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  1. I haven't posted in a pretty long while, so here are some horrible man-eating (not really) spiders I've gotten recently:

    (super hires version)

    The little brown one has a 1.5" legspan, maybe 1.75", but it's going to molt soon (maybe within a week) and the big one is 3" if not slightly more in legspan. He's in pre-molt too (they stop eating is how you tell, plus if they have a bald spot it starts to blacken. the little one's looks like a big bruise now; that pic is over a week old), but he's got longer to go before that happens.

    The little one has that bald spot because they flick their hairs as self defense or when they get nervous. At the pet store he was in a little dish-type-thing inside a big tank with a ton of other animals, which I'm sure he did not enjoy. He's pretty goddamn fat though, so at least they fed him well (plus he ate four crickets in three weeks under my care before he stopped eating).

    That is all!

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    2. Cyb


      Use3D said:

      Brazilian Whiteknee they're somtimes called. They can be handled if worked with young enough, but they typically are too fast and unpredictable for that. Yours sounds like the latter.

      Yeah he's about 3.5", so yeah, too big for that. Whiteknee is probably the most often used common name, but this species has a shitload of common names. It's kind of absurd really.

      He doesn't seem to mind me reaching into his enclosure to change his water dish though... at least he didn't pounce on my hand. For some reason he likes to sit on top of his hide too, rather than inside it.

      Use3D said:

      I have a Costa Rican Red Rump (Brachypelma angustum) and roommate has an Indian Ornamental (Poecilotheria regalis). This may have been the vicous one you mentioned earlier. ;) We of course have many of the common ones too. If you get me a good shot of your first one I might be able to tell what it is.

      Edit: I'm thinking it's a redknee...

      Red Rumps are cool... most in the Brachypelma genus are in fact, and pretty nice, if not nervous. Mine (which I'm quite sure is a smithi now, since he molted a few days ago and is showing adult colors) seems nervous but hasn't haired me yet.

      Yeah, P. regalis and any ornamentals are pretty venomous, but they're also really cool looking with those crazy designs on their bodies. The Gooty Ornamental (P. metallica) is bright blue, but expensive as hell. A 1" one will set you back $275 or more.

      Here's a couple pics of the molt:

      He gained quite a bit of size. Might even be a full inch.

      And for you guys who want to get one, you can either wait for a reptile show to come to your area, or you could order some online. Most places will ship overnight for $20 - $30, and guarentee live arrival. You can pick up one or two fairly cheap depending on the species, and they're pretty easy to take care of. Just make sure the temp is above 70, make sure they have enough water (a water dish will suffice for most species), and toss in a couple crickets every week or so and you're all set. Good starter species are anything Brachypelma or Grammostola or Aviculara avicularia (Pinktoe) if you want an arboreal species.

      Here are couple good dealers:


    3. Bucket


      I'd read that the ideal way to hydrate a pet spider is to have a soaked sponge in the tank. It doesn't so much "drink" as it "inhales moisture".

      EDIT: Hmm, apparently not. The American Tarantula Association (who'd a thunk) contends that even if you did find a sponge not treated with chemicals, it'd be more susceptible to bacteria growth than standing water.

    4. Cyb


      Yeah sponges are a no-no. They also can't use that gel stuff that roaches and crickets eat since they can't get any moisture out of it. They can pretty much just drink water droplets from the side of their tank or off the substrate, but the dish's main purpose is keeping the humidity up if you have a dry house or whatever. Plus then you don't have to keep the soil moist.


  2. We at Cyb industries are unhappy with Assmaster Inc.'s pong game and feel the market is ready for another free pong-like product. Thusly, we present to you: Cyb Pong!

    http://cyb.vect.org:8080/misc/progs/pong.cab (162k)

    Up and down controls your paddle, and uh, that's it. You can change stuff in the config file (pong.cfg), such as paddle colors (use html color codes but with 0x in front of them instead of #, so 0xFF0000 is pure red etc) and the AI can be slightly changed by making GAME_AI 0, 1 or 2 with 0 being 'normal' 1 being somewhat unfair (the second paddle can move faster than you) and 2 being 'retarded'. SCR_LIM will set the upper score limit. The program doesn't check if anything is valid really, so it's probably possible to crash it if you enter in wacky stuff. After the game ends you can press 'N' to start a new one, or ESC to exit (ESC will work at any point as well).

