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  1. betabox

    Duke Nukem Evercade Release

    So far, the AI art is the main thing that stands out with this. Turns out people that tweeted them about it got blocked, brought it up in their discord got banned from it, and there are screenshots of messages from their discord where they're ragging on people who complain, and also seem to acknowledge it being AI generated.
  2. betabox

    Duke Nukem Evercade Release

    Anyone else taken aback by the cartoon psychopath, meme smile in the art? Canonically when has Duke ever smiled like that?
  3. Yeah, I'll be trying with seargend. Can only hope they check back on twitter
  4. Tried seargend on twitter, though they don't seem to have been active since late last year. Shotgunlover is more of a dead end to pursue, found much less on them. spielepedia was run by someone called Torsten Heckman (from wayback), but also nothing about them.
  5. The defunct site addoncollector.spielepedia.de showcased lots of shovelware covers and discs for Doom and several other FPS. You can still view it in the Wayback Machine at archive.org The person who created it did not put any contact or any other information about themselves. Hoping someone here might know if they're on other forums, or other ways to reach them.
  6. There were actually quite a lot of single custom maps for Absolution, they were just released without any real attention. Quite a few interesting ones in there too when I played them. A lot of those were just quietly released on sites like wadsinprogress, some of which I stumbled upon too late as their download links were dead.
  7. betabox

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    It kind of sounds like the magazine was told what Doom 64 will be like and assumed the SNES version will be that game, too (though obviously cut down). When it says to look for the Ultra 64 version soon.
  8. There is a whole lot of quirks and intricacies to the SNES Doom. Lots of things that can be documented from just gameplay observations/experiences alone, not even looking into the code for more technical stuff yet.
  9. betabox

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    Oh yeah, I was misremembering something I read on this forum earlier. Looking for that post and seeing it again, it was actually one of yours where you said mapset. That could easily just mean a modified set of the original Doom maps. The multiple references to Doom 3 could be a liberty on the magazine's part, to go hand in hand with that misleading description. I wonder who sold SNES Doom to the writer of that piece as the "latest installment". No matter what, though, it doesn't read like someone who really knows anything about the game.
  10. betabox

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    Doom 3, wow. Someone mentioned it was originally planned to have its own levels, etc before id shot that down. Guess that might explain the tentative title.
  11. Yeah, like 95% sure they made and implemented the cut levels at some stage before the final game. Something was playable for them in an earlier build.
  12. Nice. I think it's gone unnoticed for so long because SNES Doom in general is not documented much. Part of it is probably the low interest. Tangentially related, but everywhere I read online that game genie codes are not supposed to work on SNES Doom when playing on real hardware, only in emulation. This baffled me because, way back, while the GG codes never worked on my SNES for any game, I tested it at a buddy's and they did work; including Doom. I used the color blind visual effect code as well as the high ammo count code. I think it comes down to the model of snes again.
  13. What about the difficulty setting? I don't remember if there are any differences for completing E3 between HMP, UV and Nightmare. I know that beating E1 on the lowest, or E2 on HMP skips the episode end text and just goes back to the regular title screen. Not the same, but maybe in the same vein.
  14. betabox

    Doom 64 Cut Levels

    The time frame for one prototype being released should not be used as a reference for future prototype releases at all. It's not a matter of permission/convincing, and it's not like something that is pursued or tracked actively over time in order to make it available. There are so many factors in play and one could very unexpectedly drop much sooner than how long it took for the most recent prototype before it.
  15. I'm in NA. I've completed E3 in SNES Doom multiple times on real hardware in the past. I remember seeing an end credits screen. Mine's not a model 2, but it's the revision which is slightly smaller than the original and where game genie codes can't be used anymore (hangs on a black screen when trying to the start the game after entering codes).