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  1. TropicalDeathPunch

    Last Week on Earth

    Could someone here with some skill make a video combination of this and the heavy metal rooster or something? I'd do it but I ain't got the tools for the job.
  2. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Are you sure it's not something suggestive in nature? I'll admit that my mind is in the gutter about 90% of the time, and in this case it would appear that paying rent is still required, even in Hell. Pineapple anyone?
  3. TropicalDeathPunch

    Mirrors using DB2?

    I'm a little late on the response, had to work today. As for Zdoom in hexen, I switched to that last night and I'm going to play with that for a while to see what I can do. I got caught up last night trying to figure out how to run a script for a split door. Hence the switch over to hexen format. Thank you for the responses and I will update regularly this weekend.
  4. TropicalDeathPunch

    Mirrors using DB2?

    I have a question about the whole mirror and window thing. I have searched for a Mirror tutorial, can't find it and the tutorial for making windows (here) does not work for me. I saw one on some other site and I can't get that to work either. I am using DB2 and if this is the problem them I'm going to wait until I'm ready for a new challenge. I appreciate the help. Oh and I was wondering if there was a way to tag an empty sector to use as an area that is big enough to reflect the room I am trying to put a mirror in. And how would I do that. I'm thinking kind of like the skybox trick (which I still can't do either). :(
  5. TropicalDeathPunch

    Monster's POV?

    Monster POV! I got all excited for nothing. Wait, what does that say about me? Disregard please. O_O
  6. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I thank you and salute you with a pint of green beer! @ Dutch Devil, Don't scrap that are you flippen nuts? What tex stock are you using BTW?
  7. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I like the ending screen with the Cyber Demon in the background! I like the pass code setup as well.
  8. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I have shown anything of my work so here goes. These are pics of the d.wad that Marnetmar posted in the "Solicitaion for Maps" thread. I have to figure out what to do about the sky. Texture are still a bit of a nuisance. This map is still only about 5 rooms big, so progress is minimal but I hope I can work on it more once I get into school. Enrollment can be such a bitch. If it looks CnP'd, lick. Because I ain't done yet!
  9. TropicalDeathPunch

    Floor scrolling for dummies

    Quick question, if you can make a sloped floor and added this scrolling effect to it, would it work? Kind of like an escalator? Just a thought.
  10. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I had the same thought about a week ago! I didn't think it possible so I didn't bother. :)
  11. TropicalDeathPunch

    China bans time travel

    Who would want to watch or read something that was of a historical nature if it did not have hype to it. It is definitely wrong to do so, but at the same time it works.
  12. TropicalDeathPunch

    DOOM 4 to be 'More of a Cinematic Experience" Says Carmack

    I'm curious as to why anyone would still indulge a moments time with someone who won't tell you a damned thing no matter how or where you ask the same questions 50 times. The way I see it, word of mouth is still the best choice when it comes to making a decision on purchasing a game. I'll wait till after the reviews.
  13. TropicalDeathPunch

    Got my Pen and Tablet today!

    Whoopidy doo right? Well I kind of feel the same about it. I have been wanting one for the longest time now and was excited to test it out. As of right now, eh. So I thought to myself is what if I ask folks here in the forum (people who use a tablet), what their opinions where, and of the pro's and cons of using a tablet. Aside from a graphics manipulation interface, does it really serve any other purpose that makes it worth the whole Franklin I spent to get it? I have 14 days to try it out before I own it permanently and I hope to have made a fruitful decision by that time. With of course, the great and always sound advice that I have received thus far from the forum. This is similar to the one that I now have. Does size matter?
  14. TropicalDeathPunch

    Please fill out my socio-political survey!

    I think this falls under the child labor laws or something of the sort. Depends on the country in which one lives. I prefer coconuts.
  15. TropicalDeathPunch

    Can you scale floor/ceil hights by percent?

    Whoa! That would be sick! @Mithran, great explanation! I will have to mess around with that technique to get accustomed to using it.