found out that our landlord wasn't paying the mortgage with the rent money mom gave her, and this got the house we got in March 2013 foreclosed. The house was in the foreclosure process before, but the landlord saved the house before it became final. So mom refused to pay the landlord before we moved out, so the landlord gave us a three day notice to try to evict us, but it was pointless for the landlord to do so.

    So yeah, we had to move yesterday, and it will take a while to make the house nice to live in.

    1. Blastfrog


      NiTROACTiVE said:

      we found out that our landlord wasn't paying the mortgage with the rent money mom gave her

      That sucks, is that even legal? Either way, good luck in your new home.

    2. Maes


      Sodaholic said:

      That sucks, is that even legal? Either way, good luck in your new home.

      As legal as it is not to pay your debts and dues, I suppose. Though it's the landlord which will have to bear the brunt of the ensuing fiscal shitstorm, as I guess that it's his house which was mortgaged. From the point of the view of the band, he's simply a deadbeat. If he chose to spend the rent money on e.g. hookers and whiskey, fine, but the bank wants their mortgage installments paid on time in any case :-)

  18. This morning, I felt really bad back pain and I puked as well, and my mom drove me to the hospital. They told me to give them a urine sample, and when I got a sample in the cup, my mom said it looked bad. It was bad, because according to the sample, the doctor said I had a kidney infection. We then did a CAT Scan, and they found kidney stones inside of me. So yes, I am sick and I also stayed home from college today, and I might stay for more days as well.

    The back pain started on Thursday, and it went away and I thought it was just standard back pain. Then on Friday, the pain came back, and I took some ibuprofen, and I also puked as well. Then when I went to my friend's house, it went away. Then on Saturday, the back pain came back and it was worse and my mom took me to a different hospital that was closer to town. There, they said I just had a back strain and I believed them. Then on Sunday, there wasn't much pain and I thought it was going away. And then it got worse on Monday as you knew earlier from above.

    So I'm going to have to hope for the best and hope that I can heal ASAP.

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    2. Marnetmar


      dew said:

      Why would he torment himself voluntarily? Have you underwent what you preach, or are you just playing Internet M.D.?

      Pretty sure he's just dickishly fucking around.

    3. NiTROACTiVE


      I should make an update. I misinterpreted what I heard on Monday, and what they actually found in my kidneys might be kidney stones, and they didn't directly say it was kidney stones. It could be bacteria instead. So maybe I don't have kidney stones and instead have some sort of bacteria inside of them. I also should add they also found bacteria in my pelvic area as well.

    4. Clonehunter


      Sounds a bit better, honestly. I can't imagine the pain to pass a stone and I don't want too. So hopefully, you're on a better track.

  19. This is a late post because this has been official for ten days now. But as of Decmeber 6 of the year 2013, I am 21 years old. I haven't had my first full drink of beer yet, but I'm thinking about when the time is right. I'm also interesting in having a cosmopolitan drink too. Anyways, I'm 21 now, and I also wish I posted this much earlier.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Clonehunter


      What you do now is settle down, raise a family, join the PTA, buy some sensible shoes and a Chevrolet, then drink 'till you're broke and they drive you away

    3. DoomUK


      NiTROACTiVE said:

      I'm also interesting in having a cosmopolitan drink too.

      Looks like you've already had a few.

      A belated Happy Birthday.

    4. baronofheck82


      I remember when I turned 21...ten years ago. Man that makes me feel old. Happy Date of Birth :)

  20. Hey guys, I have some bad news that's pretty old. I had a black Zune 30GB ever since 2008, and I took it on trips. I even placed over 2000 songs on it. On September 26th this year, it's hard drive gave out, and it made that clicking noise and staying on the step 3 screen. Here's a picture of it with it's faulty hard drive:

    I got a new black iPod Classic 160GB that came from a friend of my dad's. She barely used it and it can hold much more media than my Zune ever could. Here's a picture of that too:

    So yeah, it's nice to have an music player again. I would get a Zune 120GB, but the only new ones I could find are over $400, and new Zune 30GBs are over $400 too. So yeah, even though I have a new music player, the death of my Zune made me sad.

