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  1. Would Colourfull Hell count? Cause for monster randomizer I made sure it will give the players very interesting experiences
  2. Hege

    The /newstuff Chronicles #501

    I'm glad my spiky maps got a fair review, I was afraid of non humour sensed reviewer but was pleasantly surprised. Nailed it pretty well!
  3. Hege

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/cactushege Legendoom + colourful devbuild in community chest 2
  4. Hege

    are older versions of GMOTA still around?

    I have two old versions, 0.9 and 0.9.2 which both have no enemy replacements yet it seems I could toss em your way if you want to unless term manages to get some better variance from the author
  5. Hege

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/cactushege If anyone is intrested I am playing some colourful hell and legendoom in 50 shades of graytall for maximun shenigans
  6. Hege

    Specific Things in Doom that Amuse You Greatly

    Those shoot to activate switches that have repeatable action checked and when you fire at em with chaingun THUDTHUDTHUDTHUTHUDTHUDTHUD the sound is just so.... satisfying for some reason.
  7. It's appereantly a large room with hall of mirrors and shit ton of mancubi that might lag to load, but nothing beoynd that. Kind of a bad joke really or so I'd say
  8. Hege

    Need Good Wad

    There are lot of great wads around, but for nice map packs; -Doom2Inthenameonly (russian community version) Extremely impressive maps, however, some of them are very, very long so be prepared for that. I also recall this isn't a full out megawad so it will end eventually. rip. -Sunlust Once more, very impressive and fun maps, however this mod turns very slaughtery when approaching the map 20 mark, which is unfortunate for some and more fortunate for others. -ALT. These maps are long, beautiful and fun. Unfortunantly this wad adds custom sounds that can be very annoying at times. There are also some maps that can get you lost or be tricky/puzzley. So if you're not too patient, you might not be able to enjoy them fully. But definitely worthwhile at some point. -Bloodstained This map pack is pretty recent, but it is surprisingly fun one. In general it's a pretty solid pack. Tho, one thing that is really standing out, atleast to me, was that this wad's secrets in maps tend to be pretty classic doom like, with you being able to see em and figuring em out didn't require masters degree. Unfortunately this wad also has some nuisances with maps, and like, if you hate secrets that throw monsters at you, thats one of the them. Other good map packs were already mentioned before by other people and I don't want to make too big wall o text now. Gameplay wise; Once more, lot of people already mentioned many great wads, however I'll mention this area; -DoomRLA Insanely amounts of fun, adds lot of replay-ability. If you love roguelike(this mods based on the doom rogue like) and rng elements where you build your character stronger and stronger via upgrading your weapons/building your inventory/gear and encounter randomized enemies, this mod is great. Not to mention it has lot of special fun stuff for game mode starts if you want to get experimental. You will hate death exits tho. Tho it might sound like it, this mod doesn't use any level up things, but the bigger feature is the insane amount of weapons, armors and boots that can spawn with their own respective rarities, mod packs and assemblies where you mod your weapons and are able to build them up for interesting, powerful new thingies. -DoomRPG can be combined with above for quite the fun experience. This mod adds lot of insanity and once more makes the game play rather unique. Tho there are its own issues and nuisances and doomRPG can be bit tricky to learn in general, but its defiantly worth a try at some point. Very great if you enjoy RPG elements. -LegenDoom Fallout legendary system for weapons and enemies that doesnt conflict with custom monsters and monster randomizers? Yes please. This is once more, amazing amount of fun if you enjoy randomization / RNG type of elements. -Colourful Hell (shameless self plug ahoy!) Cause I mentioned LegenDoom not conflicting with custom monsters/randomizers I'll mention this mod cause it works great with it. Basically a mod where your enemies get randomized with the generic MMO rarity colour style of common - uncommon - rare - epic - legendary - relic (+ 2 wild cards for random boss in level style spawning) and has some diablo inspired spawn things too for some of the more rarer and stronger monsters. Cause it edits only monster it also works with mods like; DoomRLA (weapons/hud loaded only), Russian Overkill, Psychic, Trailblazer and Guncaster (has compat patch made separately) Ofcourse this mod isn't really most top quality (yet) and has its own issues but it's defiantly lot of fun if you like RNG and challenge. But RNG is very merciless with this mod and some enemies, specially bosses can be very difficult with their own learning curves, so with that in mind, RNG can go no lube on you even if you're god tier player.
  9. Honestly, a lot of do's and don'ts in map making in doom tend to change between opinions, personal aims, trends in mapping, audience, format... There's isn't really that big static list of do's and dont's. However, if you ask me, some global ones that are based on pure nuisance and compatibility; Don't; -Inescapable acid/death pits that trap players. Why? A lot of the time, there are just, purely frustrating. Having to wait out for your death kills the flow and some gameplay mods also give players items to slow down the acid damage/negate it. If you dont want player to enter a pit, its better to either block it.. ..Or you can put a teleport/lift to help player out of it instead, depends on your map really. But don't force em to be stuck to die, it's boring. You can also use an insta death teleport for pits like these, but those are also very annoying if they aren't obvious. -Unnecessary long waits of nothing happening If you make a long lift, or sequence, make something happen during it. Waiting around for a lift to come down can be really, really boring if it starts to take AGES to happen. If there's no real reason for a sequence that takes a while, then consider using alternatives that speed the process up like teleporters or faster speeds for the sectors. If you do you make a long sequence that has lot of action, and interesting things happening during it, make sure the player doesn't have to redo it if they have to go that way again. A cool machine that does a lot to bring a lift down is cool the first time, but second time, you could just open a teleporter instead if it takes minutes to come down. Some do's that increase the enjoyment of maps Do; -Mark the exit/make it obvious Use the exit tag to make a small sign if the exit isn't obvious so players can anticipate when to exit. It makes it more fun for the player so it isn't full surprise (oh that teleporter wasnt tele put the exit? oh man I missed a secret :( ) Making it obvious can also work, such as if the map is all corrupted and shit and suddenly, large intimidating hole in the ground going to deepest abyss and you have to jump in? A large portal that is nothing alike in the map so far? Helipad/vehicle? -In general, give some hints with the environment, item, monster placement. Players aren't mind readers, so they need hints to expect what things in maps bring to them, what does what, what might happen. It doesn't need to be obvious, and you shouldn't have to hold players hand, but make it subtle enough, learn some common indications people have used over time (like plasma + 2 bigcells indicating fights gonna happen, lights indicating there's something going in a room cause its brighter than others, etc) Leave the even more subtle things for secrets, player should be able to progress a map if its not all out puzzle without having to take ages to figure out what that switch did. In general, just think and plan accordingly, try think of building the map like, if you weren't yourself when play testing it, try look at your map from another persons eyes that doesnt have the building tools if it still is fun then. Plan and think. But most importantly, have fun with it. Some advice might sound like serious business/lot of work, but don't be intimidated.
  10. Hege

