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Posts posted by TheStiCat

  1. Shadow Hog said:

    Drop XWE and use SLADE to copy the music lump directly from their PWAD to your PWAD.

    Is SLADE easy to use? Because DeepSea is very confusing and the help menu gives me nothing at all.

  2. does anyone know a good program to export the MIDIs from PWADs so I can use XWE to add them to mine. I tried using DeepSea to import something from REQMUS.WAD into mine but i got Doom2's MAP01 MIDI instead. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge anyone might have, as this is getting frustrating. Thanks everyone!

  3. Ok, so I was trying to insert music into one of my levels with XWE version 1.16. I double-clicked the MUS button in the menu, but i unchecked the box on the side. I was trying to open a music from MARSW301.WAD to insert into it. Once I did that, it closed out and said a lump was inserted. I tried to play the level with ZDooM but it said 'THINGS' not found in map02. Does anybody know how I can fix this? I'd greatly appreciate some help!

  4. I don't get why so many people hate this song. It's not as bad as some. Friday is worse, and so is Prom Night. The worst song I've ever heard is Justin Bieber's "Baby". His voice is so bland and terrible!

    And why does he dress like a gangster? He is not a gangster, he is a wimp, his music hurts my ears, and I hate him! >:(

    If crap like him keeps getting popular, imagine what music will be like in 20 years. Just thinking about it gives me chills! :O

  5. Zom-B said:

    I hate the super shotgun guy the most. They are at about 3.3 times as tough (100hp) as normal shotgun guys and obviously do much more damage to you. When you load a mod with the extra monsters, they are randomly placed where shotgun guys would appear, so they appear relatively early in the levels.

    Those guys piss me off too. >:(