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  1. Robomorons

    Brutal Heretic

    Brutal Strife might work. Brutal HeXen would be a coding nightmare. Brutal Chex Quest would not work at all. Brutal Virus would be pointless. Brutal HacX needs to be a thing. Brutal Harmony would make the game better. Brutal Heretic......I just can't see happening.
  2. Robomorons

    WADs: Most Overrated/Underrated, Most Surprising/Disappointing

    YES! VERY YES! You are now my new best friend.
  3. Robomorons

    WADs: Most Overrated/Underrated, Most Surprising/Disappointing

    Most overrated: RTC-3057 BARRRRRG YOU NEED TO PRESS THIS SWITCH TO OPEN DOOR THEN PRESS SWITCH AGAIN TO CLOSE DOOR OTHERWISE SPACE GETS IN AND THINGS DIE! Seriously, what is with the damned switches everywhere? You gotta press this switch then press it again then press another switch then press that switch again then go adventuring to a different part of the ship to press another switch just so that the power for a more important switch can be activated so you can press that switch to get to another part of the switch infested spaceship. Sweet lord. So many switches. So little fun. Most underrated: Mega Man 8-Bit Death match Okay, so the community surrounding it leaves much to be desired, but I found that MM8BDM was a refreshing change of pace for me. The weapons have their own uses and can be easy to find a favorite weapon of choice. Plus, there's no hit scan anywhere, so that's a welcome change for me. Most surprising: Unloved Fuck all y'all, I love Unloved. It mimics the feelings I get when I first played games like Condemned and Painkiller, and it feels so good. The creepy atmosphere and dark corridors had me on edge the whole time. And about the cramped hallways: its survival horror. Why would you expect a fair fight in a survival horror game? That would make the entire experience not scary. Its not trying to be artsy, its trying to be scary. And it succeeds in doing so. Nothing more from me except for this statement: BRING ON THE DRAMA!
  4. Robomorons

    NES style sound effects

    Could you please replace the "secret found" noise with an 8-bit version as well? It's kinda unnerving when I'm playing, and suddenly hear a non 8-bit sound effect out of nowhere. BTW I love the tin can powered chainsaw sound effect you used. Makes things a lot more lively for me.
  5. Robomorons

    what is your favourite/least favourite wads..

    Well, it does start to get on your nerves when you start up the first level of a WAD and the first thing you hear is "dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun dun DOO!'
  6. Robomorons

    what is your favourite/least favourite wads..

    Favorites: Unloved, Whispers of Satan, Legacy of Suffering, Cold as Hell (GZDoom Edition), Speed of Doom, Deus Vult, Doom Weapons in Heretic (hey, its good to mix things up one every now and again), Hell Revealed 1 and 2, No Rest for the Living (that count as a WAD, right?), Brutal Doom, Zen Dynamics, Cheogsh, Tribute, UAC Ultra, Valhalla, Thunderpeak, Escape from Castle Chezcrea, Hellcore 2.0, and ZDoom Wars. Hated: Chillax (download it from fathax if you're brave enough to see why), All Out War 2: The Second Coming, community map packs, RTC-3057 (too many fucking buttons), Deus Vult 2, UAC Military Nightmare, ZBlood (The original's on GOG.com, people!), and Eternal Doom 4 (I don't like getting lost because of some nearly invisible switch I forgot to press).
  7. Robomorons

    Project MSX - Beta 2 released! (v0.2a Update)

    In this day and age, the only modern FPS' that use health meters are the F.E.A.R. series and Halo (as well as Halo Reach), and for the WAD to be based on those two games just gets me all giddy inside. Besides, there's already been a Painkiller style mod, and there is yet to be a mod that perfectly replicates the chaos that is Serious Sam.
  8. Robomorons

    What was the first pwad you ever played?

    The first wad I ever played was.....*sigh*.....Alandoguns.......
  9. Robomorons

    Good Weapon Packs?

    Care to elaborate that statement for me?
  10. Robomorons

    Good Weapon Packs?

    Doom weapons in Heretic is one of my personal favorite weapon mods. Brutal Doom is also a must have, of course.