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  1. I'm all for this idea of what I am interpreting as "closet" composers showing off their talent and what they are capable of. I have been dusting off my skills from back in 2005 recently. One of these days I'll start making stuff that will fit well with Doom and will sound decent through the default MS synth with its low poly limit and lack of working GS instruments (as opposed to just using a soundfont based off of it). So far that hasn't been the case. I'm also juggling around a bunch of other obligations as of late.
  2. Getting Castlevania vibes from this. All that's left to do now is copy it, recolor it, and flip it upside down (if only the process was that simple).
  3. @Dragonfly Please tell me you've used Tales Of Old.mid by Stewboy, and this map would be total bliss in my mind.
  4. Not too familiar with the AA texture pack, but doesn't it have some sort of short mid texture equivalent to those other mid textures at the left for this sort of thing? You did show the use of one of the MIDRAIL textures in a later shot. I personally think MIDRAIL2 would work good here, but it's really not that big of a deal in my opinion.
  5. A few updates: Removed GM zip and created/linked MP3 directory containing GM originals (link at main post). Added "Relic" to MP3 directory. Updated and cleaned up main post a bit to accommodate changes.
  6. It looks like a mix between the Moai heads from the Gradius series and Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about The Factory. I also forgot "Lurkers" was used in Ghost Town as well. Here is an honorable mention. For myself whose first experience with E4 was with PSX Doom, "Hopeless Despair" was quite effective as an opener.
  8. Several immediately come to mind still to this day after 17 years of first playing through the PSX series. My personal top ones that give that feeling of "synesthesia" or something similar is the one used for Hell Keep and Aztec -- the "bees in a can" one -- can't remember the title offhand. There is also "Lurkers" (Fortress of Mystery, Pandemonium, Suburbs, etc.) which really stood out for me for some reason and to this day kicks in at nighttime after a heavy rainfall.
  9. Three works in progress, two of them sitting in limbo at the moment (the first three screenshots): WIP 1 - Area in progress, untouched for quite some time now. WIP 2 - Inside area. Map is currently in the item placement stage. I may have shown part of this area before in the Doom pictures thread. Same map; Outside area. WIP 3 - Current map I am actively working on. Item placement plus other tweaks. Finishing up this particular area before I move on to another. Pardon the issue with brightness.
  10. dnL soda. I like my lime, so I kind of miss it still.
  11. The first thing that popped into my head... But yes, there are oxygenated slurry solutions and perfluorocarbon liquids used for medical applications for when a patient's pulmonary system is severely damaged. As for actual liquid oxygen, simply no, for the most obvious reason being the extreme temperature difference.
  12. I took a couple weeks long hiatus from BTSX E2 until recently due to focusing on work and such. This is my second time playing through it as a reminder. I was navigating through the third intermission map (MAP16). Bits of the map started looking familiar as it was slowly making me realize what map was coming up next and vaguely remembering it being a pain to figure out at first for some reason. With that said... MAP17 - Steeple of Knives.
  13. As a long-time user of NoScript, I hope this happens soon. I suspect it is beginning to cause memory usage problems with certain newer web features. Maybe it's time to find a replacement...uh...everything.
  14. I see it now. The RW44_1 and RW44_2 patches in cc4-tex are 128x128 instead of 64x128; The SUPPORT2 patch is 24x128 instead of 24x64. Thanks.
  15. Looks like a recolored E4 sky. I tried experimenting with different colors on that sky texture on a map I started way back, but I wasn't too pleased. The way you did it seems to work just fine with the brown/grass motif. Edit: Seems I am a couple pages late to respond. Thanks, notifications.