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  1. We at Cyb industries are unhappy with Assmaster Inc.'s pong game and feel the market is ready for another free pong-like product. Thusly, we present to you: Cyb Pong!

    http://cyb.vect.org:8080/misc/progs/pong.cab (162k)

    Up and down controls your paddle, and uh, that's it. You can change stuff in the config file (pong.cfg), such as paddle colors (use html color codes but with 0x in front of them instead of #, so 0xFF0000 is pure red etc) and the AI can be slightly changed by making GAME_AI 0, 1 or 2 with 0 being 'normal' 1 being somewhat unfair (the second paddle can move faster than you) and 2 being 'retarded'. SCR_LIM will set the upper score limit. The program doesn't check if anything is valid really, so it's probably possible to crash it if you enter in wacky stuff. After the game ends you can press 'N' to start a new one, or ESC to exit (ESC will work at any point as well).

    Edit: new version!
    Edit again! new version!
    OMG EDIT latest version!
    Wooo new version!

    Hooray! final version!

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    2. Jayextee


      Cyb said:

      • Bugs!

      WOW! There aren't enough games around with that feature! :D

    3. Jonathan


      Cyb this is retarded; how come your paddle is limited to a stupidly slow-ass speed, but the computer can jump about at about 100 miles an hour? It's almost impossible to score a point even on skill 0, and even when you do the ball immediately gets launched towards your side at a random angle, which means about 70% of the time you've no chance of reaching it, so most times you lose one point for every one you win. Sorry Cyb, but worst pong ever.

    4. Cyb


      What? What pong game are you playing? On skill three the opposing paddle can move at the same speed as the ball, but that skill isn't meant to be fair (it's even called AI_IMPOSSIBLE internally). On skill 1 and 2 the opposing paddle is limited to the same speed as the player though, and on skill 0 the opposing paddle moves in the entirely wrong direction (AI_RETARDED)... so I don't know what you've been smoking, but I'd like to try some.

      If you're playing it on endurance though, the opposing paddle will always be on skill 3 no matter what you set the skill to (as I mentioned).