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  1. http://cyb.vect.org:8080/pics/alice/

    those screens were taken in an uber 0-day version of zdoomgl which has most of the neat features present in the latest ZDoom (post 47i mind you). ZDoom 2.0.48 will be quite neat to check out, here's a couple features that you may or may not know about (hopefully Randy won't mind, but I can hardly contain myself!!):

    * Uncapped FPS. Already in 47i of course, so most people are aware of it.
    * Improved netcode. Also present in 47i, you're now no longer limited to 35 total fps for all players playing and games desync a lot less (though I haven't gotten around to testing it myself)
    * New texture system. No doubt you've already heard about this. With this in place you can use any PNAME, texture, flat or sprite on any surface (if you use it on a floor/ceiling it needs to have dimensions in multiples of 2) as well as all the hardcoded graphics like TITLEPIC and M_DOOM. So now every surface can be warped or scaled as you see fit. It's quite a nice system.
    * Different skyboxes on the floor and ceiling. I asked Randy for that and he was nice enough to put it in, so now you can specify which surface a skybox picker puts the skybox image on.
    * Nested skyboxes. Now you can see one skybox from within another, which is quite nice for stuff like teleporter portals looking into an area with a skybox for a sky. It used to be you saw a regular textured sky, but now you can see the skybox, yay!
    * Desaturated colored lighting. A fifth argument to sector_setcolor allows you to make sectors grayscaled, or even totally black or any sort of saturation value in the middle.
    * Various bug fixes. Pretty much anything reported between 47's release and now has been fixed, stuff like any MAPINFO problems occuring with 47i (Massm2 and Zoom), a couple weird Hexen bugs etc etc, good stuff.

    I have to wait until 48 comes out to release this map of course (alice was a working title btw, the map is actually called 'Void') which may be pretty soon, but I dunno.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Cyb said:

      UV: ohh, good idea

      Update the screenshot when you're done.

      EDIT: ALSO POST HERE THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO. oPS I HITTED TEH APCLOKC. Also, when is this gonna be released?

    3. Cyb


      heh, when 2.0.48 comes out

    4. Ultraviolet


      Just look at all the demon-cum...
      Actually, translating the blood to white would be an interesting android-blood-ala-Aliens thing.