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  1. betabox

    It's ROTT's 27th Birthday!

    Extreme ROTT is not nearly as hard as most people think or make it out to be. Even on the highest difficulty setting. It has a lot of crazy ideas, stupid ideas, ridiculous ideas, and can be "difficult" in some parts. But it's overall very doable. I'd love to see this expansion looked at knowing how breakable most of the challenges are.
  2. That's amazing. 12:07, the Lost Soul apparently was planned to have its own death sound, and the remnant lump for it is a duplicate of the Doomguy oomph sound. In the SNES version, Lost Souls make the oomph sound when killed, so I wonder if the devs found the death sound lump and just used it.
  3. betabox

    Doom Absolution / Doom 64 2 research

    I've seen many catalogs like that in game mags with price listings, especially games for home computers. There are often items that haven't yet been released, sometimes even cancelled in the end. I think these are just projections of price points, and they seem to botch with them sometimes.
  4. betabox

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    This concern arose due to a research paper by a known anti-vax proponent. He provided no supporting evidence for his claim of this hypothetical and the proposed risks are not founded on biochemical principles, molecular mechanisms of cell function, etc. This fear is unwarranted and, more importantly, unwanted because it perpetuates vaccine hesitancy based on unreliable information (something that's very common for how it spreads).
  5. betabox

    Maximum Doom — number of levels

    Customary shoutout to Greyghost (still hope to get closure) Demon Gate is a small group/set of shovelware discs. Doomkid summarized it pretty well. There are a few variations, Demon Gate (600 maps), Demon Gate 666 (take a guess), Demon Gate Mega Collection (6000). There's even a Demon Gate for Mac, also 600 maps.
  6. betabox

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    There were a few things here and there with the remaster, particularly with the new episode/expansion. But the most noticeable one was the soft lock in the second map of that.
  7. betabox

    Maximum Doom — number of levels

    Sorry, late reply. I didn't get far in the 6000 Demon Gate compilation, I think just doing all that in short succession killed everything. Interestingly, despite going through 3000+ levels, repeats/matches/variants were very easy to recognize. Just skipped those
  8. betabox

    The Outcast Levels and Redemption Denied?

    I think so, too. It's an interesting experience, to say the least.
  9. betabox

    The Outcast Levels and Redemption Denied?

    They're not just recolors. The Nightmare Spectre has about twice the health as Spectres (like in PSX PSX Doom), while the Nightmare Caco is translucent, has about twice as much health, is much faster and agile, fires bursts of 3 projectiles and is much more resistant to attacks. Also yeah, as Gez said, the Outcast add-on adds some enemies. There's also a chaingunner.
  10. betabox

    [On Hold] Doom 32x: Delta

    Kind of got a chuckle out of this since it's been well over a decade since he released those prototypes. Anyway, looking forward to this version of 32X Doom. The early classic console ports of Doom are always the ones I go back to, so this should be pretty nice to follow.
  11. betabox

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    This, very much this. I think it's motivating, WAD count wise, to see you've gone through a considerable portion of the content in so little time. I actually didn't exclude any E1M1 edits or DM maps just on the goal I had set of at least reaching an exit in any map if it was possible. Obviously had to adjust that rule a bit here and there.
  12. betabox

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    That's probably my only real regret, not taking down notes as I went through it, mark down which ones were really good, etc. I don't remember why, but it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. I had a system on how I'd handle/approach WADs when they got ridiculous/impossible by way of monster count/placement, etc. which helped keep things moving along. Plus there was a ton I actually gained from the experience as I used Doombuilder extensively, for whenever I got stuck solution-wise and learned so much about maps in the process. Became second nature to figure out what triggered what in a map, or if there was any trigger, if items were missing or difficulty-specific, etc. Was way more fun than misery. I wish this didn't remind me, but I miss @GreyGhost
  13. betabox

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    I've also done it a long time ago, in 2012. The full Doom, Doom II and Heretic maps. But I never streamed or recorded anything. I think what made it easy/quick to get through is not ordering it alphabetically, but by size smallest to largest WAD files. That's how I did it anyway
  14. betabox

    Should I get Blood?

    Blood is phenomenal and easily my favorite of the 3 main Build games. Yeah, it's insanely difficult, but I actually like its challenge and like that you can get around the enemies' brutality with either a sneak-attack/ambush approach or a variation of guns ablaze. Enemies are too aggressive? Balanced by the tricked-out arsenal you have at your disposal. I can't even begin to get into the weapons; how many uses each one has, their strengths against certain enemies and situations, etc. One of my favorite parts about Blood is how nicely the combat is structured by the enemies and the weapons to use on them. The atmosphere is unbelievably great. The visuals, ambience, music all work together really well. Caleb is a badass with awesome voice work, and the tone of the game not being a straight-up horror setting, it all just works.