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  1. Psyrus

    A scene from DOOM (name the level)

    I'm thinking it's map15 - The Twilight, but something is not right.
  2. Psyrus

    Doom ever get you in trouble?

    My brother was having fun with the chainsaw on one of my maps. My mom saw him and pretty much ordered it to be off the computer. I was like "Nice going. There go all my maps!" toward him. I was using DCK to build maps back then. So, what I've done to "solve" the issue was take the chainsaw out of the DCK game definition file. Eventually (and fortunately), she cooled off some. That was two years ago.
  3. Psyrus

    Doom trivia

    22. Well, a monster does become a ghost, but it "not being hurt by any means" isn't entirely true.