    Edit: new version!
    Edit again! new version!
    OMG EDIT latest version!
    Wooo new version!

    Hooray! final version!

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    2. Jayextee


      Cyb said:

      • Bugs!

      WOW! There aren't enough games around with that feature! :D

    3. Jonathan


      Cyb this is retarded; how come your paddle is limited to a stupidly slow-ass speed, but the computer can jump about at about 100 miles an hour? It's almost impossible to score a point even on skill 0, and even when you do the ball immediately gets launched towards your side at a random angle, which means about 70% of the time you've no chance of reaching it, so most times you lose one point for every one you win. Sorry Cyb, but worst pong ever.

    4. Cyb


      What? What pong game are you playing? On skill three the opposing paddle can move at the same speed as the ball, but that skill isn't meant to be fair (it's even called AI_IMPOSSIBLE internally). On skill 1 and 2 the opposing paddle is limited to the same speed as the player though, and on skill 0 the opposing paddle moves in the entirely wrong direction (AI_RETARDED)... so I don't know what you've been smoking, but I'd like to try some.

      If you're playing it on endurance though, the opposing paddle will always be on skill 3 no matter what you set the skill to (as I mentioned).

  3. In memory of the same thread for Doom 3

    I'll start this one too!

    and I know not everyone has CDs... mine is actually a DVD, but we can be lenient

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    2. Disorder


      Arioch said:


      Same here.

    3. DoomDan


      I would post my Image of me with Halo 2 but My Computer is acting stupid right now.

    4. Disorder


      Why, by the way, is it that HL2 is being sold for a much higher price over here than any other game out there?

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Awesome Cyb, you truly are the master of ACS scripting.

      Now you can get back to Doomjr2 or Massmouth3.

    3. Jonathan


      Excellent work! I liked the controls and scrolling hacks the most.

    4. Insomniak


      Metroid, bitches. I havn't used zdoom in over 2 years. give me a reason.

  4. [07:41pm] <zarkyb> has anyone found the cybsux secret in tremor
    [07:42pm] <Cyb> don't make me release by special zarkyb sux edition of zdoom
    [07:42pm] <Cyb> s/by/my/
    [07:42pm] <zarkyb> i dare you
    [07:42pm] <Cyb> very well

    Forget Skulltag and ZDaemon; this is the greatest fork of ZDoom EVER. If you're not convinced here's a screenshot:


    I think you'll enjoy it more than Zarkyb sucks (and he sucks quite a bit).

    http://cyb.vect.org:8080/misc/lars/zarkysux.cab (637K)

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    2. Bucket


      Sigh... if only there were a ZarkybSux edition of Action Doom...

    3. Cyb
    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Omg Action suck!

  5. I am drunk

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    2. Darkman 4

      Darkman 4

      Those dancing letters are really making this thread shitty.

    3. Captain Red
    4. deathbringer


      [img]Sorry, couldnt be bothered to fucking wait for it to fucking open a new fucking page

  6. The last pic is $5 of subway money (guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow?!) which is my pay for all the ACS and other misc work I put into Action Doom. I'd have done it for free, but if that were a real job that $5 would work out to around $0.02 an hour.

    ps - my camera is a piece of crap

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      It's as awesome as the word awesome, which is awesome. :D

    3. Bashe


      Erp, I don't mean to be picky, but you quoted an image. NEVER do that.

    4. chilvence


      I give your post

      Scuba Steve said:

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    2. TawmDee


      Certainly an interesting level, though I think it's broken with the latest zdoom (is a switch meant to make a wall open? all it did was release a cyberdemon then i didnt know what to do so i idclipped :( )

      6 more months till the next DoomJR2 level! I CAN'T WAIT

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      DoomJR 2 is the premiere episodic content for (z)doom!

