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  1. Thanks, Grazza. I'm interested in learning more about these glides, and I'll post here if I learn anything useful.
  2. How could one return from the void? I don't think getting stuck in the wall is possible on the back of a one-sided line (although I haven't tested this). I think one would need two-sided lines on the border of the map to slide along. Hmm, I wonder if it would be possible to add sidedefs to lines in pwads with the correct geometry without desynching old demos. I'll check on this today sometime, whether at least in theory, places to re-enter the map can be engineered in existing pwads with old demos.
  3. Ok, I've managed to watch Doomguy's momentum values when the glide is performed. When one gets stuck in the wall (Dew calls it the Jackhammer), one's momentum values alternate each tick between ~27 and ~32 in the east and north directions. 32 is enough acceleration to skip right over the top line, if the new position is valid. The valid position check comes first, so the code to look for blocking lines is skipped. Well, that's the theory. I can't figure out why the momentum maxes out, but anywhere the jackhammer is achievable, it should be possible to skip a blocking line.
  4. Hi, I found something that I thought was important but... it turned out not to be a factor. I thought the y-coordinate of the east-west line might matter because of how blockmap boundaries are handled, but when I moved the line it made no difference. Rebuilding the nodes made no difference either. It looks like this will work in any map it appears in.
  5. I won't post it here, but I've sent you a PM, Creaphis.
  6. Ok, so I've been playing HR2 map 02, trying to get near Paska's time, a VERY difficult thing to do. I got a 30s though, which is attached. I am happy with second place. HR2 Map02 Nomonsters - 30.71 seconds, versus Paska 29.97.
  7. HR2 Map 01 Nomo - 8.54 seconds, versus William Huber's 8.80 seconds. Is it okay to post demos like this that are not truncated to the second? I'll use 10 characters (generally) for the filename. This way I can post demos of marginally improved Nomo runs. -- Okay, I'll follow Grazza's suggestion in future.
  8. I found it most convenient to automatically display the output of levelstat.txt after each recording.
  9. Here's another demo of Project Awesome E3M8 to match Paska's, 7.00 seconds. The start is slightly different, it should be possible in theory to open the door and fire the BFG each one tick sooner but I can't get it. Quoting Pashka's next post: I did a quick turn like Dew mentioned so I could get better acceleration. But I can't get a better time, unfortunately.
  10. Ok, I'll work this out, thanks for looking at this.
  11. I'll just try with a different complevel, back in a sec.
  12. Have you played my demo? In that demo, I press the switch and the wall does not lower. Wait, I'll make a clearer demo, that one wasn't so clear.
  13. Sorry, I mean the lowering wall that joins the rocket launcher area to the start area. Arrgh, there's 2 of them, I mean the big square one.
  14. What must I do to open this door (by the rocket launcher)? I think it is just the Vile switch, but it won't open. Help! Demo showing the problem.
  15. You are very welcome! I'm sure glad I posted it. :)