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  1. give me the full image of your profile pic, i love mystia.

    1. Xyzzy01
    2. Boomslang



  2. I'myourtarget

    Tiny Maps

    These are the types of maps I love: short, simple, fun maps. No complex puzzles to solve or tedious backtracing to do, not killfests. Really enjoying this thread.
  3. http://blogs.voanews.com/breaking-news/2012/12/14/man-stabs-22-children-at-chinese-elementary-school/ Apparently it's national "kill children" day. Truly very sick and sad.
  4. I'myourtarget

    Elementary School Shooting

    Meanwhile, in China today, another man went to an elementary school and stabbed 22 kids and an adult.
  5. I'myourtarget

    What does your username mean?

    It means that I am your target. Also that I am completely unoriginal and took my name from a Youtube video.
  6. I'myourtarget

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition - Debut Trailer

    I'm not sure if he's being serious and talking about the suit feature or being a smartass/misunderstanding the question and talking about the flashlight itself.
  7. I'myourtarget


    Damn, I loved that game. It really is a shame there was never a sequel, what with the cliffhanger and all.
  8. I'myourtarget

    Your thoughts on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2

    Bought it for $5 during the summer sale in July/August. As of now, I have clocked 492 hours on it and I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite game.
  9. I'myourtarget

    So who's drunk?

    Drunk enough to make this thread, apparently. Not drunk at all; not old enough to.
  10. I'myourtarget

    My annual "So what did you get" thread

    An RC helicopter, Electronic Banking Monopoly, some books, some games, $50, a Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt, and 2 MLP calendars. The shirt and the calendars are my favorite presents. Will update tomorrow after I've had the extended family Christmas, but I probably won't get much there.
  11. I'myourtarget

    My annual "So what did you get" thread

    Well, one of my Steam friends gifted me Left 4 Dead 1. (Because I asked for it). Going back to Left 4 Dead 2 now...
  12. I'myourtarget

    front page color broken?

    Using Firefox 8.0 too, and the colors work fine for me. Disabled adblock plus and the colors were still there.
  13. I'myourtarget

    Whom would you summon to get revenge?

    http://images.wikia.com/left4dead/images/9/93/Tankidle.png Especially since I personally believe Expert difficulty to be the most realistic. I also would have chosen Fluttershy because at least one of three things would happen: A: The robbers would stop attacking and become guilty and/or confused B: Fluttershy would give a strong lecture with a little Stare mixed in C: The robbers would hurt Fluttershy, upon which a large army of bronies would appear out of nowhere.
  14. I'myourtarget

    Protect IP Act- aka More Government Meddling.

    It hasn't been passed yet, but I'm beginning to feel like we're pretty royally fucked. Welp, I suppose the Internet had a pretty good run. Gonna miss it.
  15. I'myourtarget

    Protect IP Act- aka More Government Meddling.

    Saw someone on Youtube the other day who thinks that Internet Censorship is about child porn. Told me to look it up on Wikipedia when I (admittedly rather rudely, being pissed by the bill) called him out on it.