    4. Cyb


      TomD666 said:

      Certainly an interesting level, though I think it's broken with the latest zdoom (is a switch meant to make a wall open? all it did was release a cyberdemon then i didnt know what to do so i idclipped :( )

      6 more months till the next DoomJR2 level! I CAN'T WAIT

      no it works with the latest zdoom. SPOILER: let the cyberdemon shoot the wall you clipped through!!

      but now I know I have to make it more obvious :(

  7. I finally got a wireless card and access point for my laptop, so now I can poop and browse the forums at the same time!!

    In fact right now I'm not even inside my house!!! AMAZING!!!!

    All for $44 (including shipping). God bless ebay.

    Outside is pretty overrated though... there're lots of bugs out here, and it's getting kinda dark and I'll probably get cold soon since I'm not wearing any shoes or socks. Hey look, a rabbit! Weird.

    More on this development as it develops.

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    2. Gokuma


      You know it's possible to venture outside without electronics or other modern technology. For a real thrill leave your clothes inside as well.

    3. Sephiroth


      i think that would be a little too creepy.

      i hear computers dont like the out doors. that whole water and insect thing just terrifies them. also rabbits, wild monkeys, penni, and fungus seem to scare them too

    4. Sporku


      I knew this day would come. The day when geeks could finally move from inside their dark little computer rooms out into the nature with their electronical devices. Soon, steets and neighborhoods will be flooded with geeks and their laptops with wireless internet connection, which can only lead to the destruction of the entire universe.

  8. I got a job as a house painter for the summer a week and a half ago and then last night I got a call from my boss saying he didn't need me any more because they had to cut back on the crew :(

    That sucked. Anybody want to hire me?!

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    2. Gokuma


      Here's some jobs.

    3. Bucket


      In related news: my three months of self-employment has yet to net any gain.

      Moral: Declare bankruptcy as quickly as possible.

    4. Gokuma


      Please tell me you didn't get caught up in that Amway/Quixtar crap. They conned some people I know.

  9. this got hardcore derailed last night, so I had to hell it, but anyway I just wanted to say booya!

    and yes I know some of you don't like sports and/or hockey, and I weep for you

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    2. Ralphis
    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I think Tiger might win it this year.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Psyonisis said:

      Go home.

      I am home.

  10. [12:10am] <SargeBaldy> i used to like star wars until i realized i just had a crush on han solo

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    2. Fletcher`


      I used to be jealous of Chewbacca because his fur was more rugged than mine. That and his name sounded like tobbacco.

    3. Grazza


      ravage said:

      Chewbacca ... his name sounded like tobbacco.

      OMG Skoal Bandits.

    4. Fletcher`


      Grazza said:

      <sfraggle> all the star wars characters are named after drunken slurrings
      <Oniko> sf- So Obi-Wan Kenobi is something like, "I want a cannoli"?
      <Cyb_> chewbacca
      <^Wisp^> Tobacco?
      <sfraggle> "yyoouu dont... yoouu doont... yoda knowww whatt its lllike man"

  11. 657863657074 666f72 746865 7370616365732e2e2e 627574 616e7977617973 49 77726f7465 61 63686172 746f 686578 636f6e766572746572 62656361757365 6974 6973 7568 33616d 616e64 49 776173 7075747a696e67 616e64 736179696e67 7374756666 696e

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    2. Psyonisis
    3. Chopkinsca


      ..-...--.-.-.-..-.....-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ---....--.-..--..

    4. Grazza


      Hyena said:

      What the hell?


      Apparently not:

      Graham and Rothschild (1971) also showed that N* must be at least 6. More recently, Exoo (2003) has shown that N* must be at least 11 and provides experimental evidence suggesting that it is actually even larger.


  12. yes, on Christmas eve

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    2. Grazza


      The Ultimate DooMer said:

      That should be a tag you know...happy birthday message followed by cake img.

      Hell yes, a tag that produces more tags - wonderful possibilities for abuse...

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Chopkinsca


      Happy birthday dude.

