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  1. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    I just played Cacophony, and all I can say is great map as usual. I didn't have any serious problems with ammo though. I reached the exit with about 14 shells and such left to spare. Put that chainsaw to use on those one-on-one/two battles. Knightmire is getting close but still on the slow side. I don't even have difficulty attributes applied yet. I'm certain is that it's not going to be anywhere as big as Cacophony though.
  2. Psyrus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #274

    I confirm that, and this is with 96x.
  3. Psyrus

    Your very first post

    Mine was asking how to make gifs with mspaint. Yeah, great.
  4. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    While we're at it here's my progress report: 2697 linedefs 4351 sidedefs 338 sectors 9 Hell Knights 2 weapons - shotgun, super shotgun Screenshot (thumbnail): The map has been going a little slow due to work in college as I mentioned earlier, but it's finally beginning to take shape as you can see.
  5. Psyrus

    Ocarina of Time

    I think Ocarina of Time is one of the best Zelda games ever. I've forgotten how many times I've played it from start to finish, but it hasn't gotten old yet. Go ahead. Say something about it now.
  6. Psyrus


    I played the clarinet back in 5th grade for about a year. Then I made the mistake of switching to an alto sax in 6th grade. It lasted only from the beginning of school until a couple of days after winter break. Since I had decent skills with the clarinet, I could play the alto sax ok, but I just didn't have as much interest with it. I've been fooling around with a MIDI keyboard off and on since I was 8 years old. I started MIDI composing and sequencing (without the use of a MIDI keyboard) somewhere between 2002 and 2003. Today, I use a Yamaha XG synth, and I'm still doing it but not as much as I used to due to a persistent composer's/sequencer's block as well as college stuff. As for what I attempt to compose, it usually turns into a drum n' bass or some other electronic genre. Unfortunately, I get to around 8 or 16 measures, my ideas for it go out the window, and I end up starting a new one. I have around 9 of these now. I'll stop there.
  7. Psyrus

    Problem with my first map.

    It looks like that linedef is not assigned to the correct sector, or the sector you're in in that screenshot isn't closed. Make sure that line where the upper and lower texture is supposed to be is assigned to the correct sector, and make sure its vertices are not sitting on top of another.
  8. Psyrus

    Well-known Doomers who left the DOOM community

    I'm still here. Since when did he leave?
  9. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Here's a screen of the map so far: As I said earlier, it's going rather slow. I'm proccupied with other things at the moment, most of it being college-related. I'm not planning on making it a large map though.
  10. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    That sounds like a good idea. Tradition I guess. In some projects, a couple of maps after 20 seem to do the same thing. I guess I'll try and not make mine too big too, but what does that say about Jimi's archvile map that's listed before mine? Speaking of which, I think it would help some of us out if we know how easy or difficult the map before ours is to get an idea how to set ours up.
  11. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Construction is going a little slow, but here's a shot of a recently completed hallway near the beginning. As for the music, I'll be using "grover.mid" from Hexen. I blame map21 of Alien Vendetta for that idea.
  12. Psyrus

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    I started on a map of my own, but I may be a little rusty in terms of balanced gameplay and such. I'll go ahead and give this an attempt anyway. Map - Map22 Name - Knightmire (name pending) Monster - Hell Knight As for resources, I won't be adding any new textures/flats, but how does this apply to music replacements? Map22 has that version of the The Dave D. Taylor Blues with a stuck note at the end...unless that depends on the player's computer's MIDI synth.
  13. Psyrus

    e1m5 mp3

    Damn, I ought to remix one of these someday... Those extra string notes work like a charm with the original part, and I like how it starts to pick up around 1:55 especially. Nice one.
  14. Psyrus

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    All we need now is a broccolifish to match (or a 'colifish to build a theme). Heh, not bad. Isn't he a little too much on the orange side though?
  15. Going back in time here... I remember a couple of my first wads. Most of them I never bothered to release. Ultimate Doom: "Hell's Halls": Ah yes, my first attempt of a map of a hellish base. The layout was as linear as you could get-- Point A to Point B. It consisted of areas with ROCKRED, SP_ROCK, and WOOD5 most of the time, just about every (successful) door I made opened into the sky, and there was ammo everywhere. On a positive side, at least those areas with a sky turned out ok on my first try. "Forlorn Fortress": The first map I made based off of a drawing. This one I believe I put more effort into compared to Hell's Halls. Some of the layout was odd though. An example would be a room with a switch that when activated, three pillars would lower to reveal...nothing. The texture scheme was constantly changing as well. Doom 2: "Stone Stratagems" (20-map wad): Gahaha, here we go... Upon getting my hands on Doom 2 for the first time back in 2001 or so, I went crazy with all those stone textures that Doom 2 provided. Some maps had tons of monsters, some were very short, some had areas with some Doom 64 inspiration, and most importantly, most looked like they were built within two hours. They also had music taken from many sources of projects like Requiem, Momento Mori 2, and Operation: Biowar. Later on after about map15 or so, I finally started using some variation and a little more detail (just a little). At the end, I decided to build a map based off of another drawing... My first attempt at a comp/tech map with a Doom 1 E2/TNT-esque atmosphere but with a rather weak ending. Well, I guess it was...ok...for it's time and for a novice mapper, but now it's like...GAAAAHH, my eyes! Hell, I even had a boss brain in map01 one time. Ok, well, my first DEH file... I had the audacity to apply the pain elemental's lost soul code pointer with the blood sprites. Shoot a marine, three lost souls appear, and then all of a sudden, there are 800 lost souls around you attacking each other along with 2 FPS goodness. Yes...
  16. Psyrus

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    I have a custom one from a while back, but I chose not to use it anymore, and I haven't used it in years. It's that green-colored cacodemon for those who are wondering. Why did I come up with it? Bah... I don't know anymore. So, now I use ghost fish for no apparent reason. Maybe I'll go without one someday.
  17. Psyrus

    first instrumental song

    Nice and atmospheric, but the melody is a bit repetitive especially at the end. Some chord variations would improve this piece significantly as well. Still, it's good for a first short composition.
  18. Psyrus

    A Level A Day

    #3 is the best one so far in my opinion. In #4, I ran out of ammo in the middle of the battle with the two archviles. Perhaps if I found that rocket launcher just a tad earlier... Still, that one was good too.
  19. Psyrus

    DoomBuilder 1.67 - Make it Stable!

    Not really. I had it crash numerous times after attempts to undo manual texture alignments. As for this, I'll take a look.
  20. Psyrus

    Nintendo Gamecube games

    Nobody has mentioned Star Fox Assault yet, so I will. I haven't tried single player, but multiplayer is pretty good-- decent-sized areas and such. One downside is that you can't turn off the music. It can get quite monotonous.
  21. Psyrus

    Work In Progress - Geo 2

    Nice so far. Those four screens earlier remind me of Doom 64 - Blood Keep sort of.
  22. Psyrus

    Origin of your username

    http://www.blizzard.com/broodwar/heroes/zeratul.shtml Figure it out from there. It's a long story.
  23. Psyrus

    How long have you played Doom?

    '97 - SNES '98 - PSX '99 - PC (v1.9) ...or something like that.
  24. Psyrus

    It is done =D

    I played the first map so far. Quite nice, for I think it has sort of an Darkening E2 feel to it. If only that rock texture wasn't so gray...
  25. Psyrus

    How do you unwind?

    Start up Skulltag and load up some DM map of sorts along with custom bots and a Duke Nukem sound wad. Oh, and don't forget to enable random pitch variations.