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  1. So yeah, interesting dream time...  This seems like a better idea than starting a "Your Recent Dream" thread among the half-dozen that may already exist.


    Incoming lengthy description...




    So, I'm off on some road trip, and I stop off at a fairly large city.  Everything is going smoothly until I notice an unusual sight:  A group of people, around five of them all dressed in white, riding in the bed of in a large pickup truck.  They didn't stick around very long and they speed off and disappear.  Then it dawns on me as I realize "oh, it's one weird reality shows that takes people and drops them off at an undisclosed location as part of their show."


    A bit later, I walk out towards the city square for some reason, and I suddenly notice a guy walking towards me grinning and says hello.  I reciprocate.  Behind him, that pickup returns as it speeds around the corner.  The guy flashes his eyebrows, and I'm like, "...Oh crap."  I was their next target for their show apparently.  As expected, the five guys in white surround me and instruct me to sit down and referred to themselves as some two-worded name I cannot for my life remember.  They empty my pockets and put any contents in a lockbox.  After that was done, I was to repeat four short lines -- two of the words in these lines I remember were "purpose" and "mystery" -- before they put in my mouth  something that looked a lot like a Breath Savers mint but I would imagine tasted like dish soap.  My vision goes cloudy then white.


    When I came to, I found myself looking at a digital screen in a semi-outdoor room outside a small restaurant which began showing me a sequence of messages:


    Keep calm, and do not be alarmed. . .


    All of your belongs have been properly returned to you. . .


    Slowly walk towards the entrance.  Somebody will meet with you there. . .


    Wait for it. . .


    [screen returns back to displaying restaurant promo]


    I do as the screen instructed, still plenty confused.  One thing I slowly began to realize was I was no longer in the same city.  A few moments after sitting on a bench inside the restaurant, I heard a person nearby say to me, "So... you met <group name>, huh?"




    For the tl;dr, I had a personally unique reality-show-producers-abduct-me-to-another-city dream I was able to remember in mostly vivid detail.