  13. Phew. Finally over. Well, I guess the official end is when I post /newstuff 158 tonight, though I'm still waiting on Grazza.

    Anyway I'd just like to say that if any of you are ever thinking about writing up a bunch of features about Doom for a major Doom website, you really shouldn't wait until like three weeks before to shove it all together. I've gotta give huge thanks to Quasar and Opulent who wrote exceptional articles in a very short amount of time, as well as all the people who had access to the 10 years forum who suggested WADs for the top 100 and offered any other sorts of general help. I doubt all of it would have happened in the short amount of time we had without them. Thanks guys.

    Actually, if you want the truth, we came up with the 'design' (which is just a stripped down version of the regular site) an hour or two before the 10th, including the logo and formatting all the articles. Crazy. Ling was a big help there, since he designed the site and knew all the proper php headers and stuff. Plus he wrote some new php thingy for the Doom comic page.

    Speaking of the Doom comic, it's ironic (but expected) that it got the highest amount of feedback and comments when in actuality I came up with the idea and we threw it together maybe 6 hours before it got posted (which is why part 2 of Quasar's article got pushed back to day 4). It was a serious quickie job, but I think it turned out pretty well. Also, it's not mentioned anywhere, but those scans came from Auxois a while back, though he wasn't Auxois at the time... heh.

    Actually, the reality of it is that none of the articles were started before the month of November except for the StC article which Ling and myself began to write back in August or September, though I didn't complete it until a week or two before the 10th.

    Probably one of the more annoying parts was reviewing all those frickin WADs. I know the older ones are classics, but frankly some of them are just bad. You'll notice Ling reviewed most of the old ones (he also liked reviewing stuff that had some sort of historic story behind it) because I really don't like playing maps that don't look nice. As for regrets, I think the list is more or less perfected though now that I think about it, I think Enjay's Marine Assault map should be in the 2003 list instead of the RTC Demo, which is good, don't get me wrong, but it's way short and essentially a teaser for hub1 (plus it has a bit of a 'look at me!' factor to it) whereas njma01.wad is just plain fun (and also looks nice, though not as nice as 3057demo, but then few maps do). Sadly Enjay's map got the shaft because I forgot about it, and nobody on the 10 years forum suggested it (or if someone did, I totally missed it). So sorry Enjay, your map is #101 hehe.

    Aside from that I think it turned out well as a whole, the demos and ports articles are good reads, the doom comic is pure hilarity, the top 100 is good, and people tell me the StC article is funny so I'll take their word for it. All in all, pretty successful I think, and I'm glad there was a nice amount of positive feedback for in the comments (and I think we even got an email or two).

    So yeah, that's about it, I hope everyone enjoyed it, thanks for reading (if you did), thanks for contributing (if you did) and see you in five years.

    God I hope not.

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    2. Julian


      So long for the guy who suggested the articles topics. sob. No internet makes Julian a dull boy.

    3. fraggle


      heh, I was reading Quasars article and then I got to the bit about the swirly water argument and I cringed :)

    4. Cyb


      Julian said:

      So long for the guy who suggested the articles topics. sob. No internet makes Julian a dull boy.

      heh, oh yeah mr frenchie got Opulent and Quasar to write the articles, and he tried to get interviews with Romero and Carmack, but to no avail (those basrads). Julian doesn't have internet at home tho, so he had troubles helping, which is understandable of course (I know he would have if he could have :) ) But I did thank everyone who has access to the 10years forum, so I did thank you indirectly :P

  14. http://cyb.vect.org:8080/pics/alice/

    those screens were taken in an uber 0-day version of zdoomgl which has most of the neat features present in the latest ZDoom (post 47i mind you). ZDoom 2.0.48 will be quite neat to check out, here's a couple features that you may or may not know about (hopefully Randy won't mind, but I can hardly contain myself!!):

