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  1. wolfeypoo

    DOOM II Matrix MOD

    Wow, I didn't expect to get this many replies. No, the game won't be slow-mo the whole time. Maybe just some key moments in the game (such as one of the end battles with the agents). I would really appreciate it if you guys would like to join the production company, Feether inc., and we could make a great Matrix MOD. I need someone that has done modeling before. I need some agents and those huge robo-squids. And maybe some map ideas (I know how to make maps, but just the basics really. Peeps that are good with map making are indeed welcome!!!). Thanks guys. E-mail me if any of you are interested! g0_speedracer_g0@hotmail.com
  2. wolfeypoo

    Anyone Interested In Helping Out?

    Would anyone consider joining and helping me out on DOOM projects? We would be a team and work on several different ideas...
  3. wolfeypoo

    DOOM II Matrix MOD

    Hey, LordTrasher and Sphagne, would you two like to help me with this project? I could use some great minds and I sure hope this turns out =)
  4. wolfeypoo

    Help wanted for Doom TC

    I am kind of new to the DOOM editing world... what exactly does TC stand for? Hey, Lobo! I went and checked out those Robotech screens! Those are amazing. What program to you use for the graphics?
  5. wolfeypoo

    DOOM II Matrix MOD

    Would anyone be interested in helping me with this project? I really need a graphics editor. I am ok at level designs but welcome designers in that area as well. Please contact me via email if your interested. g0_speedracer_g0@hotmail.com Feether inc.