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  1. Hey guys, in case some of you are wondering why I haven't finished MAP13 for my upcoming megawad Illuminatus yet, well it's because I've been busy with other stuff. In late August I started college again and this semester I have a health class, a English class, a multimedia computer class and a broadcast and interactive media history class. The first three classes are in the building while the broadcast and interactive media history class is online. So yeah I'm busy with college, but I also do other stuff besides map making and college work such as drawing pictures ad playing video games. For my English class, I have a big argument essay coming up and my topic is on copyright infringement. So I hope you all understand and I hopefully get the megawad done ASAP.

    10/19/2012 Edit: As of this post, MAP13 is complete. Thanks for your patience and let's hope I can get the other maps done ASAP.

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    2. NiTROACTiVE


      glenzinho said:

      I know I was a little harsh on your first wad, but I've just been playing the start of Illuminatus and it's a great leap forward, good stuff! Take your time finishing it though, no need to rush. Good luck.

      I didn't find your review's criticism harsh at all when it first came out, but I took it as a bit of advice. I'm also glad you enjoyed the start of Illuminatus! Hopefully I can get MAP13 done soon.

    3. glenzinho


      Played a few more levels and I have some feedback for you. I loved the first 3 and a half levels. These really had a feel of the original Doom 1 levels and were quite well done. However by the end of the fourth, all of the fifth and half of the sixth there was no bloody ammo! (Playing on UV FYI). In Map05, there's a sharp spike in difficulty from the basic Doom 1 monsters and then all of a sudden you're staring down a hallway of Revs! With no ammo! In Map05 & 06 there's a lot of cells and rocket ammo but no weapons to be seen. Map 06 started to feel repetitive and a lot of just really long hallways thrown in for no discernible reason other than connect areas. Your lighting also always seems universally bright.

      I've only got as far as Map06 and the lack of ammo and higher powered weapons have put me off for now. Maybe instead of going for Map 13 you should go back and touch up some of these earlier levels? Make a rocket launcher or plasma rifle a bit more obvious? Break up some of these long hallways with a little detail work?

      Anyway, kudos on the first few; they are definitely a step in the right direction... cheers!

    4. NiTROACTiVE


      Thank you for the feedback glenzinho, I'll tweak those levels when I get the chance.