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  1. The silver sector is the raised floor. Upon walking over the green action line in the centre, the silver sector lowers to the height of the floor around it. (Both the main brown sector and the gray 'monster closet' areas have the same floor height) Now here is my question. The silver floor is currently changing to the dark gray flat, but I want it to change to the brown flat. What is the mechanism that the Doom engine uses to determine which adjacent flat the lowering sector changes to? I have tried different combinations of flipping the two sided linedefs connecting the silver sector to the sectors either side of it. (Frontside facing brown, backside facing gray, etc,etc), and I have tried creating dummy sectors. (You can see the silver square surrounded by the bigger brown square in the bottom right.) In a worst case scenario, I can alter the floor height so that the gray floor sits one pixel higher, and that solves the problem. But I would like to keep the floor heights the same if I can. And it would be better to understand how it actually works. (ZDoom shot with gray floor raised by one pixel, missing lower texture; much less noticeable than having a one unit high texture there.) Thanks guys.
  2. Full credit for this rewritten OP goes to Ragnor, with minor grammaz nazi work and screenshots added by Eris Falling. Additional thanks to Loki from TCF. Thanks guys, much appreciated. TNT: Revilution An alternative sequel to TNT: Evilution TNT: Revilution is a project aimed at creating a sequel to TeamTNT's TNT: Evilution. Revilution is an off-shoot of the TNT: Devilution project, brought about when substantial differences in creative vision amongst the team necessitated that Revilution continue development as a separate project. Revilution aims to provide an alternate approach to an Evilution sequel - offering a different TNT experience based on design goals from an experienced team that shares a unique vision for what this can become. Project Leaders KiiiYiiiKiiiA (Kyka): Main Project Leader, Founder, WAD Compiler, Textures, Mapper Eris Falling: Secondary Creative Director and Music Director, Musician, Tester Xaser: Mapper, Devilution Liason, Executive Xaser Ragnor: Creative Director, Music Director, Tester (INACTIVE: Working for Re-Logic) Megamur: Mapper, Tester, Vanilla Expert (INACTIVE: Personal reasons) Story Revilution aims to replicate the atmosphere much of us felt playing the original Evilution - the sense of adventure and progression wrapped in a story that unraveled through the maps themselves and levels that give a strong sense of place. Revilution begins where Evilution leaves off, with the Icon of Sin having been defeated. Through some unknown means, it re-activates - churning out fresh armies of demons even as an ominous blue light glows within its ruined skull. Surviving the demonic onslaught long enough for the Icon to fall silent once more, you retreat back into the now collapsed ruins of Last Call. Winding through the wreckage, you eventually locate and escape through a teleporter once used by the enemy. Unfortunately, on the other end of that teleporter is an unknown section of the Io base - strewn with the inert remnants of Hell's invasion. Sure, your down to 50 bullets and a pistol, but that never stopped you in the past. Your only chance to stay alive is to evacuate Io, procure transportation home, and then kick back and relax on Earth after your ordeal. Sounds pretty simple...but it's never that easy, is it? Maps The majority of maps are not fixed. Instead, maps will be rotated through slots as dictated by difficulty, map size, and map flow. There is a chance that any map(s) may become Reserve maps at any time. Map names are likely to change if unfitting. The 'Done' tag does not necessarily mean the map is ready for release, and may still undergo further changes in the interest of the end product's quality. -Eris Episode 1 - Lost techbases on Io Map 1: Untitled - SFoZ911 (WIP) Map 2: Nightmap - Olympus (Done) Map 3: DMP Sand - Kyka (Done) Map 4: Graytech Harrow - Kyka (Done) Map 5: Compute Err Stay Shun - Archi, Kyka (Done) Map 6: Untitled - Xenonemesis, Kyka (Done) Map 7: Untitled - Tango (WIP) Map 8: Untitled - D_GARG (WIP) Map 9: Lithosphere - Melon, Kyka, Megamur (Done) Map 10: Startan Complex - Whoo, Kyka (Done) Map 11: Untitled - scifista42 (WIP) Episode 2 - Dark and atmospheric, set off-world Map 12: Wormholding - StupidBunny, Kyka, Megamur (Done) Map 13: Military Complex - EmZee, Kyka (Done) Map 14: Decay - mrthejoshmon (Done) Map 15: Untitled - Kyka, alterworldruler (Done) Map 16: The Wings - 40oz (WIP) Map 17: Sting Theory - Kyka, alterworldruler (Done) Map 18: Untitled - Kyka, alterworldruler (Done) Map 19: Crud Refinery - Kyka, Xenonemesis (Done) Map 20: Untitled - Eradrop (Done) Episode 3 - A new era for the demons, powered by stolen human technology Map 21: Untitled - CorSair (Missing) Map 22: Arenophobia - Kyka, Olympus (Done) Map 23: Dreadmill - Kyka (Done) Map 24: Untitled - sincity2100 (Done) Map 25: Spider Colony - Purist (Done) Map 26: Abysmal Oubliette - Kyka (Done) Map 27: Singularity - Xaser (Soon™) Map 28: Untitled - Eradrop (Done) Map 29: Still Viridian Twilight - Kyka (Done) Map 30: EMPTY Secret Maps Map 31: Anubis - Valkiriforce (Done) Map 32: Empty (see footer) Map 33: Credits - Revilution Team Reserve Maps Untitled - alterworldruler, Kyka Miniluv - Kyka Malware - cannonball Meat Locker - Megamur, Kyka Checkout - joe-ilya Status Unknown Map 16, 26 - Olympus Map 16 - franckFRAG Map 18 "Flesh Mines" - EvilNed FellowZDoomer *MAP32 was planned to be built to a very specific theme, but after two stalled attempts at the map, the future of this map slot is uncertain. -Eris Music Revilution's design calls for episode-specific approach to musical style. Anyone requesting a specific track is strongly encouraged to stick with the theme, especially E2. In the event no track is requested, we will assign a track that "fits" with the design and atmosphere needed. Below is a list of tracks by our four composers, highlighting which ones are available to use. Please do not use these tracks outside of Revilution until after the final release of the project. Thanks. Eris Falling Ionian Isolation (Taken: Map 12) Hell's Furnace (Taken: Map 21) Atmosphere (Taken: Map 31) Frozen Wilderness (Future uncertain, was made for Map 32 only) Aftermath (Not used in main wad, previously the Intermission) Darkest Hour (Intermission) The Revolution Continues (Story) Death's Chimes (Not used, by request) Ragnorian Reprise (Not used, previously Map 30) Unnamed Theme (Reserved for Map 30, yet to be written) Bucket TiN Toker (Taken: Map 1) TNT'd Love (Taken: Map 9) TaraNTulas (Taken: Map 25) ToNgue Tied (Taken: Map 27) TiNTinnabulation (Free) (E2 Style) ThirteeNTh Hour (Free) (E2 Style) TermiNaTed (Free) (E1 Style) [Here Comes] The Night Train (Free) (E2 Style) TeNeT (Free) Tell No Tales (Free) Doomhuntress Crazy Castle Killer (Taken: Map 11) Avec Vous (Taken: Map 16) Terminate 'N' Torture (Taken: Map 22) God Ov Julenca (Taken: Map 29) Computers (Free) (E1 Style) Drivin' a Plucked String (Free) Sea Bats (Free) Your Last Resort (Free) Grandfather Clocktower (Free) (E2 Style) Contempt [I Hate You] (Free) (E3 Style) The Arcane (Free) (E3 Style) I Don't Want You To Leave [Regretful Edit] (Free) (E3 Style) And So, She Fell (Free) (E3 Style) Cataclysmic Impact (Title Screen) Ringer Dawn (Not used) TheUltimateDoomer666 Thrash 'N' Tear (Free) (E1 Style) No Absolution (Free) (E1 Style) Severance (Free) (E1 Style) Hellhole (Free) (E1 Style) Lonely Corridors (Free) (E2 Style) Wasted (Free) (E3 Style) EradropLast Deep Breath (Map 28) (E2 Style) These tracks are available for download here. TNT: Convilution In order to be certain that all contributors' ideas and efforts have a place in the final project, all maps that are not included in the final core 32 maps will be placed into a small "Episode 4". If needed, the team may augment this with additional maps in order to help fill out this Episode. Music unused in the main wad will also be used here. The potential exists for the generation of a side-story arc here as well! ScreenshotsCredits We will be including a special map in slot 33 to credit all contributors. This is in addition to the section in the wad's accompanying text file. Current contributors are as follows (huge list, spoilered)
  3. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    Texture/patch limits in vanilla doom

