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  1. Psyrus

    How was your first time meeting the Bosses?

    ITYTD: Kill barons... Walls lower... Hit switch, stairs build... Step on marble platform... Two seconds of being attacked from all sides in a zero-light room... Title screen. "...uh, what?"
  2. Psyrus

    How was your first time meeting the Bosses?

    My first encounters were also of SNES Doom... Barons: The first thing I noticed was their green projectiles and how badly they hurt. I think I remember dying after two hits shortly after hearing their roar. As some of us know, the alert sound of monsters is also the roaming sound in SNES Doom. Cyberdemon: I roamed around the outside area for a while until I decided to retrace my steps. I turned around just as the SNES rendition of Nobody Told Me About id started its percussion beat, saw a pixelated mass, then a rocket. Spiderdemon/Spider Mastermind: Anticlimatic. Shot the BFG and it was dead. Unsatisfied, I think I decided the next time to run circles around it to see what it did.
  3. Psyrus

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    The floor flat of sector 555 was changed from MTDKGYF3 to the flat matching the stair sectors (BRNFGY01).
  4. I have now officially joined the "program crashes literally one step away from saving" club.  Thirty minutes working on an awesome melody on a MIDI in progress is lost forever.  #I_Didn't_Saaave

    1. galileo31dos01


      Somewhat similar to "2342523523 GB files, 99% backuping, 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second..." and my computer auto resets... 

    2. Psyrus


      So apparently Sekaiju took it upon itself to remove most of the "End Of Track" events in the MIDI.  Or I did somehow.  Whenever I moved notes located at the end of a track with no "End Of Track" event, the program would consistently get caught in an infinite loop.  I readded the events, and it appears to be cooperating again.  How it or I managed to cause this, I have no clue.

    3. Bashe


      My version is "hear something awesome in my head right before I go to bed" and then not remember a single note of it when I wake up



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  5. Psyrus

    First megawad you ever played/beat

    First played: Death Tormention 2 (Even though it was only an E1 replacement? Don't remember.) First completed: Memento Mori 2
  6. Psyrus

    A little level design tips thread.

    Outdoor areas are great to add to a map. Not only will it add contrast, but it will change an area drastically from something looking cramped to suddenly feeling open. Be aware of your sector heights when making outdoor areas though. Make sure your indoor structures do not exceed the height of your outdoor areas to prevent the ceiling(s) of your structures disappearing into the sky. Basically, make your outdoor areas the tallest part of your map.
  7. Psyrus

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I never bothered messing with these, so I don't know... but I would guess the grey areas are 3D floors or portals considering how they overlap with the rest of the map?
  8. Have a couple MIDIs in the works after five years.  It's tough going from XG back to GM format afterwards, but the old tricks are coming back to me.  Also need to work out an unwanted infighting situation in my map in progress. 

  9. Psyrus

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    And let us hope this is the final final version. Kudos to all the grueling work and patience to the creators. Also just a heads up. If there are some who still happen to be watching the ironman demos, do not accidentally replace/overwrite the previous two versions... like I almost did.
  10. Psyrus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I may have found the sky to use thanks to Mechadon's sky pack. It seems to fit very nicely for it was probably the combination of the E4 texture scheme going on and "Lurking" by Essel which happened to be playing while I was testing it out. Props to both.
  11. Psyrus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I admire the stereo, umbrella, and cooler a bit more actually.
  12. Psyrus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    General layout is about finished. Item placement has begun. (Ugh... give me strength.) Also, hi revenant. I shall fix that.
  13. Psyrus

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    "Once you beat the big fatasses and clear out the research station you're supposed to win, aren't you? Aren't you?" But yes, what Essel said makes sense explaining the start of the following episode.
  14. Psyrus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Luckily saved a bunch of ammo when I had a singular pinky demon do that in Going Down map14. It may have been the first time I ever had that happen for me. In other news... WOOD5! (sky is the result of cc4tex and is temporary, but it seems to work still) Area in progress, same map. I seem to be having mixed feelings on how I did the (directional) lighting.
  15. Psyrus

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    A little message string issue (prboom+). Does not occur in gzdoom.
  16. Psyrus

    What are you playing now?

    Going Down - Map 19... Doom Flight Simulator.
  17. Psyrus

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    I once noticed some random guy on TV named "Syrus" some number of years ago -- about 2001-ish. On the fly, I slapped a silent 'P' in front of it, and there we have it.
  18. Psyrus

    Do you miss the reputation indicator?

    I personally think repcounts were as useful as postcounts (meaning they were not) and would just promote another numbers race. I do not mind the recent removal of them, except now it feels like an incentive to invest in a profile image to fill in the extra space.
  19. Psyrus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Since I mentioned light transfers. Also, it seems GZDoom takes very dark screenshots.
  20. Psyrus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looking solid. That 22hp adds to the tension. General inquiry. I'm faced with sector lighting "oddities" like this often especially when I have a light near the floor or ceiling. If it turns out to be too bothersome, I would guess things like this would typically be dealt with by applying a floor/ceiling light transfer or the old floodfill trick, right?
  21. Psyrus

    The Molehill (v2)

    In my search for a way to the chaingun, I tried to deal with those hell knights with only 11 shells and no berserk. Then I ran into the mancubus. Got 98/97/100 on my second run though. :)
  22. Psyrus

    What are you playing now?

    Valiant E3, and dying a lot. Currently at MAP17 right now. Edit: I just started E4, and now I'm like "...Yeah I'm done."
  23. Psyrus

    How did you guys learn how to map?

    I actually started off drawing conceptual maps on paper actually. Most were of a simplistic design and date back to 1998. I didn't have a computer until around a year later, but by then I had nearly 30+ maps in a binder. A friend near the tail end of my junior year of high school introduced me to DCK 3.62 in the computer lab during lunch, and I started to recreate the first map of my drawings after installing it at home. I think only three or four drawings made it as actual maps I would later include in my first project. Continued here for TL;DR: Learn, build, learn more, repeat. That pretty much sums it up.
  24. Psyrus

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    You can get archvile blasted out of bounds of the yellow key area in MAP25. More of a minor bug rather than something serious like a broken lump, but still something to consider. Unless that's been fixed already prior to the first TNTR.wad.
  25. Psyrus

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    Edit: Nevermind. Looking forward to the release!