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  1. Wow, I didn't expect to get this many replies. No, the game won't be slow-mo the whole time. Maybe just some key moments in the game (such as one of the end battles with the agents). I would really appreciate it if you guys would like to join the production company, Feether inc., and we could make a great Matrix MOD. I need someone that has done modeling before. I need some agents and those huge robo-squids. And maybe some map ideas (I know how to make maps, but just the basics really. Peeps that are good with map making are indeed welcome!!!). Thanks guys. E-mail me if any of you are interested! g0_speedracer_g0@hotmail.com
  2. Would anyone consider joining and helping me out on DOOM projects? We would be a team and work on several different ideas...
  3. Hey, LordTrasher and Sphagne, would you two like to help me with this project? I could use some great minds and I sure hope this turns out =)
  4. I am kind of new to the DOOM editing world... what exactly does TC stand for? Hey, Lobo! I went and checked out those Robotech screens! Those are amazing. What program to you use for the graphics?
  5. Would anyone be interested in helping me with this project? I really need a graphics editor. I am ok at level designs but welcome designers in that area as well. Please contact me via email if your interested. g0_speedracer_g0@hotmail.com Feether inc.