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  1. Update: As of 7/1/2014 I am back from South Carolina again, and you can read about it in this journal I made.

    This thread was originally called Leaving For South Carolina Again, and here is the original post:

    Hey guys, as some of you know I went to South Carolina last year, and I went there because he went to Kuwait in the army. Now I'm going there again because he's back and is going to marry his fiance. I'm going there tomorrow on the 26th of June this year and won't return until the 1st of July. So I'm going to have fun with my cousin once again. Until then, I'll talk to all of you later.

    1. Cupboard


      Observe how different the soil is down there. It is a gradual change, but the ground definitely gets redder down there. :)

    2. NiTROACTiVE


      Well I'm back again from South Carolina, but I see I didn't get much replies for this thread as I did for the thread for last year's vacation to South Carolina for some reason.

    3. Cupboard


      I'm happy to hear your brother returned safely back home with honor.