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  1. GreyGhost said:

    The aspect ratio of the old scanner I used is a bit wonky, so having purchased a replacement I'm considering re-doing the scans.

    Cool. Let us know when you're done.

  2. The only way you could get around that is take the book apart and X-ACTO Knife the pages and then scan them.

    If you can't do that, then what you have is totally fine. Don't worry about cropping. I can do that and clean up the pages and re-upload them for anyone else that wants them. Unless you want to do the cropping.

  3. If you have Photoshop and save them as JPGs at Medium quality (60?) then they should turn out pretty awesome and fairly low file size. You could resize them down to something around 1280 × 1920 (you'd probably have to crop with the marquee tool at a 640x960 ratio though and then manually type in1280x1920 to get those exact numbers... if that isn't possible without cutting off some of the image then don't use those exact numbers but something close to it). Just keep them 300dpi. Do you need some place to upload them?

  4. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing those!

    I wish someone would do higher-res scans than what Doomworld provided.

    If I owned the comic myself I'd do it.

    If anyone has one they want to sell, I don't care which version it is. Email me at mbovett at gmail dot com.

  5. check for rips and tears?? was that an intended pun? :)


    in all seriousness... someone needs to do a higher-res scan of this comic... i have this comic on my iphone and when i zoom in, it's all ugly.