    So I am doing some work on the TNT2 texture pack, and I just wanted to ask about various vanilla limits with regards to putting together a texture pack. For example, I know from the Doom wiki that a texture can be no more than 128 units high, but there is no horizontal limit. Is the same true for patches, as well as textures, or do patches have a horizontal size limit? -Is it better to combine, say, 4 patches into a single patch via GIMP, and have textures that are composed of only one patch, or have multiple smaller patches which are combined to form multi patch textures? (So bigger patch sizes vs more patches in each texture?) -Is there any limit to the number of patches I can have present and listed in the PNAMES lump? -Is there any limit to the number of textures I can create in the TEXTURE1 lump? -Is there any limit to the number of FLATS that I can have? -Is there any limit to the number of patches that I could theoretically place in a single texture? -How would I create new animated textures, or am I limited to the ones defined in TNT itself? -Any other limits/things that I should take into consideration when creating a vanilla texture pack? Thanks guys. :)
  4. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    InstantDoom: screw #weaponchanges

    Now deathmatch can be even more quakelike!!! I approve.
  5. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    Cave/Mine themed maps?

    Map 11 from Alien Vendetta. Possibly my favorite map ever. It has some amazing cave areas integrated with this mountaintop city thing going on. Matter of fact, I might go play it right now.
  6. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    License to Ilya (On IDgames)

    nah all good. :) I would happily submit the map to this project if anyone wants to fix it. Otherwise I will work on it for Revilution. Cheers :)
  7. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    License to Ilya (On IDgames)

    Hmmm. I had assumed this was a tune up of Joe Ilya's maps, so it seemed like a good idea to me. :)
  8. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    License to Ilya (On IDgames)

    Would anyone be interested in doing a bit of a tune up for a joe ilya map that was submitted for the Revilution project. I think the layout and design could be really interesting, but the map needs some tuning to make it closer to a classic-yet-modernized vanilla-tnt styled map. Any takers cheers guys, and thanks joe for the original map. :) @cannonball, I actually like the look of ur map. Coolness.
  9. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    NOVA II - Ver. 1.2 on /idgames (now with no missing keycards!)

    This was awesome. The monster placement was really good mostly I thought. Well placed enemies, not too many in any given area, but enough to keep you on your toes, coupled with the odd harder and more numerous encounter. I died in the exit area by a couple of arch viles, but otherwise made it through the map unkilled. I too didn't find the yellow key, but I did find several other secrets. I did get lost a lot. I think the most disorientating thing was having to take the teleporters to other sections of the map and having to figure out which way was up again. But to me it didn't matter. When you have such cool surroundings, being lost is half the fun. I was tired when I played this, and so consequently less likely to work out where I should go, but I still managed it, so I think the progression is good, though I may just have been lucky. I liked this map a lot.
  10. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    Map 31 sector 1383 is a lift but has a damaging floor. Don't know if you are done with bugfixing, but I will mention it anyway. P.S. Awesome mapset. What... no videos? I am disappoint. :)
  11. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    License to Ilya (On IDgames)