    * Uncapped FPS. Already in 47i of course, so most people are aware of it.
    * Improved netcode. Also present in 47i, you're now no longer limited to 35 total fps for all players playing and games desync a lot less (though I haven't gotten around to testing it myself)
    * New texture system. No doubt you've already heard about this. With this in place you can use any PNAME, texture, flat or sprite on any surface (if you use it on a floor/ceiling it needs to have dimensions in multiples of 2) as well as all the hardcoded graphics like TITLEPIC and M_DOOM. So now every surface can be warped or scaled as you see fit. It's quite a nice system.
    * Different skyboxes on the floor and ceiling. I asked Randy for that and he was nice enough to put it in, so now you can specify which surface a skybox picker puts the skybox image on.
    * Nested skyboxes. Now you can see one skybox from within another, which is quite nice for stuff like teleporter portals looking into an area with a skybox for a sky. It used to be you saw a regular textured sky, but now you can see the skybox, yay!
    * Desaturated colored lighting. A fifth argument to sector_setcolor allows you to make sectors grayscaled, or even totally black or any sort of saturation value in the middle.
    * Various bug fixes. Pretty much anything reported between 47's release and now has been fixed, stuff like any MAPINFO problems occuring with 47i (Massm2 and Zoom), a couple weird Hexen bugs etc etc, good stuff.

    I have to wait until 48 comes out to release this map of course (alice was a working title btw, the map is actually called 'Void') which may be pretty soon, but I dunno.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Cyb said:

      UV: ohh, good idea

      Update the screenshot when you're done.

      EDIT: ALSO POST HERE THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO. oPS I HITTED TEH APCLOKC. Also, when is this gonna be released?

    3. Cyb


      heh, when 2.0.48 comes out

    4. Ultraviolet


      Just look at all the demon-cum...
      Actually, translating the blood to white would be an interesting android-blood-ala-Aliens thing.

  15. The map is one I'm currently making, ling won't be in this one, I just ripped his sprites out because I didn't feel like renaming the arachnotron ones in doom2.wad and the massm2 sprites (ling's the arachnotron replacement in massm2 btw) already had the naming conventions I wanted. So copy + paste and import (with a few frames of ling still left) and I get this. Lingzilla is attacking! I just thought it was funny because this portion of the map is 4x size (gives off a nice shrunken player feeling). I dunno.

    1. Julian


      Damnit! Ling looks happy! :P

    2. Grogglogobofink


      yes, he always does when he's killing someone.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Cyb


      why it's korax fighting a cyberdemon fighting d'spiral (uh, prolly spelled that wrong) on map01 of duke3d (using the duke3d pal, which is why all their colors are borked)

    3. Grogglogobofink


      eh? i don't see how korax would be a threat, he's about the weakest endboss i've ever seen in a game. seems to me like it would be a tossup between the cyb and d'sparil. but while we're doing mixed game shots, here's a shot of 5h's newest ZooM map, Race Of The Triad:

    4. fraggle


      Real nice palette you got there, "Cyb".

  16. If anyone is interested, it's almost done, mostly just testing/tweaking junk to go, give it another week or so.

    Features include lots of scripting, new music and sounds and weapons, all new monsters (no Doom ones this time), many with hires sprites, no bats, new player sounds (yes, I caved), an assload of voice acting, quite a few scripted cutscenes and multiple endings, though some of the endings suck, I'll admit.

    the maps are around the same size and quality as the last one, though some are better detailed, I didn't go nuts as it was never my intent. There are 17 maps, but the last map is not playable (used for the ending cutscenes), and the one before it is really tiny (but has the most complex scripts...go figure), and another is a training map which I threw in as a joke more than anything else.

    here's some infos on the wad for, I dunno, whatever, and also links to a couple screenshots. enjoy.

    wad stats:
    current build number: 11 (beta2)
    current rar file size: 17.7MB
    resource wad size: 22.1MB
    voice wad size: 5.53MB
    level wad size: 2.08MB
    dehacked patch size: 14.2k
    total number of lumps: 1743 (includes scripts lumps)


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ralphis


      Ah, my favorite mapper makes a sequel to my favorite wad

    3. Grogglogobofink


      sweet, this should be fun

    4. GooberMan