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  1. Such as one of the explanations behind variable geometry pylons.
  2. The only Voyager episode to have zooming effects like this is Good Shepherd, the episode where Janeway takes a few "black sheep" crew members out on an away team with her and accidentally discovers a dark matter lifeform. As for me, I've always been a TNG fan minus the first two seasons. The 1st and 2nd season was crammed with forced acting and questionable dialogue:When given the order to "increase to warp #" you do not repeat and acknowledge the order as "full impulse." You do not order to lower the ship's shields while still in low orbit of a star's atmosphere.Things started to improve in the 3rd season, especially the McCarthy/Chattaway/Jones music scores. I was never a fan of the sci-fi synth music style of the early seasons. When they went full orchestral prior the 4th season, it got even better. The series was solid by around the same time.
  3. Psyrus

    So why aren't you mapping?

    I take forever. My best reasons would be being preoccupied with real-life issues, a lack of self-confidence, and a hint of OCD. I tend to spend a LOT of time trying to get every nook and cranny to look just right. Or I finding myself staring at a blank 256-tall wall wondering to myself "The hell do I put here now?" when it should be simple to solve. My most recent map looks like something that some people would whip out in a few hours, but it took me about three accumulative months to complete. After coming back from this I made back in 2008, it was quite a readjustment on my part. I've been working on another map which I started back in January. I've had many moments where I had no idea what direction the map was going. If I were to incorporate all the areas, it would have had about ten or fifteen seconds of gameplay. I deleted it just recently. I will start anew whenever I have a clearer idea on what to do.
  4. His piece "HOSILFU" (caps intended?) is an interesting listen. It was one of the pieces that caught my attention while browsing through the MIDI pack. It has a catchy bass riff for one. I also tend to be a sucker for complex chords i.e. the harpsichord part. It may sound somewhat dissonant, but it still manages to work.
  5. Psyrus


    Here is a short map I have been (kind of) secretly working on after a six-year hiatus. There is no real story behind it other than I have been attempting to brush up on my skills (and break some old habits) while taking some useful advice and pointers under consideration. I tested it with Chocolate Doom without any crashes, but I would still recommend a limit-reducing/removing port. Name: Sunbleed Game: Doom 2 Map: Map01 URL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3vg331le8cj81ma/sunbleed.wad
  6. Psyrus


    Nice find. It turns out I screwed up a sky sector. Fixed.
  7. Psyrus


    I don't make textures. It's one of Cage's texture packs.
  8. Psyrus

    Doom Builder 2 3D mode lagging

    Doom Builder 2 uses your system uptime counter for some reason. The longer the uptime, the slower movement within 3D mode becomes. As mentioned previously, rebooting resolves the issue temporarily.
  9. Psyrus

    Doom Streams

    I approve, Dime. I always wondered who else streams some Doom once in a while when you and Tarnsman are not. I haven't noticed him streaming Doom 64 lately. Then again, I haven't been paying much attention.
  10. Psyrus

    My first map. Looking for feedback

    This looks quite decent for a first map. Make sure that when making an outdoor area, the height should be taller than the connecting indoor area(s). This visual technicality can be overlooked easily.
  11. What am I ever going to do with this monstrosity? Nevermind the big box.
  12. Psyrus

    Post your first post

    Somewhere around here knowing nothing about how to work image formats. The image in question was the first version of a recolored cacodemon before the one still lingering around today. "2.03 KB/sec"? Aw, yeah.
  13. Yeah, I goofed. You know this effect, especially the third shot with the hexagon, could be used to simulate a prism--a light source (e.g. a sky) passing through a makeshift glass texture or ceiling just right.
  14. Doom the way LJN did would do.
  15. Psyrus

    Doomers That Disappeared

    Serving on-board a nuclear sub for about five years now.
  16. Or those who make it a habit to post something once and disappear for another six years. Yes, I remember my attempt. Upon getting my hands on Doom 2, I was ecstatic to try out all of those new STONE and BRICK textures that Ultimate Doom lacked. I was one among hundreds announcing I was going to make a wad with 32 maps. This was back in 2002 or so. Perhaps people still here who have been around back then remember a heap known as "Stone Stratagems" by Zeratul 982? It contained less-than-ideal...lightly put...1994-par quality maps with stolen ideas from other wads, including Doom 64. Only 21 of them, so... ...nope. Yes. It may even still be in /idgames somewhere. I'm lucky I got as far as 21 total. I started running out of ideas after 13. So what did I do? I started grabbing random single maps of mine, complete, incomplete, conceptual, etc., and threw them in. I even went as far as throwing in maps I made for Ultimate Doom (Yeah, never do that. Ever.) I learned to never do it again. ...Ok, on a serious note, you better put in some serious planning, preparation, and dedication to the project beforehand. Most people never go through with the idea. Some may take them years of work. Some may never finish. Then some people are gods and prodigies and actually pull it off solo. Props to those. Learn by doing. Or maybe that's just me.
  17. This sounds like a good chance to rekindle my mapping hobby. The only issue is dedicating time for it outside of college life. I have an incomplete wood/lava map I stopped working on a year ago-- perhaps more. I might continue working on that, but I cannot promise anything. I'll cut back on the switches of course. (Those who tried out Hyper-Node α know what I'm talking about.)
  18. Psyrus

    Foods which shouldn't go together but do

    Chocolate-covered bacon. Ok, so I only saw it on an episode of Dinner Impossible on Food Network and never actually had the bravery to try it. From what was shown, it turned out to be a hit.
  19. Psyrus

    How long have you been coming to DoomWorld?

    Ah, I see what's happening. The requested page number is being appended to the initial value instead of replacing the value. Just correct it in the address bar.
  20. Psyrus

    How long have you been coming to DoomWorld?

    That caco is still around, huh? As for me, I've been around since March 2001 although this account states otherwise. Just the result of not knowing back then that user names can be changed (and I'm contemplating on another name). I'm usually busy with college, and thus my activity here has diminished quite a bit rendering me in a lurker status...excluding this post. Ok, enough excuses. And I can name a few more you excluded from that list, Dan. That giant haiku nightmare of a thread to name one.
  21. Psyrus

    Patrick Versus Doom 64

    Control stick: Move Button 1: Weapon switch forward Button 4: Weapon switch backward Button 3 & 5: Strafe Button 6: Automap Button 10: Fire Button 8: Use The rest (run toggle and automap zoom) are set to button 7 where it's out of the way. The stick sensitivity is set anywhere between 1/5 and 1/4 down the bar.
  22. Psyrus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #342

    Just for the record, this here was one of my very first attempts at mapping for Doom 2 back in 2001 which by today's mapping standards would be conceived as a joke. How it got into this week's /newstuff in the first place is beyond me unless somebody had the audacity to actually take it and upload it using my absence to their advantage.
  23. Psyrus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #315

    Since HNA was my next serious map after a hiatus of some number of years, I had a feeling some issue would sneak its way past me...but to top it off, there is no excuse for including the SSG. Nevertheless, it was a fun build.
  24. Psyrus

    error 6 in 3d mode: overflow

    I've experienced this same problem and it seems to occur only in Doom Builder regardless of what node builder is used. After suspecting it was another issue with DB disliking explorer.exe for some odd reason, I killed that but the error persisted. Rebooting was the only thing that corrected the error for me. I'm hoping there is another option that can be done without having to result to that.