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  1. I thought that I was banned from IRC forever. But when AF-Domains.net said that it's not permanent ban, then I realized that I did'nt have to post that problem.

    When I asked my brother that what did you post there? He said that he posted the link for doom 1 download. He told a lie. That's why I posted my problem. Now I have put my p.c on password, hence no one except me can open it now.

    Sorry AF-Domains.net... Please forgive me and my little brother...

    I'll never post such bad things ever...


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    2. Roshaan


      IRC is in zdaemon. And btw what is odamex?

      Another question:

      *Can we play doom 3 over internet like previous games?

    3. GreyGhost


      Roshaan said:

      And btw what is odamex?

      Odamex is ZDaemon without the histrionics.

      *Can we play doom 3 over internet like previous games?


    4. Roshaan


      Thanks for the help.