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  1. Three works in progress, two of them sitting in limbo at the moment (the first three screenshots): WIP 1 - Area in progress, untouched for quite some time now. WIP 2 - Inside area. Map is currently in the item placement stage. I may have shown part of this area before in the Doom pictures thread. Same map; Outside area. WIP 3 - Current map I am actively working on. Item placement plus other tweaks. Finishing up this particular area before I move on to another. Pardon the issue with brightness.
  2. dnL soda. I like my lime, so I kind of miss it still.
  3. The first thing that popped into my head... But yes, there are oxygenated slurry solutions and perfluorocarbon liquids used for medical applications for when a patient's pulmonary system is severely damaged. As for actual liquid oxygen, simply no, for the most obvious reason being the extreme temperature difference.
  4. I took a couple weeks long hiatus from BTSX E2 until recently due to focusing on work and such. This is my second time playing through it as a reminder. I was navigating through the third intermission map (MAP16). Bits of the map started looking familiar as it was slowly making me realize what map was coming up next and vaguely remembering it being a pain to figure out at first for some reason. With that said... MAP17 - Steeple of Knives.
  5. As a long-time user of NoScript, I hope this happens soon. I suspect it is beginning to cause memory usage problems with certain newer web features. Maybe it's time to find a replacement...uh...everything.
  6. I see it now. The RW44_1 and RW44_2 patches in cc4-tex are 128x128 instead of 64x128; The SUPPORT2 patch is 24x128 instead of 24x64. Thanks.
  7. Looks like a recolored E4 sky. I tried experimenting with different colors on that sky texture on a map I started way back, but I wasn't too pleased. The way you did it seems to work just fine with the brown/grass motif. Edit: Seems I am a couple pages late to respond. Thanks, notifications.
  8. FTW it takes two hours to complete a post and you don't realize it.

  9. The years are a rough guess, and not all of them I would really deem "noteworthy," but nonetheless... 2002? - Stone Stratagems First major project shared here. Still very much wet behind the ears in the world of map making, but still decided to whip out 21 total maps as a result of pure ambition. Part experimental areas; part mimicking areas from Doom 64. 2003 - The Grand Arising (Helix) Ascending wood platform, vast cave, and the Wormhole gimmick. 2003 - Schreienwolf Fortress (Roughly translated "Shouting Wolf" Fortress) A Wolf3D-esque map but with a twist: Experimenting with Boom effects and scripts. 2008 - Hyper-Node Alpha "Hi, ZDoom. How ya doin'?" Last /idgames submission before I went off to a university. 2014 - Sunbleed Getting back into mapping after six years, this was an attempt to getting myself used to the modern, "generally accepted" mapping style with gameplay emphasized. Also started learning how to use custom resources all over again hence the entirety of one of Cage's texture packs being in the wad. Whoops. Not sure if that Mediafire link even works anymore. 2015 - Defiling Well Attempt #2 after an additional 6-month hiatus. A watery canyon/cave map with a bit more aesthetically pleasing areas than Sunbleed but took up too much time to fine-tune. This one got a bit more praise however. 2017 - Interlock Attempt #3. A small metal-textured base sitting along side a rocky cliff with limited cover by the use of mid textures. I personally had high hopes for this, but unfortunately I ran into a few zdoomisms and rookie mistakes on release I was scurrying to fix around 1 am. In the end, the map unfortunately kind of got swallowed by the abyss. Unhonorable Mentions 2005 - Underconduct My first and last attempt at a Deathmatch map. I believe I didn't get the concept of what defines a "deathmatch" map quite well... 2007 - 1 Monster Megawad: Map18 - "Knightmire" Cramped area, floor borders, poor execution and decisions... *sigh*
  10. I have been using cc4-tex.wad often when mapping as of late, but I have been noticing an issue when doing so. When I want to use a Doom 2 texture (e.g. CRACKLE2) while cc4-tex is loaded, something screws with the patch alignment rendering it not tiling correctly. It also seems to affect SUPPORT2 for it tacks on additional patches at the bottom. CRACKLE2, cc4-tex.wad loaded in GZDB R2990 (left) CRACKLE2, no additional resources (mid) Oddball SUPPORT2 (right) Is this a known issue, or is this an error on my part on how I'm using the resources? Or perhaps when people use cc4-tex, they tend to use it exclusively and not use any stock Doom 2 textures?
  11. So yeah, interesting dream time...  This seems like a better idea than starting a "Your Recent Dream" thread among the half-dozen that may already exist.


    Incoming lengthy description...




    So, I'm off on some road trip, and I stop off at a fairly large city.  Everything is going smoothly until I notice an unusual sight:  A group of people, around five of them all dressed in white, riding in the bed of in a large pickup truck.  They didn't stick around very long and they speed off and disappear.  Then it dawns on me as I realize "oh, it's one weird reality shows that takes people and drops them off at an undisclosed location as part of their show."


    A bit later, I walk out towards the city square for some reason, and I suddenly notice a guy walking towards me grinning and says hello.  I reciprocate.  Behind him, that pickup returns as it speeds around the corner.  The guy flashes his eyebrows, and I'm like, "...Oh crap."  I was their next target for their show apparently.  As expected, the five guys in white surround me and instruct me to sit down and referred to themselves as some two-worded name I cannot for my life remember.  They empty my pockets and put any contents in a lockbox.  After that was done, I was to repeat four short lines -- two of the words in these lines I remember were "purpose" and "mystery" -- before they put in my mouth  something that looked a lot like a Breath Savers mint but I would imagine tasted like dish soap.  My vision goes cloudy then white.


    When I came to, I found myself looking at a digital screen in a semi-outdoor room outside a small restaurant which began showing me a sequence of messages:


    Keep calm, and do not be alarmed. . .


    All of your belongs have been properly returned to you. . .


    Slowly walk towards the entrance.  Somebody will meet with you there. . .


    Wait for it. . .


    [screen returns back to displaying restaurant promo]


    I do as the screen instructed, still plenty confused.  One thing I slowly began to realize was I was no longer in the same city.  A few moments after sitting on a bench inside the restaurant, I heard a person nearby say to me, "So... you met <group name>, huh?"




    For the tl;dr, I had a personally unique reality-show-producers-abduct-me-to-another-city dream I was able to remember in mostly vivid detail.

  12. I fell for this one myself. I wonder how many people were able to interpret that trap on their first time playing through Blood Keep. And not to mention Hectic, but I suppose for a "super secret" map it can get away with it.
  13. All that aside... Technically the question at hand was already answered by the statement that everybody "has different standards." Every unique mapping style will be considered "dickish" by at least one other person out there.
  14. If only that were Nixon's face, it would truly be Dickish...
  15. I just added "Nucleus" and "Astray" to the GM zip. Eventually I will know how to link the folder properly so people will be able to access individual files instead of having to re-download the zip every time.