    RIP to my Black Zune 30GB (2008-2013)

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I abandoned portable mp3 players a while ago when I realized it took more time keeping things organized how I like than I was willing to devote. These days I use USB sticks in my car (two 32gb ones plus some smaller ones), and just stream music from my file server otherwise.

    3. Lizardcommando


      Heh, I still have my old Sony Walkman MP3 player from 2008. It can barely hold a charge anymore (it lasts a little less than an hour before the battery dies), but damn, I can't believe it still works.

    4. Cupboard


      2nd generation ipod shuffle from 2007 reporting in. 2GB audio content and it hisses when the ear buds bend a certain way. Battery life surprisingly solid. Also it won't accept foreign (non-Apple) ear buds anymore.

      Nowadays it is only used for tripping.

  21. 8/24/2013 Update: My grandpa's doing better now and he'll be out of the hospital soon. I thought he wouldn't make it, but he did.

    This thread was originally called "My Grandpa's In The Hospital".

    Here's the original post:

    Hey guys, I have some bad news. My grandpa is in the hospital right now because something's wrong with his kidneys. I found this out when I came home from Waldameer Park & Water World. He's 88 years old as of now and something like this was bound to happen to him sooner or later, but it's shocking to hear that he's sick like this. Let's hope for the best for him and see if he makes it out OK. I'll let you guys know if anything else happens to him with an update journal.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SavageCorona


      I guess I kind of know what you're going through, my grandmother had skin cancer at some point and I thought she was going to die. Luckily she didn't and now she's got a mobility scooter which I'm jelly of because she won't let me go on it.

    3. NiTROACTiVE


      Good news guys, my grandpa is doing better now and he'll be out of the hospital soon. I thought something bad was going to happen to him soon, but it's not his time yet. So yeah, he's doing better now.

    4. Springy


      NiTROACTiVE said:

      Good news guys, my grandpa is doing better now and he'll be out of the hospital soon. I thought something bad was going to happen to him soon, but it's not his time yet. So yeah, he's doing better now.

      Glad to hear he's getting better lad.

  22. Update: As of 8/7/2013 I am back from South Carolina, and you can read about it in this journal I made.

    This thread was originally called Leaving For South Carolina, and here is the original post:

    Hey guys, I’m going to South Carolina tomorrow to visit my cousin. I won’t return until the 7th of August, so I’ll be gone for a while. This also means that I won't be able to work on Illuminatus or make playthrough videos for a while, but when I return I'll work on MAP26 of Illuminatus and make a video afterwards. I might let you guys know how I’m doing in South Carolina if I can. But for now, I’ll talk to you guys later.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. NiTROACTiVE


      I'm back from South Carolina now, and it was fun there. You can read about it in this journal I made.

    3. Hellbent


      Cooool. Gokarts are fun. The last time I went the karts were kind of insane. It was as much harrowing as it was fun. How was the water at the beach? Did you make a sand castle?

    4. NiTROACTiVE


      Hellbent said:

      Cooool. Gokarts are fun. The last time I went the karts were kind of insane. It was as much harrowing as it was fun. How was the water at the beach? Did you make a sand castle?

      Yeah, go-karts are fun. The water was fine, but I didn't make a sand castle.

  23. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I'm moving to a new house. In August 2012, our house was foreclosed and we had to find a new house, but we found a new house we rented and everything's going to be OK, and another thing is that it's not too far away from our old house. I'm going to miss my old house. It's the second house we owned that was completed in 2005, but we're moving out this week. So yeah I'm going to miss my second house, even though it's wasn't the best house around town. So this is why I haven't worked on my Doom project Illuminatus too lately, and the same goes for my Doom WAD reviews.

