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  1. So I've been looking for a movie for some time that I remember seeing on TV years ago, and here are some details of it  that I remember, which are also NSFW just to warn you.


    -The opening has some boy without a shirt and an afro wig dancing to some funk song, where he does a split on the floor and says "I hurt myself!".

    -We then see the main character in high school (I'm sure it was high school) after the scene.

    -Apparently, he had a wardrobe malfunction, where maybe his junk was hanging out of his pants (yes, I saw this movie on TV). Or maybe his underwear was hanging out of his pants.

    -Then, a teacher proceeds to grab his junk, and she rips something.

    -The main character than screams in agony as lots of students around him laugh at him, where he then faints.

    -He then goes to the the nurses office with bagged ice on his junk.


    And that's all I remember of this movie. Does anyone know what that was from?