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  1. TropicalDeathPunch

    Last Week on Earth

    Could someone here with some skill make a video combination of this and the heavy metal rooster or something? I'd do it but I ain't got the tools for the job.
  2. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Are you sure it's not something suggestive in nature? I'll admit that my mind is in the gutter about 90% of the time, and in this case it would appear that paying rent is still required, even in Hell. Pineapple anyone?
  3. TropicalDeathPunch

    Mirrors using DB2?

    I'm a little late on the response, had to work today. As for Zdoom in hexen, I switched to that last night and I'm going to play with that for a while to see what I can do. I got caught up last night trying to figure out how to run a script for a split door. Hence the switch over to hexen format. Thank you for the responses and I will update regularly this weekend.
  4. TropicalDeathPunch

    Mirrors using DB2?

    I have a question about the whole mirror and window thing. I have searched for a Mirror tutorial, can't find it and the tutorial for making windows (here) does not work for me. I saw one on some other site and I can't get that to work either. I am using DB2 and if this is the problem them I'm going to wait until I'm ready for a new challenge. I appreciate the help. Oh and I was wondering if there was a way to tag an empty sector to use as an area that is big enough to reflect the room I am trying to put a mirror in. And how would I do that. I'm thinking kind of like the skybox trick (which I still can't do either). :(
  5. TropicalDeathPunch

    Monster's POV?

    Monster POV! I got all excited for nothing. Wait, what does that say about me? Disregard please. O_O
  6. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I thank you and salute you with a pint of green beer! @ Dutch Devil, Don't scrap that are you flippen nuts? What tex stock are you using BTW?
  7. TropicalDeathPunch

    Solicitation for some ones old map.

    I'm kinda drawing a blank on some of the ideas I have for a map right now and would like to ask the community if a couple of you might have some old maps laying around that a noob like my self could tinker with. I figure it might be worth the experience! I'm using DB2 and I launch from ZDoom. Thanks folks.
  8. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I like the ending screen with the Cyber Demon in the background! I like the pass code setup as well.
  9. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I have shown anything of my work so here goes. These are pics of the d.wad that Marnetmar posted in the "Solicitaion for Maps" thread. I have to figure out what to do about the sky. Texture are still a bit of a nuisance. This map is still only about 5 rooms big, so progress is minimal but I hope I can work on it more once I get into school. Enrollment can be such a bitch. If it looks CnP'd, lick. Because I ain't done yet!
  10. TropicalDeathPunch

    Floor scrolling for dummies

    Quick question, if you can make a sloped floor and added this scrolling effect to it, would it work? Kind of like an escalator? Just a thought.
  11. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I had the same thought about a week ago! I didn't think it possible so I didn't bother. :)
  12. TropicalDeathPunch

    China bans time travel

    Who would want to watch or read something that was of a historical nature if it did not have hype to it. It is definitely wrong to do so, but at the same time it works.
  13. TropicalDeathPunch

    DOOM 4 to be 'More of a Cinematic Experience" Says Carmack

    I'm curious as to why anyone would still indulge a moments time with someone who won't tell you a damned thing no matter how or where you ask the same questions 50 times. The way I see it, word of mouth is still the best choice when it comes to making a decision on purchasing a game. I'll wait till after the reviews.
  14. TropicalDeathPunch

    Got my Pen and Tablet today!

    Whoopidy doo right? Well I kind of feel the same about it. I have been wanting one for the longest time now and was excited to test it out. As of right now, eh. So I thought to myself is what if I ask folks here in the forum (people who use a tablet), what their opinions where, and of the pro's and cons of using a tablet. Aside from a graphics manipulation interface, does it really serve any other purpose that makes it worth the whole Franklin I spent to get it? I have 14 days to try it out before I own it permanently and I hope to have made a fruitful decision by that time. With of course, the great and always sound advice that I have received thus far from the forum. This is similar to the one that I now have. Does size matter?
  15. TropicalDeathPunch

    Please fill out my socio-political survey!

