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  1. betabox

    Doom Content from Old PC Games Magazine CDs

    Nice. If you have more, please put them up.
  2. betabox

    The "old doom friends who disappeared" thread

    I still wonder what happened with GreyGhost
  3. betabox

    Final Doom-PSX: Thoughts and Opinions

    Interesting controller config preferences. L1 - strafe left R1 - strafe right L2 - lower weapon R2 - higher weapon square - fire x - run circle - open triangle - toggle strafe (which I pretty much never use) I have the left half of the base of my thumb pressed down on x to run constantly, then I just need the thumb tip to fire (square) or a slight thumb shift to use (circle). Shoulder buttons handled easily with index fingers.
  4. betabox

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    The imp's pain sound, shared by other enemies, also tends to sound cut off sometimes. IIRC the PSX Final Doom attract demo on Barons Lair has the same issue when the Revenants are being attacked. I thought it was a problem with my disc, or something similar.
  5. Man I hope that's not the case. Still wondering what happened to him. Is there any way to find out?
  6. betabox

    PSX Doom HD cover art?

    Thanks for the shot. It's surprisingly well taken, so nice going. This is the first proper view of the cover's inside I've seen. This clarifies what I wrote in my previous post. The inlay artwork is in the plastic long box, then. Now I'm just wondering about Impboy4's.
  7. betabox

    PSX Doom HD cover art?

    Speaking of these long boxes, there might be a 3rd long box variant, which has inlay artwork that spans both inner surfaces. That is, unless the cardboard box ones were all supposed to include this. This was mentioned on another forum. Most copies of the cardboard box variant I've seen, including the one I own, don't have it. Here's an example, though it's in pretty rough shape http://www.ebay.com/itm/262830181252?rmvSB=true
  8. betabox

    PSX Doom HD cover art?

    Can you take a photo of the plastic longbox for the game? EDIT: Also here's an Infogrames PAL release http://www.ebay.com/itm/201952326711?rmvSB=true
  9. Not really sure, it could be. It's worth noting that Wolf 3D on GBA shares a publisher with Ecs vs Sever.
  10. On a tangentially related note, I think it's hilarious how the GBA port of Wolfenstein 3D has a crack intro text in the ROM data: https://tcrf.net/Wolfenstein_3D_(Game_Boy_Advance)
  11. Now I remember. It happened to the Lost Souls, not Cacodemons, for me a few times when I played.
  12. This sounds very familiar and I feel like I've seen this happen on one of the PS1 Doom games recently.
  13. betabox

    Members you miss seeing post

    Ah yes, Greyghost, wondering if everything's ok with him.
  14. betabox

    Dissecting the console ports of Hexen

    In this case, since the ports are likely based on an earlier PC build, it's more like they retained some unique features rather than anything was added to them.
  15. betabox

    SNES Doom vs. GBA Doom II

    Well someone did make a mock-up of a Tiger Handheld http://tigerdoom.ytmnd.com/
  16. betabox

    SNES Doom vs. GBA Doom II

    Yeah, Industrial Zone and Chasm are split in half. And nope, none of SNES Doom levels are split.
  17. betabox

    Dissecting the console ports of Hexen

    It's possible, and same with the PS1 version. In fact, after seeing a youtube vid of the Saturn port, I noticed Ettins dying after 3 punches from the Gauntlets. In PS1 port, like the PC store beta, enemies seem to have around twice as much health (or weapons do half damage); so maybe this one's more of a straight port of the beta.
  18. betabox

    Dissecting the console ports of Hexen

    I think the idea that the PSX/Saturn versions are based on the PC store beta is due to things like the enemies' higher health values in common, certain inventory items share the same images which are different from the retail PC version, IIRC using some of the puzzle items, etc. Another interesting thing about the PSX Hexen is Korax actually has full rotation frames, unlike the Saturn version. EDIT: Also, even though there apparently is a lot of level simplification in the PS1 and Saturn ports, there's also some oddities. Like the room past the emerald key door in level 1 is extended to the left in the ports, instead of a simple rectangle. There's also the switches around the outside of the perimeter in Castle of Grief that are more spaced out and even one that's considerably relocated. The latter is another element that is found in the PC store beta.
  19. betabox

    Duke Nukem Countdown?

    That's right, $20. To be more specific, that's how much Randy values just the new episode
  20. betabox


    The download in that second link needs to be updated to include 0.3
  21. betabox

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    I thought IPS patches would suffice, even in a case like this.
  22. betabox

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    I was impressed with what SNES Doom was able to pull off, especially when compared to the JagDoom based ports of its time. Can't say much for its display, but I've gotten used to the sticky controls and gameplay quirks so it's still pretty accessible to me.
  23. betabox

    Where does Episode 4 take place?

    I just interpreted the Next stop, hell on earth bit as breaking the fourth wall, kind of telling the player to play Doom II next. So in that sense I figured it's the same Doomguy and Ultimate Doom takes place on Earth.
  24. betabox

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    Well I just now got a chance to reply and holy shit. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this for more developments.
  25. betabox

    Exclusive levels not in original releases list...

    Yeah that map 14 homage was (likely) one of 3 levels that replaced 3 of the Master levels at some point in the port's development.