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Status Updates posted by Psyrus

  1. FTW it takes two hours to complete a post and you don't realize it.

  2. So yeah, interesting dream time...  This seems like a better idea than starting a "Your Recent Dream" thread among the half-dozen that may already exist.


    Incoming lengthy description...




    So, I'm off on some road trip, and I stop off at a fairly large city.  Everything is going smoothly until I notice an unusual sight:  A group of people, around five of them all dressed in white, riding in the bed of in a large pickup truck.  They didn't stick around very long and they speed off and disappear.  Then it dawns on me as I realize "oh, it's one weird reality shows that takes people and drops them off at an undisclosed location as part of their show."


    A bit later, I walk out towards the city square for some reason, and I suddenly notice a guy walking towards me grinning and says hello.  I reciprocate.  Behind him, that pickup returns as it speeds around the corner.  The guy flashes his eyebrows, and I'm like, "...Oh crap."  I was their next target for their show apparently.  As expected, the five guys in white surround me and instruct me to sit down and referred to themselves as some two-worded name I cannot for my life remember.  They empty my pockets and put any contents in a lockbox.  After that was done, I was to repeat four short lines -- two of the words in these lines I remember were "purpose" and "mystery" -- before they put in my mouth  something that looked a lot like a Breath Savers mint but I would imagine tasted like dish soap.  My vision goes cloudy then white.


    When I came to, I found myself looking at a digital screen in a semi-outdoor room outside a small restaurant which began showing me a sequence of messages:


    Keep calm, and do not be alarmed. . .


    All of your belongs have been properly returned to you. . .


    Slowly walk towards the entrance.  Somebody will meet with you there. . .


    Wait for it. . .


    [screen returns back to displaying restaurant promo]


    I do as the screen instructed, still plenty confused.  One thing I slowly began to realize was I was no longer in the same city.  A few moments after sitting on a bench inside the restaurant, I heard a person nearby say to me, "So... you met <group name>, huh?"




    For the tl;dr, I had a personally unique reality-show-producers-abduct-me-to-another-city dream I was able to remember in mostly vivid detail.

  3. Those nifty GS instruments are too good to pass by.  Also just found out that cc72 and 73 (release and attack) actually work with soundfonts through VirtualMIDISynth.  Too bad these don't like to work on the default MS synth, so I have second thoughts on actually using them (except the GS instruments within reason).

  4. Two (three?) MIDIs completed but one still needs a title.  Thought about making a Soundcloud account, but there are a couple  problems:

    1) Soundcloud converting my mp3s from 192 to 128kbps sounds like a bad idea.


    2) I would need to make/find some non-copyright artwork for each recording and for my account.  Same goes for Bandcamp if I go that route instead.


    Maybe I'll just upload them to Google Drive or something.

    1. Psyrus


      Addendum:  I'm also thinking about sharing my old XG originals along with these new MIDIs.  I don't think I've ever shared them here before.

    2. Voros



      I also use GeoCities when I don't feel like going through crap to upload and download.

    3. Tracer


      Make the title Bermuda Milkman.

  5. I have now officially joined the "program crashes literally one step away from saving" club.  Thirty minutes working on an awesome melody on a MIDI in progress is lost forever.  #I_Didn't_Saaave

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. galileo31dos01


      Somewhat similar to "2342523523 GB files, 99% backuping, 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second..." and my computer auto resets... 

    3. Psyrus


      So apparently Sekaiju took it upon itself to remove most of the "End Of Track" events in the MIDI.  Or I did somehow.  Whenever I moved notes located at the end of a track with no "End Of Track" event, the program would consistently get caught in an infinite loop.  I readded the events, and it appears to be cooperating again.  How it or I managed to cause this, I have no clue.

    4. Bashe


      My version is "hear something awesome in my head right before I go to bed" and then not remember a single note of it when I wake up



  6. Have a couple MIDIs in the works after five years.  It's tough going from XG back to GM format afterwards, but the old tricks are coming back to me.  Also need to work out an unwanted infighting situation in my map in progress. 

  7. One map is just about complete.  Just a few more test runs and it should be good to go.
    Another map is still undergoing thing placement, and it is a pain to get right and to find the motivation and patience to continue.
    If only I could get things done in about a tenth of the time...