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  1. [12:10am] <SargeBaldy> i used to like star wars until i realized i just had a crush on han solo

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    2. rf`


      I used to be jealous of Chewbacca because his fur was more rugged than mine. That and his name sounded like tobbacco.

    3. Grazza


      ravage said:

      Chewbacca ... his name sounded like tobbacco.

      OMG Skoal Bandits.

    4. rf`


      Grazza said:

      <sfraggle> all the star wars characters are named after drunken slurrings
      <Oniko> sf- So Obi-Wan Kenobi is something like, "I want a cannoli"?
      <Cyb_> chewbacca
      <^Wisp^> Tobacco?
      <sfraggle> "yyoouu dont... yoouu doont... yoda knowww whatt its lllike man"