    1. Grazza


      NiTROACTiVE said:

      out house was foreclosed

      That does indeed sound like a problem.

    2. NiTROACTiVE


      I made a mistake there! Well I fixed it, but what if my outhouse was foreclosed? That would be a problem, but I don't have a outhouse so it doesn't matter.

    3. GreyGhost


      Heh - having an outhouse suggests there's no indoor toilet, which soon becomes a problem if there aren't plenty of shrubs in the backyard you can hide amongst. ;-)

      Shame about the foreclosure.

  24. I have a close friend that has a husband who works as a car mechanic. He's a nice guy and I like him, but his mother recently committed suicide because of depression. My mother told me this right after we walked out of a hospital after my dermatology appointment, and it was terrible to hear such news. My friend and her husband also have two children that were the grandchildren of his mother. They all must be very sad after such a incident. What's even worse is that I didn't know that his mother was depressed, and I even met her plenty of times throughout my life. I've been thinking of my friend and her family ever since, and my condolences go to all of them.

    P.S. The dermatology appointment was just a check up and I did OK.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MajorRawne


      exp(x) said:

      ...where are you getting your information from? I'd like to take a look at it. My knowledge on the subject is about 10 years old.

      Some of this thinking is relatively new, as is the regarding of depression as a type of anxiety disorder.

      I have spent about four years collating data on anxiety and depression, so if I listed my sources (I can't remember most of them anyway), the list would be long enough to circle the world. I have spoken to various therapists, experts, support workers, I've read magazine articles, I've read medical reports about medication trials (including relatively new ones like agomelatine), I've seen behavioural studies, plus I also went through this shit personally.

      Bear in mind that I was very depressed in the past and suffered from very severe anxiety. The behavioural approach taken to my aspergers has all but cured these conditions - I am at least 90% better and gaining strength each week. I have concentrated on rebuilding my inner strength, and knowing I am aspergers has made sense of my entire life. I effectively have no need of depression any more.

      TL;DR - I "found" myself, and it has helped me to eliminate the depression, with no real prospect of a relapse. Unless, of course, something really terrible happens - but now I am able to cope with shit, it really WOULD have to be end-of-the-world terrible.

      exp(x) said:

      EDIT: Also, how do you explain depression's heritability?

      When I was having therapy for anxiety and depression - before the treatment was changed to a behavioural approach towards aspergers, which had not been diagnosed up til that point - my therapist asked me to ask my mum if she suffered depression in my early years.

      It turned out that my mum was very depressed in those days. It was partly post-natal depression, partly because of life circumstances. I did not recall any of this and it was very shocking to me, but my therapist said, "Yes, I thought she'd say that". My mum also seems to have a worthlessness complex.

      It also turns out that my mum was physically ill when carrying me and, later, my brother. It was never stated by doctors but it was believed by my mum that she was allergic to male hormones or something. Again, in research, there seems to be an unproven correlation between mental illness in children and physical or mental illness in mothers during pregnancy.

      Is that a natural occurrence due to genes, or is it simply due to the child being reared by a mother who couldn't cope? Really, is a depressed parent going to be any reassurance or guide to a young child? (With all respect to my mum, who I love and respect.)


      DoomUK, you say it pretty much how I see it. A depressed person has developed one or more negative schemas, so if for example they believe they are worthless, the negative schema is activated and they will interpret events as proof that they are worthless.

      Someone with a more positive self-opinion, who believes they are a good and worthy person, is not going to react in the same way if someone criticises them. Their confidence schema will activate and the person may brush the criticism off, or accept it and work to improve themselves and see this as a positive step. They would not be likely to internalise the criticism and beat themselves up over it as they would not be looking for proof they are worthless; they would be looking for confirmation that they are worthy.


      Event: A person is walking down the street when a gang of kids they don't know shout abuse at them.