    UDMF vs ZDooM vs GZDooM vs Vanilla?

    Its better to just stick with what you like the best. If you do make your maps in UDMF, read through the features carefully and do actually use em where they fit to get maximun use out of it, so it doesn't go to waste. If your maps are simple enough and you don't aim for fanciness that requires zdoom/gzdoom, you can just use boom format, which will attract slightly more audience from the vanilla/speedrunner side, but it really isn't that needed. There really isn't that much specific need to pander in that area if you don't want to, in the end, the average player that plays for fun most likely uses modern sourceport, and as long as its fun, thats what matters, but again remember; it can be silly to use a more wider format to make something you can make with more simpler format, so plan your map features wisely.
  11. I really can't say much for the demo here, but since you said any tips are welcome to help new players in doom to step up, I'll drop these; -Be paranoid. No seriously, be paranoid, stay on guard. You can never be too careful with maps cause traps, monster closets, teleports in are very, very common thing to add difficulty and punishment. -Do not forget where you came in/backtrack. Very often, players tend to go forward at steam phase to encounters again and again, and make things more difficult for themselves than needed. Do not forget you can run back to the room you came from if you get ambushed in crowded room/hallway. -Use ledges. Higher ground will save your ass a lot, if you can get up so monsters can't get you, and spam your hitscan on em, do it. It will save a lot of trouble. -Decorations/props are your friends. Against projectile users that is, and if you see stalagmite, large tree, etc when in otherwise open space against higher tier monsters, use em to your advantage. People tend to miss that in some maps that dont make it obvious. Just dont use projectiles yourself. -Even tho you need to be careful and paranoid a lot, it doesn't mean you should take it slow. Utilize your speed and learn to spot common "fishy things", be fast and careful. -Watch the pro doom strats vid if you havent already for fun and useful info on monster behavior.
  12. Hege