    I think this falls under the child labor laws or something of the sort. Depends on the country in which one lives. I prefer coconuts.
  16. TropicalDeathPunch

    Can you scale floor/ceil hights by percent?

    Whoa! That would be sick! @Mithran, great explanation! I will have to mess around with that technique to get accustomed to using it.
  17. TropicalDeathPunch

    Can you scale floor/ceil hights by percent?

    I'd like to know what ++ -- in those fields do because I'm completely lost! What I do know in 3d mode if you select the floor or ceiling, hold shift and scroll the middle mouse button it will move the height variants in smaller increments. Is this kind of the general idea or not?
  18. TropicalDeathPunch

    Solicitation for some ones old map.

    @Kyka Sure thing! I might still down load it to play with it later, but the rest is on you. As far as crediting goes upon release of any map, I would suggest that all following posts state as Marnetmar did at the bottom of his post. If you still want credit for the design layout or original idea, then do so publicly in your post along with the map. By making things clear from the get go, we should be able to avoid quite a few issues. (Ultimately all things here in to be decided by mods of course!) And I agree that a "Map Dump" is a good idea so long as is it's not three lines and a one sector big.
  19. TropicalDeathPunch

    Solicitation for some ones old map.

    Thanks! will take a look at these shortly. [edit] Whoa. That multi-player map looks nuts! Both of the wads you guys posted are quite unique. This will most definitely expand some horizons.
  20. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    It would seem from the picture here that correcting the light pattern resulted in discovering there where Demons lurking in the shadows! :)
  21. TropicalDeathPunch

    Solicitation for some ones old map.

    Thanks! But am I really a D*** wad? :P What was the theme here for this one?
  22. TropicalDeathPunch

    Started a new map!

    Spiffy! Quite uniform in the textures there.
  23. TropicalDeathPunch

    How you define "non-linearity"

    Here's my 2c on this subject. 1. Choice. I personally think that it all boils down to giving a few more options to the player to generate potential replay value. Balancing this in a manner that is neither a "facing overwhelming odds" kind of map or a "where am I and what do I do" map. I think COD-MW was a good example of this because of the sniper missions. In that instance it definitely was not a time to fight, you had to wait and hope that one of the troops didn't trip on your soon to be Swiss cheese corpse. Another example would be in Doom itself. All monsters, or on par? 2. The objectives. This (IMO) is the true culprit of a linear map. "Well what would be the point if there was no goal, no objective?" True. For me this is where 1 & 2 fall into place. Offering a "few" more relevant and equally or more challenging choices. Putting the obvious limitations one has to work with in Doom, it then boils down to manipulation of both strengths and weaknesses. I have a couple of links, here and here that may assist in this issue. And even if it's a redundancy for some of you, I don't think a little polish has hurt some dull silver.
  24. TropicalDeathPunch

    Doombuilder 2 Crash.

    What up forum! I have a question for those of you who use DB2 also. Whilst sailing along in editing a map, I had a wonderful surprise! It seems I had discovered a way to make a new monster called the BSOD! And what a frightful beast it was. Jokes aside, this is the first occurrence of this since I installed W7 on my PC. I suspect DB2 was either the cause or had something to do with the problem because DB2 was one of the applications I had open at the time of the crash. To be specific I had Firefox, DB2 , and Outlook open at the same time. Now when I start editing a map in Linedefs mode I noticed that one of the fans in my computer starts to increase speed. So to sum this up, will the size of the map, or # of nodes, lines etc. cause this crash? And what is it about Linedefs mode that (for me anyway) seems to be hogging a resource. GPU perchance? So,I appreciate links to resources that I have not thought of (due to the lack of my technical jargon)that will provide detailed info. Thank you for your help in this matter.
  25. TropicalDeathPunch

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Man, Brutal Doom is a lot of fun! I really dig being able to look down an iron sight to pop shots off at a distance! Only question I have is about the double shotty. Is it supposed to be like the AA12? Don't get me wrong on this because I personally think its a feature that should be in this game, along with all the nifty things the real one can do also. Keep up the good work! BTW, thanks Mithran for the help.