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  1. DXBigBoss

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    I'm planning to resurrect my secret project I was developing with Chocolate-Doom's code once the problem with 2.1.0 is fixed that is, the game executable still residing in the background even after closing it in Windows 7 64-bit.
  2. As the title implies, for some odd reason, even after closing the application after doing a test run on a map with Doom Builder 2, the process still lingers. It's becoming quite an annoyance too because I have to manually close for example "chocolate-doom.exe" EVERY TIME! Potentially important note: I had switched from Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 32-bit, to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and for AWHILE Doom Builder 2 didn't give me any issues. I don't know whether it was after an update for Windows 7 or what that may have potentially started causing this issue. Anyone else struggling with this issue too? Feel free to say whether you are, or if you have a solution or an idea. Thanks! EDIT: This issue occurs in both 2.0.0 and 2.1.0
  3. Oh no this is chocolate-doom 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 altogether, this actually had nothing to do with Doom Builder 2, at first I thought it did, but it was doing this when I would run it itself.
  4. The issue is reopened on this by Fraggle https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/issues/408 Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  5. This should work out as a viable alternative for now. I should consider testing older versions of chocolate-doom when I can, that is, one's above 1.5.0 to make sure they don't have this problem, and whatever one is the last to have this problem. I'll report in on tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me of this one though! EDIT: The last version of Chocolate-Doom to not have this issue is 1.7.0, which is directly before 2.0.0 even.
  6. I'll go ahead and try that out, and report in if the git version doesn't have this issue on my end. EDIT: Tried the git version chocolate-doom-2.1.0-95-g535b4ed-win32 and the issue still occurs.
  7. Visually, chocolate-doom closes. But did you try clicking the test game button again? I tried installing those versions of SlimDX you displayed in that little screenshot snippet thing right there, all of them installed fine but the March 2009 one, and even after installing them, the game engine decided to still remain residual in the Task Manager despite being closed. EDIT: I've confirmed that this is a chocolate-doom exclusive bug. https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/issues/408 I went on to #chocolate-doom on IRC in OFTC and they confirmed to me that this is a bug that was supposedly fixed, but wasn't.
  8. Nope, I made doubly sure that chocolate-doom had the ENDOOM screen disabled. Not a bad idea though for those whom HAVE forgotten to disable that feature!
  9. Didn't seem to do any good, thanks for trying though. ^^;
  10. DXBigBoss

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Any interest in adding an eight player mode? If you add me on Skype I could give you some unfinished code I did with chocolate-doom 1.7.0 trying to implement it, the color ramping works perfectly fine, chat messages work fine too, but it only works in deathmatch since there are no additional player starts in stock Doom maps, and the game also crashes at the intermission screen due to me not knowing how to make an external WAD that stores HUD sprites and whatnot for players five through eight.
  11. I wish to find the Strawberry-Doom source code so I can update it to the latest revision of Chocolate-Doom. I have interest in Strawberry-Doom because it stays faithful to the original Vanilla EXE's but it has the three other bots you can fight with, or fight against. That, I'm fairly interested in. Does anybody know where I can find it?
  12. DXBigBoss

    doom2 scaled 4x bigger (horizontally & vertically)

    This looks like an interesting enough WAD. Could you please upload it somewhere besides SpeedyShare? I try clicking on the download and everything. It tells me it's a premium only download. I'm not paying money for something that's supposed to be free, and is under 5 mbs. EDIT: Whoa geeze, sorry for the three month bump but seriously.
  13. DXBigBoss

    PS1 Doom revenant

    I personally think Revenants in the PSX version are more threatening then in any other port because they ALWAYS fire homing missiles and never missiles that go straight. But their homing missiles kind of seem slower and choppier though.
  14. DXBigBoss

    doom needs swords!!!!!

    You know, personally. I always thought sword fighting is awkward in First Person Shooters. I imagine it would be better to leave it in games where they are more complexly programmed because of how much more of would it should be.
  15. DXBigBoss

    SNES Doom music is kinda nice without echo effect

    Hey, due to the subject. Is there any way somebody could rip the samples from the SNES Doom SPC's? I've been needing to make an SNES Doom soundfont so I can further progress on my SNES Doom wad for ZDoom.
  16. http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/9089/minecraftmakesadoom2ref.png I first saw this not too long ago, and I was like what is this referencing? I thought a little and I laughed my head off. It was referencing Doom 2's little weirdness of how on the automap for MAP11 it says 'O' of Destruction, and on Intermission screens it is referred to as Circle of Death. This really caught me by surprise, perhaps one of the creators of Minecraft likes Doom 2 or something?
  17. DXBigBoss

    Minecraft makes a Doom 2 reference?

    Are you talking about me, or Notch? Because if you are talking about me, I don't think "casual" is the right word for me. Just saying, most people here are the hardcore Doom fans.
  18. DXBigBoss

    SNES Doom music is kinda nice without echo effect

    Wow, it sounds way better without the reverb. I had no problem with it before, but it sounding better is nicer.
  19. DXBigBoss

    Chocolate Doom/DOSBox Hamachi Serv

    Really? Ah, well thanks guys! Appreciate the help.
  20. Sorry if this isn't the right place to have this, I'm new to Doomworld. But I wanted to ask, is this the right place to have a thread discussing a Virtual Hamachi Server basically for DOSBox and Chocolate-Doom? I've been looking for some people to play this with me, and I do not really no where to look. I mise well just say this so I don't need too later. Server name: Old Doom Network Password: thereisnospoon
  21. DXBigBoss

    why is doom your favorite?

    Let's face it, Doom is way better then any modern-day First Person Shooter. I don't care about graphics, quality, or any of that bull. I like to be able to run fast, mow through my enemies quickly, solve puzzles, and not need a knowledge of weapons or anything in order to play it well. I may have registered recently, but I regret not registering long ago. It seems like no matter what, Doom always comes to be the first in my mind of my decision of what to play. I prefer games from before Windows NT.
  22. DXBigBoss

    Super Mario Doom

    This has potential to be a cute little mod, but please, do not call this a final release since there is still a huge amount of content lacking here. 2/5 for what it is, I'd give it a better rating but it's an honest rating.
  23. DXBigBoss

    The Lost Realm

    Terry you beautiful person you. I loved it! 5/5
  24. DXBigBoss

    Terry Sux

    Without the Terry traps it's just not the same, but that doesn't make this terrible either. This is still good despite the lack of humor in it. The humor, even if it's not your sense of humor, is what made the TerryWADs for me. 3/5