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  1. grutsch

    Doom 4 Unveiled

    Looks good overall, I miss however the old-school version of the barons/knights of hell. The Doom3/4 versions Looks more like an animal with humanoid properties, while the old one looked so much more "from hellish" and more intelligent - capable of grasping human emotion - especially fear and suffering.
  2. grutsch

    The Revenant STILL Doesn't Wear Pants

    Here is a german link with a video containing scenes from the discontinued Version of doom (aka CoD = Call of Doom). http://www.xboxdynasty.de/DOOM/Video-mit-spektakulaeren-Szenen-aus-dem-eingestellten-DOOM,news,44233.html
  3. grutsch

    The Revenant STILL Doesn't Wear Pants

    Nice stuff. Looking forward to see more.
  4. grutsch

    DOOM RETRO 1.2 released

    That look actually pretty nice. (And yay for my account still working.)
  5. grutsch

    Gamer plays Doom for the first time

    It would have been cooler if the author was a kid (read 20 years old or so) who did not play doom because he simply was too young. But the author actually was a dude who grew up owning a C64 and just missed out on doom. Actually kinda pityful.
  6. grutsch

    Insert Token

    That was a good find!
  7. grutsch

    Doom 3 Is Dark

    So has anyone played it yet?
  8. grutsch

    Wolfenstein on Gametrailers

    My internet is too slow to watch the whole thing. Did they mention/do you know what engine they are using? I suppose a modified Doom3 one?
  9. grutsch


    I like it - cool retro stuff.
  10. grutsch

    Doom's 15th Birthday

    Happy birthday, dear Doom
  11. grutsch

    Another Doom Movie?

    I say why not? I liked the first one.
  12. grutsch

    Doom Wad Station has a new owner

    nice to hear i can still download some wads.
  13. grutsch

    Pics From Some Movie

    whatevel man, still alnold might be wealing those.
  14. grutsch

    Pics From Some Movie

    Since the server seems to be down, can someone post the pics or give an alternate link? It has been rumored that Arnold wears elevator shoes: http://www.tallershoes.com/links/arnold-schwarzenegger-height.html
  15. grutsch

    [released] - Scythe 2

    i'm on level20 now.. can't wait!