      Negative schema: Oh God, they're insulting me but they don't know me, my flaws must really stand out, everyone's watching me being humiliated, I can't stand the embarrassment, I'm never going out again, I've really messed up, I've got to get home, I wish the ground would swallow me up...

      Positive schema: Who do those dickheads think they're talking to? I bet their parents are proud. Do they really expect people to believe what they're saying about me? They don't even know me. Fuck 'em anyway, I'm nearly at the pub.

      Sorry if this is gibberish, I'm really tired and this is very complicated stuff.

    3. DoomUK


      MajorRawne said:

      they would not be looking for proof they are worthless; they would be looking for confirmation that they are worthy

      Not sure if you meant to phrase it like that, but neither suggests true self-confidence to me. Seeking validation from others, be it positive or negative, either means you're not secure in your "positive" opinion of yourself, or you're looking for reasons to justify your negative opinion of yourself respectively. Whatever the case, you need other people to tell you what to think, which is the antithesis of a confident preoccupancy.

      MajorRawne said:

      Positive schema: Who do those dickheads think they're talking to? I bet their parents are proud. Do they really expect people to believe what they're saying about me? They don't even know me. Fuck 'em anyway, I'm nearly at the pub.

      A reaction like this, even if it's just a collection of thoughts, still doesn't imply a sense of self-worth. The inversion of reacting negatively would be no reaction at all, because the implied sense of superiority wouldn't need to be reinforced (whether that's a healthy state of mind is debatable, but let's not go off on a whole other topic). As far as the confident recipient is concerned, those kids are just speaking in an alien language.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm the last person in the world who is in a position to lecture others on the fabled art of being self-confident. And I certainly don't mean to dismantle whatever techniques you've developed to surmount your own depression - I'm just speaking (pseudo-)academically, here. It's an interesting topic.

    4. MajorRawne


      I couldn't really get my head around it the other night, I left it way too late to explain that stuff. I'm more used to dealing with anxiety than depression and I can explain anxiety more clearly. Much of the depression stuff is theory and that theory is not cohesive yet.

      As for positive versus negative schemas, you have a strong grasp of it and worked out what I was trying to say in my admittedly rush-job of an example.

      Regarding positive schemas though, they are thoughts which actively promote self-improvement and self-confidence. They kick in whenever you need reassurance: "I can handle this, I'll be all right, I am excellent at my job, the targets are hard to challenge me because they know I can hit them" etc. A negative schema in this instance might be "I can't cope, there's something seriously wrong with me, my boss thinks I'm hopeless, I can't hit my targets because they're too high so what's the point".

      The neutral stance is meant to be the human norm. We are not meant to feel emotions for extended periods of time. Emotions cost energy and concentration. We are supposed to relax into a neutral state. "I've got a task to do, so I'm doing it. There isn't much time but if I start now, the time allowed will be sufficient. I've got targets to hit and I aim to hit them."

      One of the first things I was taught was how to avoid interpreting things in an emotional way. Basically you take note of what's happening around you and describe it to yourself with neutral words. Thus:

      The sky is blue. There are some white clouds. The daylight is bright. I can feel a breeze on my skin. It's rustling the trees. I can hear leaves scraping together. The chair I'm sitting on is made from wood. It's been varnished. I can't smell the varnish.

      Instead of:

      The sky is deeper than the ache of first love. The clouds look like animals - there's a giraffe. I can practically remember that time at the zoo when I was a kid. This chair's really uncomfortable, I can't wait to end this exercise and get up. The breeze is freezing, it's making the tree branches rattle together like a dead man's fingers. I'm starving.

      Again that's a somewhat facile example but it gets the point across.

  25. Today is my birthday and I'm now 20 years old! I was born on this day and so was my father! One more year and I'll be allowed to drink!

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    2. Remilia Scarlet
    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Happy 20th Birthday!

      Demotivator, if you choose to read it, it's your own fault.

      about 60 to go then?

    4. baronofheck82


      Happy birthday you little shit :)