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  1. Tobias

    Heh....weird dream.

    I always have a reoccuring dream where I am in a long hallway with people wrapped in oil-soaked rags hanging by their feet form the ceiling. I try to run away from them down the hallway, but then the hanging people all catch on fire!
  2. Tobias

    Doomed Mission Part 1

    uhh....Kinda weird if I do say so myself. I spotted one problem though, in the middle of the story you change from a third-person perspective to a second person. It made the story seem kinda....hurriedly written.
  3. Tobias

    Afraid of the Dark.....

    Tis my first fanfic, do not be harsh paleese! I walked into the dark room with my shotgun aimed directly in front of me. I heard an inhuman groan come from my right. I twirled around and frantically started pumping rounds into the darkness. The groaning ceased when I heard a small thump as the body of what may have been a former colleague of mine hit the floor. I waited in silence for several minutes, and heard no sound at all. I slumped against the wall, boy did I feel beat! I took a bbreather for a minute and then took some time to think. I thought about those dang demons, about the other members of my squad, and mostly about my home, Earth. How I missed the garden that me and my wife used to work on for long hours on the weekends. I thought about my 12 year old daughter, who was probably dead by now. A snarl from the doorway pulled me out of my daydreams. I nearly jumped right outta my skin when I heard it, and had just enogh time to jump outta the way before a fireball flew into the exact spot on the wall where my head had been. I ed my shotgun and fired several times, I enjoyed the wet noise that the rounds made when they punched into the demon's insides. I finally saw the darn thing go down, bathed in red . I looked nervously around the dark room, afraid that more demons may have snuck in while I was daydreaming. I could feel myself shaking in my boots. Stupid demons! Now they've got me afraid of the dark! Note: dang! my dad's stupid net protection software is so stupid! It erased the word 'dEaD' in the sentance I thought about my 12 year old daughter, who was probably by now
  4. Tobias

    Stupid Question

    Um, I am sorry in advance for asking this stupid question but here goes. What should I put in the search to find doom music on Kazaa? (Note: my screenname is dark_crow_37, in case anyone wants to know.)
  5. Tobias

    I almost died again

    God, I give you the best of luck sir! P.S. Sorry that I used your fish, I chose it when I did not know that it was yours.
  6. Tobias


    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Hehehehe....HAHAHA! Oops, sorry *Snicker*
  7. Tobias


    Tobester? Who is that?
  8. Tobias


    Hello, I am Tobias. That is not my real name. I love Doom. And I sorely wish that I could download a new source port to play WADs, but our family computer is having problems with viruses an' stuff so I ain't allowed to download stuff. <insert newbie insults here>