    [WIP] Vile Shatters, agitating

    Are you completely sure you have the latest? As I mentioned, develobment build is the one thats more of needed. If you don't know where the get them, here: http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdoom/ I recommend keeping that site on bookmarks. Little updating: -There were some bugs in map 02, such as few spawn ID's being incorrect resulting in a few floating ! marks here and there -The map end line doesnt always activate due of it being bit too far back. -Map 08's on the way being worked on really hard, contains snow castles. -Working on some decorations for map 11, gotta get fleshy and flashy I'm gona upload the updated pk3 that should fix the map02 issues shortly, considering how mediafire works I probably wont need to update the link on the first post but ill check it once I get it up.
  13. Hege

    [WIP] Vile Shatters, agitating

    Balance and other related stuff is also very welcome. News and update time: -Maps 02, 07, 33 have been added. -Map 07 can be reached via map06's normal, not so nice exit or via map33 if you're smart enough. -map33 will make you hate wizards. -New enemy randomizers added in for shotgunners starting from map 02 (not map 03 tho), sometimes your dice roll might make you encounter some more... stronger or strong and generous shotgunners. -Little bit of soundworld added in. A little mood never hurt anybody. Might need tweaking still. -Map list updated. Retaken the plans to be more episode focused, maybe. -A lot of other small tweaks and the like such as turned to basic pk3 for space saving. -Uhhh.. Chilling winter frosted ice puns? -Oh yeah, latest development build Zdoom/Gzdoom definitely needed to run cause lot of these effects and monsters require them. Zandronum might not work either. Download
  14. Hege

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    It sure is hard to make video game reviews be about video games as items and not about why its socially bad isn't it? started of #notyourshield got fired from their job because SJWs harrased their boss like no tomorrow. http://38.media.tumblr.com/ff54f30df04e16953f9a4c92ca033e18/tumblr_ndt95b4xdA1s514nio1_1280.png http://media.tumblr.com/cefce6ae61aa121a61e7d96fe37763ea/tumblr_ndco9ih5Pi1tkhroeo1_500.png http://media.tumblr.com/4c10b9fd750bef885590f903016f9fe7/tumblr_nd01s0hL081tkhroeo1_500.jpg http://media.tumblr.com/d9c30b4c7fb92e6971644322bf6642dc/tumblr_ncu6g3AjRf1tipfq8o2_500.png http://media.tumblr.com/c0e5f517c60da4b50b900ac939530390/tumblr_ncu6g3AjRf1tipfq8o3_500.png http://media.tumblr.com/41c8da6c45d797fe41d5bda0e41563a4/tumblr_nbv53glkP21tkhroeo1_500.png http://i.imgur.com/p7Wyjj8.png http://i.imgur.com/MyUgyqQ.png http://media.tumblr.com/7c71a11cb1b69c7fb07e4b2a891b63ea/tumblr_ndb4tueVCO1tkhroeo1_1280.png http://media.tumblr.com/431cbd27093f75fc36500bf79ed93e05/tumblr_ncv46lYumE1tkhroeo1_1280.png http://media.tumblr.com/b8c6507153c4b8b729b8c3ab13fd2354/tumblr_ncw3waGYtF1tkhroeo1_1280.png http://media.tumblr.com/beab7293422b492ed2f751a032d3d11f/tumblr_nbnbpoe3NU1tkhroeo1_500.png But have this link storm regardless and enjoy I'll just go back to watching this topic from the side because I can see that the argumenting here is just too density styled for me to even bother, I might drop down to add a little material here and now though. Funny bonus: http://38.media.tumblr.com/ff54f30df04e16953f9a4c92ca033e18/tumblr_ndt95b4xdA1s514nio1_1280.png
  15. Hege

    [WIP] Vile Shatters, agitating

    So update time! Lot of things have changed on this wad project over the time and I've kinda negletted this topic in here. Regardless I updated the first post to reflect most of the changes. Generally there's been map remaking, map 01 is remade and the old map jumped to slot 35. Dark sectors been ready for a while now and now Frozen Bones is ready for testing but I am not adding it in a public release yet before I finish the secret map Magic! So yeah, lot of stuff been going on. Also: I am planning to make this wad now into a more open one, cause I am gona be honest: I cannot really fill ALL map slots alone. There's plenty of room for maps from 14ish to 32. Also most of my old testers are too busy nowdays to help me get some good feedback, so testers could also be appriciated. So yeah If you are intrested in mapping or wanting to be a tester please let me know!