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  1. Nice usage of a purple tech motif and lights. An unusual combo but it works.
  2. A small work in progress... Screen 1 http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/4496/screenshotdoom200804182av9.png Screen 2; I'm not pleased with this cave at the moment. That entire rock wall needs work. http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/960/screenshotdoom200804182iy9.png I guess my last post of screens had its img tags automatically changed to url tags for a good reason. So I didn't use them this time.
  3. Psyrus

    Fun PSX Doom stuff..

    Just so you know, PSX Final Doom reuses all of the ambient music pieces and its samples used in PSX Doom. However, it also includes a few extra pieces and samples that are not found in PSX Doom. These are equally interesting to mess around with, so if you also happen to have PSX Final Doom, I have a request that they also be included. If not, well.. blast, and don't worry about getting it for it's nowhere near up to par as PSX Doom. If I still had it, I'd grab the samples myself, but the disc split into two a few years ago. Very nice.
  4. Psyrus

    Fun PSX Doom stuff..

    I've actually had a Z_Malloc error upon exiting Nirvana once. I don't know how I managed that.
  5. 300% secrets ftw. Anyway, I hope with this reverse engineering effort you will also be able to correct the error which causes the ambient piece that plays in Research Lab and Unholy Temple to be cut off abruptly.
  6. The Darkening E2 - Map09: I've always found this view impressive for some reason. http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/2003/screenshotdoom200804031og6.png Alien Vendetta - Map27: Blue cave. 'Nuff said. http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/7830/screenshotdoom200804031tj2.png The Bleeding?
  7. Psyrus

    Possible Megawad Idea - Dark Plutonia

    Map19 screen 2: What's going on with that sidedef at the right part of the structure? Is that just the angle the screen was taken or does it appear like an unclosed sector? Screen 3 is very nice. However, the previously mentioned tutti-frutti issue should also be considered here.
  8. Psyrus

    Possible Megawad Idea - Dark Plutonia

    Ok, here's a few (minor) things. Screen 1: This may be a bit overly critical, but the impaled body appears to be too close to the edge of the sector from that particular angle. Look at the base of it. Screen 2: There appears to be a misaligned STEPLAD1 where the SSG is. Since the inner sector appears to be 96x96, and STEPLAD1 appears to have a strict 64-length appearance, set the X-offset to 16 or -16 for those sidedefs--whichever looks better. The rest looks nice. Edit: By the way, I've been browsing through Plutonia recently to see what changes were made based off of the screens, and a thought came to mind when I came across Genesis. One thing that stood out (in a bad way I may add) were those odd vertical SHAWN2 planks found at the left side of the map. It's just a bad mismatch with the rest of the map's motif. While thinking this is to be "Dark Plutonia," would this map provide a darker atmosphere if it meant changing those SHAWN2 planks to some kind of metallic arches, possibly much like the ones seen in the starting area? But again, this is just me. When this particular concept was mentioned, map02 and map31 of Vile Flesh came to mind as an example.
  9. Psyrus

    Favorite Wad Ever?

    The Darkening E2 Alien Vendetta Memento Mori 2
  10. Psyrus

    Possible Megawad Idea - Dark Plutonia

    I must agree about the pillar. As for the ceiling, height variations, a few "poison water" falls, and/or slime stalactites would work toward improving it. At least that's what I'd do. Also, I think outlining that slime area somehow with a metal support (i.e. WOODMET1) might help.
  11. Psyrus

    Possible Megawad Idea - Dark Plutonia

    It 2 Go "Dark Plutonia..." A parallel Plutonia universe... well, maybe not. Interesting concept nevertheless.
  12. Psyrus

    Doom 64?

    I would guess some unique features just could not be implemented correctly without some kind of problem due to limitations of the Doomsday engine or whatever. The dart gauntlet protecting the blue skull key in Dark Citadel is one example that was completely scraped for some reason. That was a let-down for some since that particular trap contributed to the original map's level of atmosphere. However, from what we've seen I'm sure all this will be fixed soon.
  13. Psyrus

    A tad bit of help plz... [monster teleport ]

    Assuming you know about dummy sectors and such...Be sure the monsters you want to teleport do not have the deaf attribute enabled. Use common sense regarding the size/height of the sector vs. the number of monsters. Keep them confined to minimize wandering and/or being stuck. This one relates to #1. Make sure the monsters are actually brought to an alerted state. Be sure the occupied sector is somehow linked or joined to another sector in the map allowing them to be easily alerted to sound (firing a weapon). Check for correct sector/linedef tags and actions.
  14. Well, I must say it's about time. I'm finally getting close to finishing this map to the point of uploading it to the archive. All that's left to do is a few fixes i.e. missed eye-piercing texture errors, stuck monsters, etc. if any such things still remain, which I certainly hope not, especially the latter. Otherwise, feel free to report them. Any limit-removing port with doom2.wad should work (I don't see why it shouldn't anyway), but I haven't tested this out with plain old vanilla doom. Feedback and suggestions are welcome as always. http://h1.ripway.com/Lutarez/hyprnod1-beta.zip Edit: For those who downloaded before this edit, the wad has been updated due to a previously mentioned error that has been corrected.
  15. Psyrus

    "Hyper-Node Alpha" - Beta (updated)

    Yeah, that tends to be me at times, but I try not to go overboard. Bad habit probably. hawkwind: Thanks for pointing those out.
  16. Psyrus

    Other Doomer's who went AWAL

    Didn't they leave due to a big dispute over a JDoom/Doomsday WIP of theirs?
  17. Psyrus

    Metroid Prime 3

    The Amorbis is the easiest of them all. Plus, the number of missiles and energy units sitting around by the last third of the battle is ridiculous itself. I haven't played MP3 yet, but from what I've seen I believe I would dread the Mogenar battle regardless of how early it is. ...and the Helios battle music is disturbing.
  18. Psyrus

    For Megaman music fans

    I must protest. If the noise channel didn't have such a strong sustain effect, the music would probably be much more decent.
  19. Psyrus

    For Megaman music fans

    Sweet arrangement. Charge Man's Stage is one of Mari's best pieces from MM5 in my opinion.
  20. Psyrus

    What is your favorite fan made wad ever?

    Blasted Latin...
  21. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Keep in mind that if all of these maps are to be combined into a megawad, you will still have ammo left over from the previous maps.
  22. Psyrus

    What is your favorite fan made wad ever?

    Memento Mori II Requiem KDiZD The Darkening E2* Alien Vendetta Suspended in Dusk Simplicity * Current all-time favorite
  23. Psyrus

    Tell Me Something About Your Doom Levels

    Schereinwolf Fortress Poorly translated "Crying Wolf Fortress." This is obviously a Wolfenstein-themed map but with some ZDoom features here and there. I suppose this is the result of me experimenting with those features some number of years ago. If you're looking for eye-candy, look elsewhere; If you're a fan of Wolfenstein, I'd say give this map a shot. On the positive side, there are no highly-annoying SS soldiers in it. This is the only single-player map that I submitted to the archive. I am currently working on another map (nowhere near like Schereinwolf by the way) that I'll hopefully finish and submit sometime, but progress is very slow due to frequent mapping blocks.
  24. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    "Knightmire" can stay since nobody seems to have a problem with it.
  25. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    This is a proposed name change on my map: Knightmire -> Knight's Mire No offense to some, but "Knightmire" sounds like an Australian trying to say "nightmare."