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  1. I'd rather have Icon textures only with some things like doortrack allowed. Make people use those offsets :p
  2. Well hopefully he gets more useful criticism on his maps than he's giving to other people.
  3. I think most of the ire is due to OP’s insistence that he just knows how Doom should be, while someone like Skillsaw apparently has no clue. Always exhausting listening to people sitting on the sidelines of creativity, yelling at the people actually making things (for free, I should add) without any attempt to create anything of value themselves.
  4. Everyone should stop making positive contributions to the Doom community by making creative content and instead complain bitterly on the forums about what they don’t like. Eventually we’re sure to find the perfect criteria for a wad once we’ve all complained enough.
  5. Looks impressive man, will try to check it out soon!
  6. We laughed, we cried, but most importantly, we mapped.
  7. The time might actually permit me to participate this time around. I'll try to squeeze it in and slap something together :D
  8. Nirvana

    Flotsam - 16 hard boom compatible maps

    I've double-checked and revised some stuff on the map for the new release. Not sure what the issue was with the blue key but it's working in Gzdoom and prboom-plus so hopefully it should be working now. I'm assuming you mean the ones at the very start? They lowered when you picked up the soulsphere/armour, but I have changed it so they now open when you open the door instead. These changes will be in the newest version, coming soon (tm).
  9. Nirvana

    So why is Alien Vendetta in particular so well liked?

    I played AV some time this year for the first time and the gameplay still felt fresh and entertaining for the most part. Honestly I think the difficulty balancing and encounters were more well-tuned than even a lot of modern wads and the level design was unique enough that I didn't mind some of the less visually astounding maps; although it should be noted that the maps still look fairly decent anyway. On top of all of this, I started mapping with Doomcad, so I can appreciate how much work must have gone into testing the larger maps in the wad. Even without nostalgia, AV is still a great wad.
  10. Nirvana

    Best Single Map WADs

    Miasma and Eden are the two that jump to my mind.
  11. Nirvana

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    This same thing happened in my map, not sure if it has been fixed already. Would like them to be any other pillar of the same size, since the trees look awful where they are now.
  12. Nirvana

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Not sure if these decorations were changed at some point in the resource wad, but they didn't look like this when I put them in (I think they were just tek pillars or something.) If they need to be changed then they can just be made into red column with the skull on it I guess.