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  1. If anyone is interested, it's almost done, mostly just testing/tweaking junk to go, give it another week or so.

    Features include lots of scripting, new music and sounds and weapons, all new monsters (no Doom ones this time), many with hires sprites, no bats, new player sounds (yes, I caved), an assload of voice acting, quite a few scripted cutscenes and multiple endings, though some of the endings suck, I'll admit.

    the maps are around the same size and quality as the last one, though some are better detailed, I didn't go nuts as it was never my intent. There are 17 maps, but the last map is not playable (used for the ending cutscenes), and the one before it is really tiny (but has the most complex scripts...go figure), and another is a training map which I threw in as a joke more than anything else.

    here's some infos on the wad for, I dunno, whatever, and also links to a couple screenshots. enjoy.

    wad stats:
    current build number: 11 (beta2)
    current rar file size: 17.7MB
    resource wad size: 22.1MB
    voice wad size: 5.53MB
    level wad size: 2.08MB
    dehacked patch size: 14.2k
    total number of lumps: 1743 (includes scripts lumps)


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    2. Ralphis


      Ah, my favorite mapper makes a sequel to my favorite wad

    3. Grogglogobofink


      sweet, this should be fun

    4. GooberMan