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  1. Suddenly i got a idea to make a wad for skulltag, but its just an idea now, so thats why im not posting it in the was section ;)

    Quake has been a series whom have been just thrown around. One game your in a castle, other game you must kill the stroggs.
    So i wanted to make the ultimate quake, a quake that combines all the games. Here goes:

    Machinegun -Q4
    Shotgun -Q3/Q1
    Railgun -Q2
    Gauntlet -Q2 expansion pack
    Rocket launcher -Q2
    Lightning gun -Q1
    BFG10K -Q3

    All of the Cyborgs from Q2
    Iron Maiden -Q2
    Ranger -Q1
    DooMguy -DooM
    Xaero -Q3
    One coulour only skin(red,blue etc) -Q4

    Dude...I should probably make this as a wad...Or even use the Q2/Q3 engine? :P

    Also, this is just and unfinished idea from the top of my brain, I've probably forgotten LOTS of things ^^