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Everything posted by Psyrus

  1. Psyrus

    AIM or MSN screen names

    Click the profile links.
  2. Psyrus

    This sucks...

    I graduated over a year ago.
  3. Psyrus

    Your Signatures

    I had a feeling that mine was within that category so I turned mine off.
  4. Psyrus

    What do you wear in front of the computer?

    Blue jeans and a white t-shirt.
  5. Psyrus

    whoa, I'm really confused...

    Formerly this guy, made a couple of infamous and underappreciated wads during my spare time in the past, and I rarely post as of now. That's about it.
  6. "Zoom, zoom." I hate that kid.
  7. Psyrus

    Favourite Strategy Game

    /me points at his nick... 'nuff said.
  8. Psyrus

    Favorite music

    Judging by that image, it looks like a Gradius/UN Squadron rip-off.
  9. Psyrus

    Favourite First Person Shooter

    Doom of course. MOHAA on a LAN is also good. :) As for console, Perfect Dark would be up there but they just had to throw in disarm...
  10. Psyrus

    Super Happy Oregon Madness Fun Time

    I've just been to Seaside last Tuesday and when we got to a Texaco about a mile away from the bridge connecting Washington to Astoria, someone came up to the van to work the gas pump. The guy acted like a goof and talked too much.
  11. Psyrus

    What editor do you use?

    WadAuthor / DCK 3.62
  12. Psyrus

    Bodily Injuries

    Never had a broken bone in my life. Well...almost. There was one time one of my brothers wasn't watching what he was doing and slammed one of my fingers in a car door.
  13. Psyrus

    Can Somebody Help Me?

    Uh... Wrong thread?
  14. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    No. Besides, the brick textures are not in the first Doom. The map I'm referring to isn't from Doom 2 either. Those are the only clues you need. If it involves hundreds of monsters in one place, it's more than likely from Hell Revealed.
  15. Psyrus

    Can Somebody Help Me?

    If you don't mind having to fill out that annoying form mp3.com gives you.
  16. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    You find yourself in a passage with brick walls. A sergeant spots you from directly ahead. After you kill him, you slowly proceed towards the lone torch illuminating the passages, but only to have two troopers immediately spot you after your first step.
  17. Psyrus

    PWADs that stick out in your mind

    Ultimate Doom:Death Tormention II uac_dead.wadDoom 2:Momento Mori II Requiem The Darkening E2 Alien Vendetta Simpevil.wad Twilight Zone I
  18. Psyrus

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    PSX Version Doom 64 Version I personally like the Doom 64 version better.
  19. Psyrus

    Second or Third Aid

    Ugh... It sounds like to me you have some kind of ingrown nail problem. Around two years ago, I've had an ingrown toenail on my big toe on my left foot, and it was full of that pus crap. All I've done was go to a doctor, get the infected area drained, and had the nail shortened to prevent contact with the infected skin. Eventually it healed and I haven't had the problem since. Again, it sounds like ingrown nails, but that's just me.
  20. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    E3M7 - Limbo Best map in that episode IMO.
  21. Psyrus

    Hm annoucement.

    I'll admit I also act like that sometimes, but it's usually unintentional. I'll try to control myself more often in the future, especially on IRC.
  22. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    The details are a little vague, but I'll take a guess anyway. Map17 - Processing Area
  23. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    Map19 - Shipping/Respawning
  24. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    I'm thinking it's map15 - The Twilight, but something is not right.
  25. Psyrus

    Doom ever get you in trouble?

    My brother was having fun with the chainsaw on one of my maps. My mom saw him and pretty much ordered it to be off the computer. I was like "Nice going. There go all my maps!" toward him. I was using DCK to build maps back then. So, what I've done to "solve" the issue was take the chainsaw out of the DCK game definition file. Eventually (and fortunately), she cooled off some. That was two years ago.