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  1. "Woah!" Crash Bandicoot Doom

    And sometimes for old fans of the games as well. Been playing Doom since I was 14. Pol.wad was one of the most hilarious WADs I've played, back when I first played it.
  2. "Woah!" Crash Bandicoot Doom

    Because humor is the spice of life.
  3. My own attempt at a Crash Doom mod

    I tried my hand at holyhell.wad. This is what it looked like before it damn near crashed GZDoom on my laptop, while I kept laughing and laughing. 10/10 would play again.
  4. My own attempt at a Crash Doom mod

    On a complete unrelated note, I didn't know there's such a thing as a bandicoot, silly me. I didn't know what they look like. It's like some sort of platypus kind of animal (where it looks like an animal made out of the "animal kingdon parts bin"); a rat with rabbit ears and cat tail.
  5. My own attempt at a Crash Doom mod

    The Cyberdemon Bandicoot with the low-pitched "whoa" destroyed me, this is brilliant.
  6. The BFG, do ya like using it??

    The BFG is a perfect example of the "too awesome to use" trope. I go crazy on it on slaughtermaps, where it fits perfectly.
  7. Redux E2M4 dynamic lights issue on GZDoom 3.1

    @Graf Zahl, perhaps you could assist me with this? thanks in advance!
  8. Redux E2M4 dynamic lights issue on GZDoom 3.1

    I've considered it. I know it's a bit of a workaround, in the sense that you'd be missing out on GZDoom's newest features, so I was wondering if there's something else that could be done to get it working on the latest version. Not sure if the map creator lurks the forum and if he's already aware of the compatibility issues.
  9. I wanted to play something different, and looking through my WADs folder I figured I'd try out that map (link), but since I'm using GZDoom 3-1-0a and not GZDoom 1.4.8 (or any older version), it turns out that the dynamic lights on it are missing/not working. Initially, when I fire up GZDoom, I get these errors in the console: Script error, "Redux e2m4.pk3:trisktex.wad:DOOMDEFS" line 963: Warning: dynamic lights attached to non-existent actor ATBlueCard Script error, "Redux e2m4.pk3:trisktex.wad:DOOMDEFS" line 982: Warning: dynamic lights attached to non-existent actor ATYellowCard Script error, "Redux e2m4.pk3:trisktex.wad:DOOMDEFS" line 1001: Warning: dynamic lights attached to non-existent actor ATRedCard Then the game comes up, and when I go to the initial "configuration" map, only a turquoise light is shown, nothing else: How it should look. How it looks on GZDoom 3.1. I tried fiddling with some of the dynamic light settings on GZDoom, to no avail. I looked around on this forum looking for someone who might have had this issue before, but nothing came up. I'm stumped. A little help, please! thanks in advance, guys!
  10. OMG this... THIS. This is what I needed in my life. I already have! :P
  11. Doom 4's art direction

    I totally agree with you... that's why I said in the beginning, that I'd do 60% Powell, 20% Beksinski and the remaining 20%, Giger.
  12. Doom 4's art direction

    What's wrong about taking the premise one step further? I may even be Ok if id decides to even redesign the whole thing based on the old norse mythology of Hell (click) Can you even imagine it? Doom + Norse Mythology = WIN :D
  13. Doom 4's art direction

    Those are pretty good too, but I don't see that in the Doom universe. Since the first batch of pics look more Lovecraftian than anything, they all look more Quake I-ish to me... Yeah I know what you mean... maybe they could just skip the phallic references, but re-create stuff like this, for instance: http://www.meridian.net.au/Art/Artists/HRGiger/Gallery/Images/giger-landscape-xix-medium.jpg
  14. Doom 4's art direction

    I know, right? Muahahahahaha! *evil laugh* Personally, that's the new approach id should take for Doom4--and the one I'd like to see accomplished. I mean, honestly, even though the whole "hell" thing had got me into Doom back then, it's getting kinda old right now (no seriously, hear me out for a second here). IMHO, I know it's supposed to be a badass game, dealing with a badass subject and all, but they could just rethink the whole premise or mix it up with something new, for a change. For instance, just look again at the the Mark Powell, Beksinski and Giger pics posted before... it'd certainly take the whole hell concept to a whole new level--in a more surreal, shocking, revolting, sick (death metal-ish if you will) and absolutely fucked up way. The cheap scares we've all gotten used to are ok, but that's become now an overused resource, I say, they could just keep them to a minimum, but also try something different, like suggesting more about what's going to happen next--because shocking is easy, but instead if you suggest, you let the imagination of the player fill in the gaps for you, which in return could shock/terrify even more! Start building up a heavy (but always STEADY, this is KEY), really unsettling mood in the game, sprinkled with little details here and there (barely probing what may or may not happen next), surrounded by that surreal/shocking/OMFGWHATTHEFUCKISTHAT imagery you've seen before, coupled with levels and enemies designed to make you believe there's no fucking way you can make it out of there alive(not HARD, impossible levels, there's a difference), and you'll be scared shitless in no-time. As a result = The player feels absolutely terrified and hopeless... or should I say, Doomed. Hence, my very own definition of DOOM ;D Now THAT's what I hope Doom4 will do to us (what they couldn't really achieve with Doom3), scare the shit outta you by shocking you, and by building up a completely horrific, grim atmosphere. And scare the shit outta you some more, to the point you run away from your comp (and hopefully, give Amnesia a run for its money)! Here are 2 Powell figures that I think would make terrific enemies in Doom4, plus anoter Giger pic: I _SO_ want to see monsters like that come to life in that new Tech 5 game engine! :D
  15. Doom 4's art direction

    In my perfect world, Doom 4 would be _MASSIVELY_ inspired by the works of Mark Powell and Beksinski (great taste, GoatLord!)... Powell: Some more Beksinski: IMHO, I'd go 60% Powell, 20% Beksinski and the remaining 20%, all Giger. But of course, I'm not the art director of id... one can only dream, right? :P