    Dobu, that map looks amazing. I downloaded it and played through it on -nomonsters, just for the visuals. One of the most visually interesting maps I have ever seen. Some of the areas were super epic and really interesting.
  12. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    All good bro. I will give them a little work. The one thing I am gonna need is some map pics with routes and design ideas noted on them. So onwards with your finest MSPaint!. As in arrows saying go from here to here and a blue key here and this there etc etc and other ideas you have. Coz right now they are not really levels, just an assortment of really cool spaces. IF you wanna we could both work on them. It might get you inspired again. I kinda want that, coz ultimately I want a CorSair map, not yet another Kyka map in the set. So I am happy to do some work, but I want your input and creativity as well. Hows that?
  13. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    Indeed there is. Thanks Gez I'll check it out. I did know you could do this, just didn't know how. :) I haven't heard from him in a while. In truth I really hope those maps get done coz conceptually and from the outlines I have seen they are awesome. If they do get done, I will put Eradrops map somewhere else. But for now, Eradrops map makes an ideal Episode 2 finisher. He in fact made it to go in the map 20 slot. And yes my request for 2 small maps was definitely focused on getting a couple of new episode 1 maps.
  14. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    Soz double post. Yeah so we were discussing that some of the maps were pretty big, so we would love it if a couple of mappers would come in and make a small to medium sized TNT-styled map for this project. Post or PM me if interested. cheers guys. P.S other map slots may open soon also.
  15. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    Hey Ragnor. Will send you an updated version ot the wad and texture pack soon. :) few new maps in there. And speaking of which. New map 20 from Eradrop... I can't show the cool outdoor areas on account of skies.
  16. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I have had several dreams where I killed myself with a rocket launcher because there were too many monsters and they all got too close.
  17. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    First Map (WIP)

    Framerate and monsters stuck in walls as already mentioned. But I loved the sense of being hunted through this vast forest. Really liked the puzzles. Really liked the uniqueness of the map as a whole. cool ideas. The only critique I had was that sections of the level looked a little bland. But totally excusable if you are going for the whole Zelda thing. Cheers for a fun map.
  18. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    For Progress! So as of now we have 25 completed Beta maps, 3 more on the reserve list, and all [edit]BUT ONE[/edit] (Thanks Eris for raining on my parade. :P) midis done. Recently, sincity2100 submitted a map. We did a little work on it and shazam... another map! I really like this map. I mean I really like this map... Pics:
  19. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    Things about Doom you just found out

    So in other news, I realised, after like 20 years of playing Doom, that the caco has no wait animation, only a single frame. So after they have pwned yo ass, all the other monsters rock back and forth, but the cac sits there like the giant red ball of blue blood and intestines that it apparently is.
  20. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The only critique I would offer is that in both there is a strip of green lights, and to my eye that green adds one too many colors into the scene. There are already blue lights and red lights, as well as yellows from the key and the lava, and the usual assortment of browns, so green strikes me as one too many colors.. Otherwise, looks awesome, ceiling heights notwithstanding. :)
  21. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom 2 Reloaded

    Just gonna comment that I like following these threads, even though I don't usually join in. Also, Blackfish, enjoying ur playthroughs. It gives me context when I read through people's comments about the various levels. I hope you keep doing these. :)
  22. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    And a few shots from SFoZ911's recent MAP01:
  23. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    Ok Mappers with uncompleted maps. Could we please all check in with some progress and status with how the maps are going over the next couple of weeks. Thanks.
  24. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    How do cacodemons fly?

    I think they fly by having connections to some sort or 'warp' like Chaos demons in W40K. This 'immaterium' allows demons to do stuff that are outside the natural laws that govern our universe/s. Now you're cooking with plasma!
  25. KiiiYiiiKiiiA

    TNT: Revilution . 2 small to medium maps wanted

    Welcome aboard sincity2100. I am intrigued. Equally intrigued. I am sure it will be really interesting, as your map has a really strong sense of design and layout. I look forward to seeing the updated version. :)