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  2. Birdbrain

    The first wad you ever played.

    Chex Quest followed by Zpack and Action Doom 2. The former wad disappointed me quite a bit and I never managed to finish off the other two because my current pc can't handle their later maps.
  3. Birdbrain

    Pure Hatred (Sp map)

  4. Favorite: BFG9000 I like it's gimmick of having to look at the enemies to inflict damage which prevents it from being overpowered. Furthermore, it's a pretty versatile weapon due to it being able to kill single, higher tier enemies in one shot or groups of lesser enemies. Least Favorite: Pistol Becomes useless once the player gets the Chaingun and it's just not fun to play with.
  5. Birdbrain

    what would you not want to see in DOOM4?

    - Stupid gimmicks that ruin the flow of the gameplay. - A bad balance between realism and oldschoolness. There shouldn't be too much of either. - Bland, Hans Zimmer-esque music. - Unnecessary amounts of references to the previous Doom titles. - Deathmatch modes just for the sake of it. - Visual mistakes that are common in shooters these days(lighting that makes everthyng look like it's made out of plastic, gray-ish colors everywhere, characters that always have the same look on their faces that is supposed to be threatening and angry only ending up looking completely goofy). - System requirements so high that I won't be able to play it.
  6. Birdbrain

    What are you playing now?

    I'm struggling to get through Memento Mori 2. Some of the maps are really fun to play while others are annoying beyond belief. There's only little progress I've made in the two weeks I've been playing the wad.