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  1. Funnily enough Ribbiks uses that song as a midi for map 31 of Swim With the Whales :D
  2. Abscess: I was originally going to make the map a much more wide open, canyon-like space, utilising the contrasting rock textures you see in the starting area throughout. However, once I built the entrance to the main building, I decided I liked the idea of a river of blood pouring out to form a large pool and the concept became "where is this blood coming from?" I'm a big fan of using the default Doom 2 textures (it's one of the reasons I was drawn to this project), because I think it forces you to think outside the box in terms of textures-use. In this vein, I was inspired by the gaping maw in Sunder map 2 and decided I would design my own giant demonic mouth using the Icon of Sin's big ugly teeth. I really like how it turned out and love the Doomy boxiness of it all. This big mouth inspired the rest of the room, with the skin and brain textures overtaking the area and this room inspired the name of the map; the demonic presence sort of eating away at the rest of the world. If I had, had more time to edit the map I would have altered the final fight to be a bit more exciting, but I was happy to punch out a little map without too many hangups. At least Bdubz enjoyed it :D
  3. Fixed that issue (not sure how it happened since I haven't edited it for ages) and some other issues with the map: Smallfry v3
  4. Felt like it would never happen at times :D Thanks!
  5. Map 15 in Slaughterfest 2012. What a map.
  6. Just a bump for the idgames release. Thanks to everyone who played during the 'beta' phase and helped improved the map.
  7. Actually streaming Mayhem 2048 this time:
  8. Mayhem 2048:
  9. Australia here :)
  10. I just hate the midi.
  11. I guess I never thought of gore as a huge aspect of Doom and I've been playing it for 20 years. I've always continued to play it because it has incredibly solid mechanics, a solid array of weapons and interesting monster balance.
  12. Thanks for playing, wave! Glad you enjoyed it on HMP. The final fight is a bit harder now than it was and UV is already a pretty sizable step up in difficulty from HMP, so prepare yourself for that :D The cyan caves were probably where I spent most of my time in the editor -although it nearly didn't exist at all due to my concerns about reaching the 65k sidedef limit-building that room full of 242 sectors had some painful moments but it came out how I wanted in the end!
  13. I feel like a lot of satisfaction comes from killing things in specific ways in Doom: 2-shotting a cyberdemon Placing a single BFG perfectly to kill multiple viles with the tracers Spamming rockets into Hellknight hordes Dancing that circle strafe around Revenant rockets when fighting large hordes in hallways BFGing Caco swarms Pushing through imps with the rocket launcher Flick-shotting Chaingunners with the SSG
  14. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
  15. Doing the last few secret maps of Joy of Mapping 5, then ??? Joy of Mapping 5: