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  1. ManCannon

    Rage and Tear!

    yea well your mum is fat
  2. ManCannon


    When i as a kid i hated Doom, Quake was the game i would run from school just to play. The Quake guy just looks bad ass.
  3. ManCannon

    Rage and Tear!

    BUT ITS BETHESDA!!!!!!!!!!! They smell everything up and put elves in it! ELVES! I HATE FUCKING ELVES! If i see one pointy fucking ear in Doom4\Rage im gonna snap.
  4. ManCannon

    Rage and Tear!

    wait... Bethesda? Forget about it then, it's going to be a bore fest.
  5. ManCannon

    Double Impact demos [-complevel 3]

    Ok ill try figure that out.
  6. ManCannon

    Double Impact demos [-complevel 3]

    I cant get these to work, i drag and drop DOOM.wad Doubleimpact and the Demo file into PrBoom but it just show people getting stuck behind walls and doing weird crap, im guessing its out of sync. How do you guys play these?
  7. ManCannon

    Favorite Videogames

    What? Mass Effect 2 in the top 10? fuck off...
  8. The handheld market is more for children, i don't really want to play games when i am out of the house. When i am at home, if i want to play with something small, i can just have a wank.
  9. ManCannon

    Good Weapon Packs?

    Spent a bit on your mods using IDKFA and there is something to like about each one, some are very unique. Some of them really require their own maps\episodes but i can see that it would take a lot of work, these are great ideas though. The shrapnel pistol is my favorite so far, damn that little thing is nasty.
  10. ManCannon

    Good Weapon Packs?

    Doom weapons in Heretic is pretty cool, i like playing Real Guns Hardcore with Heretic but you need to cheat to get ammo eventually, hopefully he works on it more. It's just really fun to fight sorcery with guns, it clashes but in a good way. Gonna check out Rsl's mods now. \edit playing she-redux, used bouncing bullet gun... bullet hit wall, ninja rebound hit explosive barrel, explosive barrel flew and hit man, man died violently..... i have no idea why new stuff gave this such a shitty review, every weapon is really unique and amazingly violent.
  11. I guess it's accurate, even the indipendednt games part (minecraft)
  12. ManCannon

    Good Weapon Packs?

    Zero Tolerance is very good, i saw a mapset with the same name so maybe it goes together with the weapons mod? It's a very polished mod. Psycho was a bit weird, i liked the handguns and the sawn of shotty (he added a motion blur animatyion to it) but i could only find a public beta version of the mod so maybe there is a more complete one out there, gonna try out Wildweasel's mods now.
  13. ManCannon

    Good Weapon Packs?

    Yeah i forgot about Brutal Doom, i still think the F button is the best thing in the mod. Thanks for the suggestions, got a lot of mods to try now.
  14. ManCannon

    Regenerating Health

    This is true, but i remember having a hard time with the game as enemies were not always in the distance and often you would be travelling at night or placed in difficult positions. It's personal taste but i like weapons to have a good kick to them, i like powerful pistols that kill very fast (like one or two chest shots). Like Doom, Stalker has the advantage of monsters, so you can have humans that die very easy and creatures that have larger health numbers. I trolled the guy because he was being a bit of a prissy towards another mod creator, also i am troll. Yea it's possible, i still think the game looked tacky on it's default setting though. Silly physics (handgun sending bodies flying), inaccurate weapons, ugly man poo crosshair and HUD. Those things do fall under personal taste though so i'm sure some people enjoyed it out of the box. It's one of my favorite games, Call of Pripyat was ok but i heard the one before it was poo, i never usually bother with sequels anyway.
  15. ManCannon

    Do you use anti-virus software?

    Avast is pretty good, none of them are perfect though, i also use Zone Alarm.